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  1. had a rat under the floor boards in a first floor bedroom in my mthers house , the brother and I were a - scared shitless, b feckin useless in trying to catch/kill it ( think 3 stooges less 1 stooge) thank god for a sister in law who worked for environmental health who sorted it no time. She did say they genuinely avoid humans though if cornered all bets are off
  2. How come these glaringly obvious figures are not used everytime the guff about trading with the EU is mentioned , 4 % of the EU economy ? Christ I am sure the EU are Crapping themselves
  3. lads if I can direct you to it may be of interest as another view on the lions love in
  4. As an interested outsider that is an interesting take however much like a 45 year virgin is still an adult , if he still lives with his parents, has no intention of leaving the family home , pays a few pound into the household, gets all his washing done and has to let his parents know of his movements ................. its not much of a life really ..
  5. Do you really want to look at British involvement in the Boer War ?
  6. identical post to the first
  7. afraid you didn't answer the two observations posed and your grasp of the reality is somewhat lacking if you believe the republican movement has delibertly withheld information on the locations of the disappeared. The sad reality is those that may know are either dead or forgotten exactly where they were dumped, records either accurate or not were unlikely to be have kept. If the whereabouts were known it would be in the republican movement to divulge the info so it cant be used against them
  8. I have been on this board for a few years now so I know you are ex ? current ? BA and I am sure you could well have lost colleages during the conflict but I have a couple of observations I thought it was particulary irish trait to have no concept whatsoever of the opposing point of view but is appears to be universal even in the BA who for all their faults learn their lessons from history ( excluding Ireland) and have you ever genuinely looked at certain actions of the BA/British Arms industry fully backed by the BA ? i would rather have been stopped by an English BA soldier everytime as opposed to the Uul Do Rightly local variety as for one i knew they would rather be a million miles from here rather than stuck in this rain forsaken place (scots could be hit or miss depending)
  9. In the sense that he was directly indirectly responsible for innocent being killed ? delibertly targeted innocent victims ?
  10. given that Britain is currently the worlds second biggest arm exporter I wouldn't be too quick if I was a British politician past or present to be getting all high and mighty over innocents being killed
  11. probably not at this moment in time but much like boiling a frog the temperature is being slowing increased and it is only going one way. It is now on the agenda and being spoken about behind closed doors as when as opposed to if even if some on the loyalist side are slow learners and hark back to being able to do what they want
  12. any body know what the odds are on a yes vote within 5, 10 15 years ?
  13. We straight up asked for donations of money as we were getting our kitchen done up. It not like years ago where you both lived with your parents and then moved out into a marital home . Says its for an extension or something The guests donated, we got a new kitchen... everybody happy
  14. Anybody hear of the constitutional research council ? - gave the dup over £400k for leave eu advert
  15. though haven't been myself I believe Tbilisi taxi drivers have a death wish shared by anybody getting into a taxi with them as verified by a number of personally known sources though the alcohol consumed may have steeled them for the ordeal