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  1. Ticket Collections

    You are told not to travel without a guaranteed ticket....so in no way are SSC encouraging you to do so Folks that buy home end tickets do so to see the game in the full knowledge they won't get a point...if you are lucky enough to pick up an uncollected ticket then good on you.....normally only tickets sold on are ones that the SSC have been notified that the purchaser won't be there to collect....
  2. payment confirmation

    Aye there will be nae singing swearing drinking or sitting doon on ma bus....
  3. payment confirmation

    Have a paid for these ones yet or did I just do Bratislava ...PM me on FB
  4. payment confirmation

    I take it I have still been volunteered as wan o yir stewards.....
  5. Team VS Italy

    Matt Phillips off at HT please Gordon.....and give Mulgrew a boot up the arse...he is left back not Anya
  6. Pick up

    PICKING UP YOUR TICKET If you are an overseas member, have opted to or have been randomly chosen to collect your ticket, the Supporters Centre will be on duty at the following venue: Where: Stade Saint-Symphorien (Ticket booth located in North West corner of the Stadium) When: Saturday 4 June 2016 12.00 to 16.00 19.00 until kick-off Tickets must be collected in person and you must provide photographic ID.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Alan Hutton looking his usual lazy self in a Villa shirt
  8. I was first tae ask.....but to make it easier for you take me off the list....I will get there somehow...
  9. Now Trnava has been confirmed on Slovakian FA website then put me down for 2 seats please.....Davy...
  10. Czech Euros

    Do the burds cum wi the Fake Taxis or just in them.....
  11. Czech Euros

    Due to a recently signed wine share agreement between Lisbon & Prague, the czuro has strengthened against the Portuguese Euro, so if you have any left over from the Gib game I would not take them on this trip.
  12. March/ May Friendlies

    Except maybe Slovenia will be as Engerlunds last allocation there was only 590 for ECQ......WCQ should get us a slightly larger allocation
  13. March/ May Friendlies

    Missed out on ballot last time and also missed out on email saying they got extra tickets...I only opened it the day before the game.....this time I am struggling to find cheap flights under the €450+ being quoted.....the joys of flying back to a holiday island at Easter eh!
  14. March/ May Friendlies

    Just been mentioned on Reporting Scotland ......the confirmation from Hampden is deafening....
  15. March/ May Friendlies

    Everytime you use a search engine like skyscanner to look at a flight then the site registers your IP address as it signals your interest in a flight so it puts it up by a couple of quid each time....it is how they make their money.....always best to research on say skyscanner then use airlines own site