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  1. Fat sam gets the job, cant stand the fat khunt.... More reason to dislike england fc
  2. Wembley 2016

    It was Gumbo, Mungo was from blazing saddles
  3. What about London, they voted remain too LOL
  4. Engerland Fans

    apparently there is an alternative hooligan Euros, take it we didn't qualify for that either...
  5. MLS games you can buy beer at your seat, which was pretty fortunate as it was dollar beer night and well i took full advantage, even ended up in a rickshaw on way back to the pub.... i didnt invade the pitch are assault anyone....mainly as i couldn't get out my seat... still remember the game 3-3 vs Chivas USA and had a great laugh with the fans.... american beer is pish though, except the microbrewery stuff...
  6. A season ticket at the big hoose
  7. Celtic playing in Scotland
  8. Seville v Liverpool

    Hope Seville pump the mopes... so that will be 2-0 Liverpool then
  9. the EDFmonkey swinging about the fair ground, was on every ad break during the touring cars coverage, 6 hours worth and every ad that monkey.... and relax lol 118 and any sign of ant n dec...
  10. the biggest fear is that during the search they find new tracks for another album
  11. Voting

    Got a call last week to work in london and this is exactly how I feel and not bothered about voting in a county over half full of shitebags
  12. just make sure the telliesare working
  13. the way its going down south it's like letting everyone in a 100m use as much drugs as they want.... what I've not seen mentioned is that Leicester have the backing of a billionaire sugardaddy, they are just the new chelsea et al.... though this season with that squad..amazing...
  14. Prince dead

    Nice couple of touches at Noel Gallagher gig last night, came on stage to portrait of Prince and I presume one of his songs and later in gig let the glasgow crowd sing Live Forever again to Prince portrait on the big screen...
  15. Scotland Players In Action

    Ross McCormack was on the pitch for fulham...