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  1. Don't think it makes a lot of difference. I think England have a couple of games before us so assuming there are no disasters it will be as expected.
  2. Just show how close those two parties have now become, the guys just a chance.
  3. Bit of coverage about Wiggens on BBC website today so maybe story isn't going away.
  4. And what exactly are deemed to be the advantages of Russia/Assad bombing the aid convoy? Is it that food etc would fall into hands of anti Assad forces?
  5. Not sure about that, Warburton has been on record as saying the squad needed more depth and experience and with Hill, Krancjar, Barton that's what he got.
  6. Inspired by Bake Off I made Churros for the first time at the weekend with cardamom, chilli chocolate sauce. Not sure they were the best presented but tasted nice. Best avoided if on a diet!
  7. Totally agree with the comments about Last Leg. I think it does a great deal to raise profile of athletes with disabilities and deal with wider issues around disability. Also very funny!
  8. Anyone been watching these? What have been your highlights? Couple of ex-pupils took part, unfortunately neither won a medal but did well and should be proud of their achievements.
  9. I know it was a big deal when London were hosts in 2012 but I haven't heard a single person say how much they missed not having a team GB in the Rio Olympics. I think fans of most EPL clubs would be probably annoyed if their stars were missing big games for a tournament that most of the are not really that bothered about anyway.
  10. Excellent stuff, they've been so close before. Thoroughly deserved and hopefully will inspire the men. Feels good to have a Scotland team at a major tournament, it's been a while.
  11. BBC reporting a bust up with Andy Halliday.
  12. Confession time - I actually like it! Decent show that all the family can watch and inspires me to do a bit of baking at the weekend. However I can't see it doing well on 4, they'll have to cut stuff out for the adverts and they've already lost the two presenters.
  13. Smashing up toilets and hanging effigies it's all moronic, inexcusable, has no place in a civil society and should have no place in modern Scotland. Thankfully I don't share your opinion that it's regular thing everywhere.
  14. I wonder how many of them go back and take them off when they're split up.
  15. I thought he was a decent keeper before he joined us, could still be.