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  1. We done a 'free' walking tour when over for the play off - very interesting re the siege and Archduke assassination
  2. still at least you don't play any music when the opposition score ........................ (
  3. I will confess to almost doing this ( well at lest 3 times) in my defence it was in America and a hire car. Pulled in - wrong side Pulled in again - still the wrong side Thought about it for 5 sec reversed and pulled in - still the wrong side Got out of car bought a snickers bar and drove off
  4. Pretty sure that is drug dealers marking territory
  5. Totally agree ET council should get rid of them and post a warning that anybody caught will be prosecuted
  6. it was indeed, more used to ybig where most things within reason go
  7. cant download boarding passes despite downloading my flights - sorry last name provided does not belong to the booking !!!!! some glitch in their app
  8. Do the fat tyre bike tour does most of the big sites berlin is flat as well which is handy if you have the fitness level of a lazy
  9. Eh ? As long as the movie is something like Jason Bourne and not Love Actually I think you would be alright unless you live in rednecksville that is Take a pen and paper pretend your a critic 👍
  10. catch a movie - it will kill a couple of hours
  11. I would say no if a point to point carrier even a scheduled airline with connection would be tight though they may wait
  12. Cheers lads only a few days in each a sat- tues in Belgrade and a fri - Monday in Chisnau
  13. headed there with the mrs for the qualifiers in the autumn - any recommendations ? (have flights and accomodation sorted)
  14. we had three decent performances outa 4 , not saying we played like Brazil 1970 but decent enough bar V Belgium
  15. Stay in the best western in Yerevan about 5 mins walk from the big square it has a pool and pool bar and very reasonable priced there is a very nice steakhouse just off the main square