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  1. Thats just ridiculous though. The BBC doesn't exist to subsidise British companies. They are a business who at the end of the day will try and get the best deal possible. They are not going to pay £20 million for Scottish TV rights because that is not the market value. In fact if it wasn't for the BBC we'd be lucky to ever see Scottish football on TV. Who is going to pay for it? STV? They would likely bid even less than what the BBC pays for it at the moment. They dont pay £200 million a year for Match of the Day just cause the BBC are nice guys who want to support the English premier league. They pay that because that is what other broadcast companies would be willing to pay.
  2. Fletcher has been with them for 20 years now. I would be surprised if he could just leave them so easily, he'll likely drop into some part time coaching role or something else with the club.
  3. What a guy. I know he didn't achieve much with Scotland, but surely one of our greatest players of all time both ability and personality wise. I know people always say that about Fletcher, but it really can't be over stated just how much of a professional this guy is. A true role model for any kid and / or aspiring football player.