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  1. Are there trains from Bratislava to Trnava on match day? They cheap enough and bookable on the day? Staying in Trnava so no return journey needed.
  2. Are you talking about our game or England's? England is in Ljubljana. The FA website confirmed it. Scotland isn't confirmed yet.
  3. Who's running the new poll then? Or is Ruth Davidson blocking it?
  4. If the guys buying tickets could post their order number (or rough number if you like) that gives an idea of how many tickets are sold, that'd be handy for those of us on lower points trying to work out our chances of a ticket.
  5. There's also a video doing the rounds on Twitter of a Scotland fan standing on someone's car to large cheers while s young couple are in it. (To be fair the majority of the crowd look embarrassed by his actions). http://www.twitter.com/ColinPark72
  6. By who? By people who think they get a say in what other people wear? I tend to wear Scotland colours on the day of a game, but in Faro last year I think I had a club strip on the day after the game when I was wondering about in the sunshine. What's the big deal? I also had jeans on instead of a kilt if that upsets anyone.
  7. For Scotland U21 manager, what about Ian Cathro? Young, highly thought of, clearly good with working with young players, and it's something a bit different.
  8. He said on Twitter he didn't have time to make one, but may have one in time for October.
  9. Sbragia should be no-where near that job, but Strachan/McGhee don't give a damn about the U21 side. McGhee said the other day he can't remember the last time he spoke to Sbragia. The u21 team is an after thought. We have a team because UEFA would probably ask questions if we didn't.
  10. Brilliant, thanks.
  11. Where is this updated list? The only list I can find on the SFA website says last updated 25 April.
  12. According to this, it says "as per all England away matches, all tickets will be collection only in Slovakia...." https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2016/08/08/ticket-collection-details-for-slovakia-v-england Maybe it's a new thing from now on?
  13. People saying a 100% pick up isn't possible. Maybe not for an allocation this high, but England are doing 100% pick up in Slovakia. Apparently that's the norm for all their away games.
  14. Could be relevant to us (although chances are demand from home support will be higher v England than v Scotland), but the FA have been allocated 2165 tickets for their match with Slovenia in October. Tickets priced £35.