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  1. I would have to say the lack of free Tapas and not having Po*f juice on tap, has clearly lead to some of our more genteel contributors to consider it a shithole. I on the other hand, like the fact that it is a real no frills pub, as it keeps pretentious wan*ers like that, away from it.
  2. I have been drinking Rum and Bru for Years, and i have always called it a Scotia Libra
  3. I will take 2 seats please
  4. Don't be a tight ersed kvnt for all of your life, buy the book, you never know, it might contain the info you want, on how you can purchase a gas cooker abroad.
  5. Hopefully none of them, I go to watch the match, and not to jump about like a t*t, (except if we score, then I jump about like a demented fecking lunatic).
  6. Aye yer no kidding there, I bought the adopted Grandson a train set 4 weeks ago, and he is not getting it for another 3-4 years.
  7. Bad news, Hutton is fit.
  8. Many a person has said that, only to be sadly disappointed later on, when they actually meet me.
  9. For the 50 millionth time, the so called old co has not been liquidated, it has started the Liquidation process, but that process has not been completed, and will not be completed, until all the legal case are finished. If, and it is a very big massive If, Dave King can repay all the creditors the money they are owed (This is why the liquidation process is being held up, until the completion of the legal cases, because at present, nobody really knows who owes who what, and if they do owe somebody money, is that debt legally inforceable, IE: Craig Whyte or one his companies suddenly claiming they are owed £25 Million), he can call for something called a Cisting, which would stop the so called oldco from being finally liquidated. I know this has been explained to you before, but as usual you are either to blinkered by your hatred of all things Rangers, or you really are just to stupid to understand the processes involved, but I am going with option 3, and that is, you are just sitting there with a fishing rod.
  10. Feck, do's that mean I will need to stop calling the dirty lying thieving corrupt barstewards, or can i continue to call them, rat faced scumbag bartstewards.
  11. Just got this emailed to me from a mate, oh no soap of rome No life bhoy to get in you eyes No bold or fabreeze no bog roll for yease and you ain't had a wash since July.
  12. This just confirms, what everybody else already knew, "Soap dodging barstewards, your only soap dodging barstewards"
  13. I did not know, you had ever met me before. And if you do that to me again, I will p*sh in your fuel tank, and tell your weans they are adopted.
  14. It is no secret, that for almost the last 20 years, I have been married to a refugee. The esteemed Mrs Auldgit was born in a place where crime, unemployment, malnutrition, lack of education, and a complete lack of hope, was the norm. It was only when her family sought asylum in Glasgow, was she able to put all these horrible memeories behind her, and start to think, of actually having a future. My wife and her family, have lived in Glasgow for many years now, and have intergrated them selves into the community that well, that they now consider themselves to be Glaswegians, but every now and then you do see my wife, getting a wee bit misty eyed, when she thinks of her homeland of Paisley.
  15. Just drove by Govan cop shop, and there seems to be a wee bit of media activity going on, I wonder if that is where Charlie is currently getting nicked.