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  1. Correct analogy there DTS....I have tonight left all the TA Facebook pages...constant in fighting .....I enjoyed my fitba and banter on here long before I got roped into FB......time to get that back by using this page
  2. Nil Nil draw would be great for us and give the English media a feckin field day....
  3. Shorts all weekend the kilt on match night...sorted
  4. Ah have decided to do a course in astrophysics as it is easier to comprehend on wtf Platini has come up with here......it's all too complicated and condensed
  5. I haven't got a clue how this works.....posts are too complicated after 8 bottles of Stella...
  6. Brilliant...just noticed that this pick up point is 130m from my accommodation.......so will leave at 1914hrs to get there in time
  7. Sat 3rd 0625 LCA-VIE-MLA 1240 Mon 5th 1350 MLA-VIE-LCA 0040+1
  8. Just noticed that my return flight to Vienna on Monday the 5th has been changed from 0715 to 1350hrs.....only sent it to me on the 16th and just saw it now.....only gave you 48hours to accept or they would be unable to find alternative....poor service Air Malta...a wee phone call wouldn't have went a miss..you have my number on the booking i am also on the 1035 Saturday morning
  9. Better bring my thermals.....
  10. Where are you getting these exchange rates from....I am only getting 1 for 1
  11. You are told not to travel without a guaranteed ticket....so in no way are SSC encouraging you to do so Folks that buy home end tickets do so to see the game in the full knowledge they won't get a point...if you are lucky enough to pick up an uncollected ticket then good on you.....normally only tickets sold on are ones that the SSC have been notified that the purchaser won't be there to collect....
  12. Aye there will be nae singing swearing drinking or sitting doon on ma bus....
  13. Have a paid for these ones yet or did I just do Bratislava ...PM me on FB
  14. I take it I have still been volunteered as wan o yir stewards.....
  15. Matt Phillips off at HT please Gordon.....and give Mulgrew a boot up the arse...he is left back not Anya