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  1. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    anybody Ire V Belgium tickets ?
  2. Poznan

    Bee Jays in the old square did decent food - well it did 4 years ago also Room55 ? on Stary Rynek - close by good steak but with the above rider We went to the Polish fort for the day - not bad seen betterworse
  3. don't women make more generally innon tennis relatedsponsorship? ( a bit like the porn industry... or so I have heard) than the men while I appreciate not all women tennis players look like ivanovic or kornakova but I thought I read that their sponsorship deals were far in excess of the men
  4. cheers really hope it is Belgrade - want to avoid having to get buses
  5. Ireland fan - yip coming onto a Scotland fans message board - been on it for years looking for Serbian fans - err no, posters based in Serbia
  6. err no ..........Serbia in September
  7. 23000 memberships

    In the scheme proposed to the FAI I proposed 5 euro on every away ticket for costs of administering a scheme based broadly on yours however, we did nt need/want a gift a t shirt and any of the other crap you get sent in your membership pack there is not a mission we would pay 62 euro for this
  8. any of the Serbian based poster drop me a line. Trying to find out where our game is in September and Serbia FA and Serbian tourist board are fecking useless
  9. worst stadium on a trip??

    Moldovo not coming out too well it seems, when did you play there , I am hoping its improved All booked up for October
  10. Szczecin

    Go to Gdnask far nicer, great place/value for a long weekend esp in the summer
  11. Take Me Out

    Replace with 20 hit men and take the title literally and in might watch it
  12. Documentary on bbc I player on an elephant that went on the rampage at a show in Hawaii after years of mistreatment , died in a hail of bullets Another bbc I player documentary just recently Storyville about old photoge of circus showed a variety of animals performing trick lion tamer and polar bears going down slides
  13. Done a 3 hour food tour ended up the other side of the river in a seafood joint think it was viatoursDone a evening cruise 3 hours edit maybe not the end of March though Both would recommend
  14. Missing out on some series quality shows especially on bbc 4Black book was very good btw