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  1. I've got the dream double - Iceland v Hungary in Marseille & Romania v Albania in Lyon. Fly to Lyon on the Friday night, train down & back to Marseille on the Saturday, fly back on the Monday.
  2. Was hoping it might be possible to work it out based on the draw brackets. Ah well, I'll just keep my fingers crossed!
  3. Anyone know what day Murray is likely to play on if he makes it to the quarter-finals? I've got a ticket for Philippe Chatrier court on June 1st.
  4. I've not posted in ages, but I've been tempted back on by today's events, and reading some of the pish on this thread... Right, first off, congratulations to Hibs - fully deserved cup win, and the celebrations should be quite something. They were the better team, and we didn't deserve a thing based solely on the woeful defending throughout. Hibs could've been 3 up in the first half-hour, and I wouldn't have complained a bit. Stokes ran riot, and you could see the desire from the Hibs players - the only Rangers players who looked up for it at all were Miller, who I thought was excellent; and, to a lesser extent, Zelalem. As for the post-match stuff - I have absolutely nothing against a celebratory pitch invasion. It happens all over, and hell, I was on the pitch at Cheltenham just the other week when we won the league, so I fully understand the emotion involved that causes invasions to happen. But where it goes wrong is when it turns from celebration to goading & incitement. Millwall fans were doing the same thing against Bradford last night, and Hibs fans did it today. The minority who goaded (and, as seems to be the case from videos starting to emerge, assaulted) Rangers players & staff; and who ran to the Rangers end to goad the support, are arseholes. In saying that, the Rangers fans who came on to the pitch and got involved with the Hibs fans are also arseholes. There is no excuse for starting violence of any sort at the fitba. The Rangers statement would have been fine, other than the bit about the fans showing great restraint - that's laughable, and embarrassing when it was obvious that wasn't the case at all. Both clubs should be hammered by the SFA for the post-match scenes. And there must be an inquiry into what looked to be woefully inadequate security as well.
  5. I have a tip - don't attempt to drive anywhere in Cheltenham for the next 4 days. This week is when living here is both the best & worst thing in the world... Happy to lend advice on eateries, watering holes & so on to anyone down visiting Can't wait for this though. Love race week, despite the inconvenience of it all!
  6. Git. I applied for the Germany-Poland game and got nothing. When does the ticket resale portal open? Definitely want to punt the Romania-Albania one.
  7. Got an email today to confirm that I got Cat 1 for Iceland-Austria at the Stade De France; and Cat 2 for Romania-Albania in Lyon. Hoping to make the Iceland game, but willing to sell on the Romania one (didn't even realise I'd applied for that one!). Face value is 105 Euro (approx. £83). Match is on Sunday 19th June at 21:00 local time. PM me if interested.
  8. Good goal, but not even the best goal I saw this weekend. Was at St Andrews on Saturday and saw this rocket: Then down in Dover yesterday and saw this: (Thankfully we came back & won!)
  9. Saw Room the other day, and thought it was incredible. Outstanding performance from Brie Larson, who's got a well-deserved Oscar nom for it. Thought the kid in it playing her son was fantastic as well. Well worth a watch. Also saw In The Heart Of The Sea last week. Decent enough, but nothing to write home about really. Booked to see Creed, The Revenant, Joy, The 5th Wave and Our Brand Is Crisis in the next couple of weeks - the joys of a Cineworld card. Not expecting much from the last two, but nothing else to do in January when money's low!
  10. The SFA confirmed to me on Twitter that it would be at Hampden.
  11. Having lost a load of weight over the last 12 months, none of my Scotland gear fits me anymore, so I've listed it all on Ebay. There's a load of shirts on there, including a couple of retro tops; along with a couple of jackets and tops. All available to view here - Feel free to have a look and a bid!
  12. Just submitted an application for tickets, having been totally unsuccessful first time around. Hoping for at least a wee bit of luck this time...
  13. I ordered online last week, picked up from their Gloucester store today. The lass in there knew straight away what I was on about, scanned in my SSC card and emailed it to their customer service team, and they'll refund the discounted amount back to my card. Turns out head office sent an email out to all JD stores last week, so hopefully the English stores will be a bit more clued up now.
  14. Will we need to reapply for that draw, or will they base it on the original applications, anyone know? Definitely still interested in going to any of the games in northern France, hopefully I'll get hold of something somewhere.
  15. I don't post as much as I used to, but that's more down to spending less time online than anything else. Been here since 2005, and seen some classic threads in that time. The Khraeigh thread was just fantastic, and the Jimbers bus station girl thread was internet gold. Mind you, I can't believe we've gone 9 pages without someone mentioning "Burds Ye'd Love Tae Ride". What a thread that was!