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  1. Mon sellic. Hate hampden but absolutely buzzing for tomorrow.
  2. Poor quality game that. united will be straight back down next year without signings. That guy going off, what a fvd
  3. No mcgregor ffs. He's a stubborn .
  4. A season unbeaten, tremendous! biggest game is next week though.
  5. Weiss, Sebo, naismith and lafferty to rangers. hello 2012!
  6. 1-2 the shat it starting?
  7. Seems to be gathering pace. take it he's not an "Aberdeen man" to join them? His reception up at pittodrie next season will be interesting to say the least I'm sure.
  8. Missed the game but sounds like it was a cracker. Celtic are capable of these fast starts under Rodgers something we lacked for years. Burying teams early doors then sitting back and trusting the team to defend.
  9. You'd think rangers had won the league with these celebrations.
  10. Go and walk round celtic park and ibrox both inside and out. Celtic park looks tremendous all the time. Ibrox these days is a run down dump, which is no surprise seeing as they have no money.
  11. Some utter rat of a journo trying to blame Sinclair for celebrating in front of the rangers fans. I mean you could not make that uo. Do away teams always run 100 yards up the other end when the score ffs! it happens in every game every day. His celebration was pretty muted and griffiths did the same. Embarrassing from wherever is was (Sunday post I believe)
  12. I nearly exploded when griff hit bar and Sinclair went past. Like the time hearts had a goal chopped off at the roseburn, played music but celtic went up and brown scored. Unreal
  13. That was amazing. What a time to be alive. Free broomloan was a rockin.