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  1. I think this is spot on and is something that makes me think that indyref2 has to be before Brexit. This chat of waiting 6 months to a year afterwards to let people see how bad it is doesn't work for me. I firmly believe that people will just accept their reality and get on with it. Even if it is terrible people will continue with their lives and fear that indepence could make things even worse
  2. I actually don't think this is the big win that most think it might be. After 2014 many people's position has hardened. Many on the "no" side will celebrate this decision (even though it would seem to diminish Scottish democracy). Those people whose vote is soft probably will barely pay attention to what is going on as many are tired of politics imo
  3. The front page of the Daily Record literally says "Celtic and the tax dodge firm - Record investigation"
  4. The headline was "Celtic and the tax dodge firm"
  5. not a celtic apologist but a bit of a joke that the Record have implied that it's celtic that dodged tax. How their employees invest their cash is nothing to do with them. It even says in the article that these schemes were used by hundreds of high net worth individuals
  6. I see Adnan Syed is being given a retrial. Many folk listen to this - what's the thoughts on guilt/innocence?
  7. when our two when similar ages to yours we had one big shop delivered a month from asda and topped it up by buying fresh stuff once a week. Ordering online meant that we were able to take our time ordering stuff and making sure we were getting the best deals, plus by not going to the shop we weren't buying as much stuff that we didn't need by just picking it up and sticking it in the trolley. Also meant we could buy in bulk i.e a full months worth of nappies as we didn't have to fit it all in the boot
  8. Given his last tweet: "To be a ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such name means in this shrine of football" It seems it took him as long to pick up that pseudo intelligent Struth nonsense popular over Ibrox way as it did to pick up his dodgy Allo Allo accent in Marseille.
  9. A reasonable amount made how rangers outplayed celtic in the semi, they had 63% possession and had only nine shots to celtics 33. In the final they had 60% possession and had only 7 shots to hibs 21. That would suggest that rangers have more issues than just their defence. They need more incisive cutting edge. There comes a time when attractive passing game has to be done for a purpose.
  10. Has it been clearly laid out how they plan to fund this? I liked how the jambo's laid out yesterday how they plan to pay for their stand. Makes it more believable it will actually be built
  11. How could I forget Dogma definintely one that I will go and re-watch
  12. Fantastic as the bad guy in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Die Hard
  13. So you're saying the binocular manufacturers are in on it as well - jeez this goes higher than I thought....
  14. why have the bbc not chosen this game to show - surely a more attractive fixture for viewers than the Highland derby?
  15. Motherwell signed Martin Grehan from juniors - never made it but done ok for a bit in the lower leagues