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  1. Documentary on bbc I player on an elephant that went on the rampage at a show in Hawaii after years of mistreatment , died in a hail of bullets Another bbc I player documentary just recently Storyville about old photoge of circus showed a variety of animals performing trick lion tamer and polar bears going down slides
  2. Done a 3 hour food tour ended up the other side of the river in a seafood joint think it was viatoursDone a evening cruise 3 hours edit maybe not the end of March though Both would recommend
  3. Missing out on some series quality shows especially on bbc 4Black book was very good btw
  4. Ssc Renewal Information

    what is it after 2 feb ? (research purposes)
  5. how come their movies are never on TV nowadays ? same with Laurel and Hardy
  6. Good Luck Bosnia Thread

    As a long time poster thanks for the genuine well wishes hopefully we can be a bit more pleasing on the eye than of late As to the begrudgers Ah well never mind
  7. Heathrow Connection Time

    Fair enough
  8. Heathrow Connection Time

    Why don't all the old scheduled airlines have the 30 days grace ? Even Ryanair are a week Croation airlines the same online checkin 24 hours before flight prefer not to leave it to the last minute to be scrambling around trying to print or download passes Have enough time for all three checkin anyway but still
  9. Heathrow Connection Time

    Easy jet is 30 days and their boarding passes are idiot proof which is reasonable ba can piss off if they think I am paying for the privilege
  10. Heathrow Connection Time

    lads it was austrian airlines back from Sarajevo/Vienna trying to make a BA into Belfast. I have booked the 630 flight as the 15.30 was too tight, it was just as well as I thought they were both Terminal 2 turns out the BA flight is outa Terminal 5 . Have only 3 hours to kill on a side note you cant checkin online on a BA flight until 24 hours before departure ? - what is this the dark ages
  11. jesus robroysboy have you really nothing better to do ? if nothing else its an excuse to visit Sarajevo
  12. Heathrow Connection Time

    Thanks for the replies lads I probably won't risk it unless the cost in flight difference is prohibitive
  13. Heathrow Connection Time

    Cheers folks looks like the early one then
  14. Heathrow Connection Time

    Land at 1840 depart at 1945 on a Saturday