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  1. Not necessarily. Celtic are currently outspending everyone and Aberdeen are level with them at the top, so there's nothing to say even both the old firm trying to outspend each other will result in them leaving everyone else behind. People keep saying Celtic (and Rangers) will start spending huge sums when they're in the same division as each other, as if we're back at the beginning of the SPL when they signed all these big names from Europe. Celtic ARE spending serious money - is it not something like 22 players and nearly £15 million Ronny Deila has spent? However, the top players aren't interested unless they make the champs league, so it's Ciftci, Kazim Richards, Mackay-Steven and Boyata rather than Hartson, Sutton and Bellamy. They should still be up at the top, as should Rangers, but Aberdeen are showing - and soon Hearts and maybe Hibs will too - it's not the impossible task getting in about them as it once was. I fully expect the old firm to be split next season if Rangers come up.
  2. Sorry to bump the thread but was just reading through this. Be interested to know why you think Hearts have more potential than Aberdeen?
  3. Wembeleeyy

    The play-offs they got 6,500 up here and we got 7,500 at Wembley. Of course, we had a much smaller SSC membership then. I may be wrong but I think everyone who applied for a ticket got one. It was also a different stadium of course.
  4. ATAC calling for fair pricing or saying their members want cheaper tickets is one thing. But recommending a higher than normal* price? It's not only odd it's not their place to name a price anyway, even if they do have a lot of members. I've never seen a fans group call for £40 tickets. Perhaps it's a misprint. Maybe it was meant to say no higher than that price. I would still have suggested they start their negotiations a little lower. *By normal I mean for games in Scotland usually, not the overpriced tickets in the last campaign.
  5. Maybe, but I wouldn't be encouraging them to start selling them at £35/£40. And who told them we'd all be happy paying £40 anyway?
  6. Did I read that right? The ATAC suggested England tickets should be £40/£35?
  7. Lack Of Songs

    Was it always like this? What about the older fans - was there chants in the 70s and 80s, even 90s, that we don't sing anymore and should reintroduce?
  8. Ssc Membership / Ticket Prices 2018

    They also don't call it points, it's caps, so you can have "100 caps for your country". Worth the sign up fee on its own.
  9. Hampden, Parkhead Or Ibrox?

    I'm from Glasgow actually. A Glaswegian patiently waiting for you to post something funny.
  10. Hampden, Parkhead Or Ibrox?

    Bidding on our own wouldn't have made any difference considering the bid essentially was Scotland on its own anyway, with Ireland offering one city and two stadiums. If you recall, David Taylor had us believing it was neck and neck between us and Austria/Switzerland. In truth, our bid didn't even make it to the final four that were put to a vote. It was Austria/Switzerland, Hungary, Greece/Turkey and a four-way Nordic bid. Only one was a solo bid so the actual notion of bidding by ourselves giving us more of a chance wasn't really true. Interestingly, Russia didn't make the final four either. Not only did we not have the stadiums, we didn't have the training facilities to host 15 nations. The Germans go to a major tournament and book (or even build) their own state of the art training camp. They, and most nations probably, would have ended up basing themselves in England which would have been a bit embarrassing. We also didn't have the transport links (relying on Scotrail would have been a laugh) and essentially the whole tournament would have been held in just four cities. Was in truth a joke of a bid we put forward.
  11. Hampden, Parkhead Or Ibrox?

    You weren't even funny the first time.
  12. Away Points Table

    Was there not a ballot for Dublin?
  13. Ssc Membership / Ticket Prices 2018

    Considering it was Qatar - not only poor opposition but a controversial choice - and a midweek game, 14,000 was a decent crowd. It was a perfect opportunity to actually boycott a fixture. Under 5,000 would have embarrassed the SFA.
  14. Ssc Membership / Ticket Prices 2018

    The Scotland/Qatar game had over 14,000 at it. A very good crowd all things considered.
  15. Away Points Table

    I was thinking more of the demand as well. ie Macedonia was an allocation of 1000 but was open to all members. Likewise Poland and Georgia were not huge allocations but again were open to all members. With Slovakia in the middle of Malta and Wembley I wouldn't be surprised if the demand isn't that high. Slovenia/Lithuania would expect demand to be about the same as it was for Georgia.