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  1. so if i'm offended by twats calling my a fenian - it's my own fault and i have issues.... sums your lot up right there!
  2. Original Planet of the Apes
  3. if only we could put them all on boats and ship them off, syria's got plenty of empty houses...
  4. shocking up yer black lives matter pish
  5. enjoyed suicide squad to a certain extent...whoever played the female baddy was shit.... quirky and light hearted movie, nice tie into SvB which i enjoyed... If you take these too serious and expect and excellent story and charecter building then your watching the wrong movie, it's light entertainment..
  6. Your posts are making you sound as bored as I am lol
  7. Picking my new car up 2nd September.... straight onto a private plate...wonder why
  8. In every draw half the teams are at home and half are away.... and STILL people moan
  9. Fat sam gets the job, cant stand the fat khunt.... More reason to dislike england fc
  10. It was Gumbo, Mungo was from blazing saddles
  11. What about London, they voted remain too LOL
  12. apparently there is an alternative hooligan Euros, take it we didn't qualify for that either...
  13. MLS games you can buy beer at your seat, which was pretty fortunate as it was dollar beer night and well i took full advantage, even ended up in a rickshaw on way back to the pub.... i didnt invade the pitch are assault anyone....mainly as i couldn't get out my seat... still remember the game 3-3 vs Chivas USA and had a great laugh with the fans.... american beer is pish though, except the microbrewery stuff...
  14. A season ticket at the big hoose