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  1. Looking forward to it, 4-4 ET and Penalties - well I want to get my money's worth lol games are always great under the lights, full house and a derby to boot.... cannae wait...  
  2. Andy Murray

    Andy will make a great faither, used to coming second in everything....
  3. Took me nearly an hour online to secure a couple....not many seats together unless you want to sit in the front 3 rows...
  4. Nfl 15/16

    Lady goo goo
  5. bugger......i was looking forward to the after party raping....
  6. no surprised the elephant trampled him...enough to scare any animal....
  7. jeez, so many away ends and dates are foggy... afore mentioned Aberdeen / Rangers cup final at parkhead, also remember aberdeen v celtic around the same time abandoned for fog, cheer everytime we got to see the ball.... aberdeen / hibs at tynecastle... Numerous Dumbarton games, used to always get lifted oer the turnstiles too....and no only the teams changing ends at halftime lol Brighton / Peterborough in the 1999 FA cup, someone lit a flair and it felt all european, amazing atmosphere at London Road... Getting promoted at Plymouth on Easter Monday Blackpool in the depths of winter, old horse n cart going by as we got off the bus... singing the steptoe & son theme to some auld guy.. Singing the match of the day theme against Aldershot in the FA Cup for about 20 minutes...
  8. Ricky Garvais, and ant n dec...so i can explain to my kidnappers that these guys are worth kneecapping and burying in cement..where as I'm a good guy
  9. Aberdeen to win in front of a shit crowd, nae flags for all them empty seats?
  10. Gay Cruise

    we still talking about ads or you just sharing that with us?
  11. wee bit more food for thought... http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/making-a-murderer-steven-averys-lawyer-on-the-evidence-left-out-20160115?utm_content=inf_10_2720_2&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=tsejan2016&tse_id=INF_889a064cac8349e0b3b69480797b91ac Still doesn't speak if Avery is innocent though....
  12. The reason I've stopped going to any games is playing each other 4 times a year is just boring.... if the TVs want their four old firm games again, have a super cup at the start of teh season where league winners and runners up play the two cup winners in a mini tournament.... Killie v hamilton 4 times a year... gimme strength,,
  13. Only way to get a ticket for their tour seems to be get me in, £100 to see them at edinburgh castle is tempting...but still
  14. Scottish Cup Draw

    Half time report fae stirling.... Game kicked off - half time whistle blew Brutal stuff.....