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  1. Great call to have made in May - hope you had money on it! Brilliant World Series - it must have been a blast being at the games (especially 5 6 and 7). I'm more of a White Sox guy but congrats to the Cubs and great for Chicago. At last a (long overdue) win for the north side elite 1908 - 2016 - 2124 ??
  2. I'd be really interested in 1 place but my BA flight from LHR isn't scheduled to land until 11.05 that morning. Transfer options seem good - CAT, S7 or coach - but does anyone know if I could get to the meeting/boarding point for the TA boat by noon? If so, please reserve a space for me.
  3. Just back from my first Glasto - no shortage of drugs bevvy shaggin or sweary words (most of the latter dropped by Adele). My highlights are far too many to mention but included James, Christine, Half Moon Run, Foals, Paul Carrack, Catfish, Coldplay, and a brilliant unpublicised Travis set in Croissant Neuf TV and headliners are important but the festival is still about SOOOO much more than that. If you haven't been, go. I'll be back next year, despite (maybe even because of) the mud
  4. I agree with the general tone on this but tbf WGS has a very good record in friendlies while before he arrived we couldn't win one. Despite all the withdrawals, he could yet start with this team: Marshall; Patterson Hanley Martin Mulgrew; Fletcher McArthur Phillips Ritchie Anya; Fletcher .....and how motivated are Italy? They're missing a lot of players too and may just take a breather or be a bit complacent for this game too. (Look how knackered the Madrid teams were last night). So how's that for an optimistic approach? (just need somewhere to watch it now!) C'mon Scotland!
  5. Think folk could remember this? When it builds and wraps around the inside of the Camp Nou, it's electric........ .......it's only 2.5 words (max) to remember I - Inde - Independencia maybe one day...........
  6. RIP Jimmy Hill A great guy who made the game so much better. We loved to "hate" him but it was all lighthearted and he took it with good grace in the same spirit. I'll be happy to join in with a chorus to his memory at the next game or on the Mt Florida train
  7. I stopped travelling to away games (and zeroed my SSC points) because of the Levein 'way'. The margins are very fine though: despite all the despair of the Levein days, we were a shocking penalty decision v Czech Rep away from the playoffs. I've since built my points back up again and at least I'm watching a team which (Tbilisi inexplicably aside) carries a goal threat. Still hurting just the same though. It's just the way it is 🎶
  8. 23 Randolph 2 Coleman 5 Keogh 12 Clark 19 Brady 6 Whelan (sub O'Shea) 8 McCarthy 14 Walters 20 Hoolahan (sub McClean) 21 Hendrick 13 Murphy (sub Long) Losing to this team tells you as much about the challenge facing WGS as it does about the achievement of MON and his mediocre but committed and hard working squad. To Republic of Ireland and your fans: well done and good luck in France. Have a blast next summer, pity we're not there to cross paths at some French railway station and share a few beers. I'm stilll gutted about non-Q, and the Tbilisi performance in particular, but it's nobody's fault but our own. Wishing failure on every team that beats us would soon make watching international football a miserable experience for us! This isn't rivalry, it's just petty. While I grew up with this mentality and understand it, anyone "outside looking in" will not. They will NOT see the proud confident modern progressive inclusive (and independent) Scotland that we aspire to be and that I want to follow. It's not always easy.......taking 4 points of the World Champions would help though!
  9. We'll always agree with those we support and verbally abuse those we don't (or just don't like) BUT I think that was the best QT I've seen for a long time. Why? More strongly held, personal and contrasting views were expressed than usual and IMO were expressed with a higher degree of integrity and passion than usual, and all with very little heckling or points scoring. Good show
  10. Heard this a few weeks ago at Camp Nou (though not at this game). It just started and went round the entire ground - amazing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2PV9DHB0brw Hope beyond hope that one day I'll hear its equivalent at Hampden
  11. Wow - that's unbelievable. There goes a career
  12. Naw - they're all way too old
  13. Agree, and our defence in the closing minutes could prove valuable for the same reason. They showed great commitment and sound discipline especially since the 5 points were long won by then
  14. Can't agree with that - I think it's a crackling story
  15. Watched the game when I got home and noted there was no added on time at half time.....after 4 goals? I thought the officials had to add a minimum 30 seconds for goals and subs. Anyone clarify this?