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  1. Brutal but 3 great home games
  2. To be fair to Forrest he's been really good this season so far. Rogers has certainly managed to get the best out of him.
  3. Tierney has to play, hopefully Robertson can play right back. martin and Greer, ffs
  4. There are new season ticket holders at Celtic who think they should get the chance to buy tickets for hearts and Aberdeen over guys who have been going every week for last 5 years. So there could be guys looking for spares but it won't be a troublesome match ffs. I think Celtic will sell out every away allocation this season with Killie the only possible exception.
  5. Well said. Folk only throw their arms up be use its Celtic but at least you can see through it. last night was brilliant, apart from 10 minutes where I just had Malmö throwbacks. Said a lot about the team that we went on to score another 2. Should see this through but they did have threats. An early goal over there would settle nerves.
  6. Delighted with how this celtic team is coming together. Hope alloa don't cheat in the quarters
  7. Celtic aberdeen rangers hearts motherwell dundee partick saints county ict hamilton killie
  8. He is a major issue for me, and if it wasn't Craig Gordon (reputation) I think we would seriously be looking at other options. We need a centre mid who can create things, like a lubo or a petrov. Despite having loads in that position, I'm not sure Christie or Allan will fit the bill. Had hopes for rogic after last season but Brendan clearly doesn't rate him, perhaps down to fitness.
  9. Good to get the away goal and hopefully should qualify next week. Who can we get in the last qualifier? Was a makeshift defence, so not the worst result at all.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed last night in the standing section. Was a great atmosphere considering who we were playing. not seen Roberts goal back but it looked like a terrific build up and finish.
  11. Why are Scottish teams so shite in the early rounds of Europe?
  12. Stonewaller
  13. Ireland playing well, Italy just sitting back