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  1. We'll be looking for 1 i think as one of our group only on 1 point So if these so called harvesters do exist - please give me a shout and he'll buy
  2. Same
  3. Nice one Catch you on the Friday
  4. Rep of Ireland just take the lead - a team who failed to beat us Horrible not making it
  5. Had an amazing few weeks and lucky enough to have been at all 3 games. Stayed in Blackpool on the Sat - the old Jaggy Thislte was bouncing, expecially when the Swiss go the draw. Train from Preston to Birmingham - jam packed with our support. 1st time at Wembley - what an experience (except final result) Back to Villa Park for the Swiss game - again noise from Holt End amazing. Super Ally seemed to miss 2 or 3 sitters then scored the hardest chance of them all. Usual Scotland though Had planned to make the trip to Liverpool had we made it, but it wasn't to be Great memories - just wish we were going this year to France
  6. At the time it was better due to leave from work, so that suited Might have changed now
  7. Easyjet Edinburgh out via London and back via Paris
  8. Cyprus 2-3 must have been fantastic when Richard Gough headed home well into injury time
  9. Ryanair Edinburgh - London Stans - Baden-Baden £130 return Fri - Sun
  10. Easyjet out mid April, Ryanair will be around the same time
  11. Perfect
  12. Just let me know when u need the cash
  13. Our flight now £450
  14. Good man
  15. Scotland V Poland Thursday 8th October 2015 Any LTA member requiring a seat on bus for Poland game please email rpark@carfonline.org.uk members wishing to guarantee a seat should email by Noon on Wednesday 16th September, after this time non members will be allocated seats. Cheers.