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  1. Belgrade/Chisnau

    Cheers lads only a few days in each a sat- tues in Belgrade and a fri - Monday in Chisnau
  2. Belgrade/Chisnau

    headed there with the mrs for the qualifiers in the autumn - any recommendations ? (have flights and accomodation sorted)
  3. Portugal v France

    we had three decent performances outa 4 , not saying we played like Brazil 1970 but decent enough bar V Belgium
  4. Yerevan

    Stay in the best western in Yerevan about 5 mins walk from the big square it has a pool and pool bar and very reasonable priced there is a very nice steakhouse just off the main square
  5. I think you will find plenty of regulars anecdotally confirm when mentioning to family friends colleagues that they were going to the aviva that was precisely the response until we best Germany and then they suddenly remembered they were Ireland fans when euro 2016 was looming
  6. Probably Wales sucking up to England probably quite literally if truth be told as to the best fans in the world - nobody with an ounce of sense believes that guff
  7. Ireland

    Serious amount of shit unfunny embarrassing flags about thankfully not all made the ground though unfortunately some did That may be the Walters flag that is currently reeking of piss in a bin somewhere in Paris
  8. Ireland

    The key point is your last sentence , boys trying to organise last minute travel without mortgaging their grandchildren isn't easy even in the Internet age Some decided to stay on some decided to go back (me) and go back out but even with an insurance outbound flight that covered any r2 match at 40 euro it has probably cost the guts of 700 not including spending money which isn't to be taken likely after already spending 2 weeks in a not particularly cheap France fair few regulars couldn't make it back and s 7-800 day trip was snapped up by a different crowd
  9. france v ireland

    My my hope you enjoyed looking at your old photographs in Scotland while we were the guts of 2 weeks in France at a football tournament despite the cost dodgy weather etc wouldn't of missed it for the world
  10. Risk - I suspect it's a nailed on certainty It has left the rest of Europe with a mess they won't be long pissing on those who caused it still you got another chance with a referendum do every cloud and all that - but I wouldn't Feck it up a second time
  11. Stuttgart

    people have been banned for less
  12. Stuttgart

    Have to agree wasn't the greatest spot but did have the most fantastic Chinese buffet I was ever at. Not your stodgy cooked hours ago muck this was raw fish, scallops prawns oysters etc which you put on a plate with a peg on it and the chef cooks it for you and hands it back to you Absolutly stunning , you could go up as many times as you like and all for 15 euro - Top 3 meals on an away trip
  13. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    anybody Ire V Belgium tickets ?
  14. Poznan

    Bee Jays in the old square did decent food - well it did 4 years ago also Room55 ? on Stary Rynek - close by good steak but with the above rider We went to the Polish fort for the day - not bad seen betterworse
  15. don't women make more generally innon tennis relatedsponsorship? ( a bit like the porn industry... or so I have heard) than the men while I appreciate not all women tennis players look like ivanovic or kornakova but I thought I read that their sponsorship deals were far in excess of the men