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  1. A rumours started by rangers fans is it not.
  2. Thistlecrack could yet run. Scan this week. its been a terrible year for jumps racing with almost all the big names injured or dying.
  3. Do you like Hartley yet? yet to fail as a manager and will probably go to hearts next.
  4. If you didn't enjoy City 5-3 Monaco then I'd suggest you don't really enjoy football as a spectacle to be honest. However I'd agree on the Hibs hearts thing. I'd rather be watching it that Seville v Leicester.
  5. Tremendous entertainment in Europe tonight.
  6. Just bought a zgemma box with years sub. I'll report back with results when it arrives
  7. Zgemma seems to be the thing to get because you have the Sky skin and less faffing about. kodi is okay but more faff.
  8. from a glamour point of view an utter shite draw but good chance of the top 4 being in the semis
  9. 6-0 pumping. Best team since o'neill era
  10. Dirty hacking bassas
  11. Haha the gift that keeps on giving
  12. I would agree with the guy earlier, saints have probably been the hardest team to break down. Decent outfit.
  13. 3/0 hearts away to well. motherwell keeper is rotten.