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  1. though haven't been myself I believe Tbilisi taxi drivers have a death wish shared by anybody getting into a taxi with them as verified by a number of personally known sources though the alcohol consumed may have steeled them for the ordeal
  2. FFS Cookie monster had to wear one
  3. have you misplaced the full stop or thought you won the lottery ?
  4. leading loyalist from Belfast so he is - (bit of an in joke so it is after an interview he gave )
  5. As an external interested party I was slightly somewhat envious that your clubs at least had an a working relationship with the SFA where issues of mutual concern to ATAC clubs and ( concerns likely shared by independent TA) could be raised and indeed minutes issued for scrutiny by members of individual TA clubs and indeed non members alike. Unlike the current situation here where the CROISC is effectively an FAI construct, indeed issue statements on their behalf ( alledgely) and frankly don't particularly care about fans outside their wee clique as long as their back are scratched with regards freebies and away tickets, a few rounds of drink . the aforementioned fans spokemen are wheeled out when a fans view is needed Glasgow away game being a prime example where independents with near perfect records were shafted However I would not want to go down the road of a fee to join some global scheme ( whos fee invarilbly will grow in size ) ( and would be universally unpopular) though I was willing to accept 5 euro on an away ticket as an 'admin fee'
  6. bit of light relief lads
  7. Err they didnt score 3 we didn't score 1 and though well beaten 1-0 we were not humiliated but apart from that
  8. I am sure the founding fathers of the Poppy movement have a big smile of satisfaction knowing that some 90 odd years later somebody shoved a poppy on an American glove puppet appearing on prime time tv
  9. did cookie monster wear a poppy on the one show ?
  10. no its not, ...........its a non story, not a chance in hell it would happen file under 'double decker bus found on moon'
  11. English touts Seem to recall we got it cleared by Uefa but could be wrong still, it was only a friendly, so no points deduction and a small fine likely however I hope your pockets are deep as FIFA will come hard on this , lets face it they have to otherwise every country could be at it
  12. jesus lads are you seriously wearing pink at Wembley ?
  13. Forget 100 pp At around £15 a main course try lu livios between embankment Tube and The strand it is the best seafood tagilatlle in London that I have tasted ( tagliatelle Alle Coze) ask for no shells on the prawns though The Coal hole is ok for a drink but don't eat in it, Duke of Wellington int bad Sophies Steakhouse around the corner from the Lyceum Theatre (the Lion King)/duke of Wellington does a pretty decent steak at a pretty decent price given its location - plus they serve food later than most
  14. Lads it may be darkest before the dawn, you have a better chance of beating England in Wembley than we did besting Germany at the Aviva and look howthatturnedout you never know whats around the corner (granted its likely to be somebody looking to whack you but you never know)