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  1. According to this, it says "as per all England away matches, all tickets will be collection only in Slovakia...." https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2016/08/08/ticket-collection-details-for-slovakia-v-england Maybe it's a new thing from now on?
  2. People saying a 100% pick up isn't possible. Maybe not for an allocation this high, but England are doing 100% pick up in Slovakia. Apparently that's the norm for all their away games.
  3. Could be relevant to us (although chances are demand from home support will be higher v England than v Scotland), but the FA have been allocated 2165 tickets for their match with Slovenia in October. Tickets priced £35.
  4. You're having a go at him for not going to enough games, but defending harvesting.
  5. Friend of a friend was in our company one night moaning about harvesters, which then descended into a rant where she was getting so angry about it. Harvesters to her were worse than anything in the world. Two years on and she currently has 1 point, gained from the Gibralter game. A match she never went to.
  6. Missed this article at the time, but according to the Daily Record the SFA have struck a deal to get 7200 tickets. (Article from last year). http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tartan-army-set-ticket-boost-6248583#FStFkpWJOESOeBak.97
  7. People saying they've received a mug with "this time" on it. Where's mine?
  8. SSC tweeted at lunchtime to say 2500 sold. It'll definitely go to 2 points. 1 point maybe. Think 0 points may be pushing it though.
  9. You're saying Barry Ferguson is our best player for 25 years, and yet asking if I'm the one being serious!?
  10. McCall was a cracking player for club ago country. Not the most skillful but got from box to box, winning challenges, and was a bundle of energy. Basically a good Scott Brown.
  11. The Scotland in Strachan's first year - the one which beat Croatia, beat Poland in a friendly, drew in Warsaw and gave the Germans a game in Dortmund - they would do well at this Euros. Since then though we've regressed. Snodgrass was injured, Brown was playing with an injury, Whittaker, Hutton and Fletcher weren't playing at club level, but we kept picking pretty much the same team anyway and ignoring others on form who could have come in and replaced them. If Strachan was able to freshen things up and go to a plan b, we would be good enough. I refuse to believe we don't have the players to compete at Euro 2016. We have a stubborn manager and that's the reason we're not there.
  12. Surprised at that. For people who have had to buy tickets for the home end, they're entitled to ask why they don't get a point if someone who went without tickets has got one. Also the SSC are essentially encouraging ticketless fans to travel.
  13. 25 years? Wow. Just for starters I'll name you five midfielders we've had in that time who were better than Ferguson. John Collins, Gary McAllister, Neil McCann, Stuart McCall, Paul McStay. You could also argue Darren Fletcher at his peak was a better player.
  14. If you turn up without a ticket, and the SSC sell you one from the tickets that haven't been collected, do you get a point?