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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed last night in the standing section. Was a great atmosphere considering who we were playing. not seen Roberts goal back but it looked like a terrific build up and finish.
  2. Why are Scottish teams so shite in the early rounds of Europe?
  3. Group E Finale

  4. Group E Finale

    Ireland playing well, Italy just sitting back
  5. So Hibs likely to get brondby. who are hearts getting if they progress?
  6. Kilts at the Euros

    Wear short pink shorts and a GoPro camera. If your buff, even better. Fack the kilt, take a chair
  7. Germany v Ukraine

    Can see why a lot of these teams have qualified. Defending has been top notch in most games. Our defence is shite
  8. You'll be buying NL gear before you know it and singing one Neil Lennon. plus he hates hearts, so surely that must be a positive for you
  9. How Many cups do we need in Scotland ffs
  10. Season ticket sales

    Has the price dropped?
  11. Season ticket sales

    Renewals are done, today was first day of general sale. Folk queueing for 8 hours, think the office is still open. 48k was what I heard. rossy, the 'seats of shame' are set to be sold. The banners have been taken down anyway.
  12. How's your respective clubs doing? celtic are set to be way above 50k which is quite something.
  13. Match thread

    Yes I actually agree. His finishing is top notch though. I think we might be 2 up next year so hopefully he improves his touch