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  1. Strachan..out...poll

    You're saying Barry Ferguson is our best player for 25 years, and yet asking if I'm the one being serious!?
  2. Strachan..out...poll

    McCall was a cracking player for club ago country. Not the most skillful but got from box to box, winning challenges, and was a bundle of energy. Basically a good Scott Brown.
  3. Strachan..out...poll

    The Scotland in Strachan's first year - the one which beat Croatia, beat Poland in a friendly, drew in Warsaw and gave the Germans a game in Dortmund - they would do well at this Euros. Since then though we've regressed. Snodgrass was injured, Brown was playing with an injury, Whittaker, Hutton and Fletcher weren't playing at club level, but we kept picking pretty much the same team anyway and ignoring others on form who could have come in and replaced them. If Strachan was able to freshen things up and go to a plan b, we would be good enough. I refuse to believe we don't have the players to compete at Euro 2016. We have a stubborn manager and that's the reason we're not there.
  4. Ticket Collections

    Surprised at that. For people who have had to buy tickets for the home end, they're entitled to ask why they don't get a point if someone who went without tickets has got one. Also the SSC are essentially encouraging ticketless fans to travel.
  5. Strachan..out...poll

    25 years? Wow. Just for starters I'll name you five midfielders we've had in that time who were better than Ferguson. John Collins, Gary McAllister, Neil McCann, Stuart McCall, Paul McStay. You could also argue Darren Fletcher at his peak was a better player.
  6. Ticket Collections

    If you turn up without a ticket, and the SSC sell you one from the tickets that haven't been collected, do you get a point?
  7. Zero points

    They've sold out for the friendly with Holland on Tuesday, and there's big excitement over the England team now that has risen after beating Germany and a good Euros will raise it even further. They believe Russia 2018 will be their time. I reckon they'll sell out.
  8. Mark McGhee Explains Shinnie's Omission

    "Robertson and Mulgrew have the position sewn up." Yet Robertson tends to be dropped for many of the big games (Ireland away for example) because Strachan clearly doesn't trust him, and has he ever started Mulgrew at left back?
  9. Did I hear a new song ?

    They've been switching between that and "cheer up Gordon Strachan" all night. Typical English, obsessed with Scotland. Kinda glad they won tonight though, I like it when they whip themselves into a frenzy before a tournament. (now totally going off topic from new songs) England aren't scared to try loads of new caps and it pays off for them. Let's be honest we're playing for second place in this group.
  10. Team v Czech Republic

    Wasn't impressed with Andrew Robertson in Prague and in fact he hasn't had a really good Scotland performance for a while. Think Georgia at Ibrox was the last time he really shone. It seems to be accepted that he's our first choice left back but I would like to see a few others tried out, namely Shinnie and Wallace, as Whittaker and Forsyth were both poor replacements in the last campaign.
  11. Did I hear a new song ?

    For the uninitiated, it went... everywhere we go, everywhere we go, it's the Scotland boys making all the noise, everywhere we go. Aberdeen fans been singing similarfor mostof the season so presume it came from that. Also "No Scotland, no party" but that started in Faro so newish rather than new. Any new chantsare welcome and made for a good atmosphere.
  12. Anybody there yet ?

    Security really tight in Paris. Had my boarding pass scanned SIX times by six different people.
  13. who will you be supporting at the euros?

    Whoever I get in the work's sweeper.
  14. The Two Squads

    Shinnie is a genuine contender for player of the year. Can't fathom any possible reason why he shouidnthave made at least one of the squads. Ross McCormack has 20 goals this season for Fulham. Tony Watt has 7 for Blackburn. Watt gets called up, McCormack doesn't.
  15. Rangers players in squad by qualifiers.

    Have no problem with Wallace being in the squad. Likewise Tierney and McGinn. However none of them should be starting at the moment, even for these friendlies. They're squad players, take alook at them, get themtraining and familiar with the other players, maybe a token 20 mins in one of the games. The two first choice left backs for both squads should be Andy Robertson and Graeme Shinnie. Please not Steven Whittaker.