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  1. Wouldn't have minded him signing a while back but not now. I'd quite like to see Hanley I'd Ibrox, there's a decent player in there, he desperately needs games and judging by this year he'll be surplus to requirements at Newcastle.
  2. That would still be 80% of the seats. A landslide from any reasonable point of view - though of course it would be portrayed by the Unionists and their tame right wing press as a massive setback to independence.
  3. "Political opportunism" is the phrase that springs to mind. I think Ruth is more a weathercock than a signpost.
  4. Wonder whether Teresa May will ever be asked about his behaviour. Somehow I doubt it, there's no way such behaviour can be defended, absolutely appalling.
  5. Keeperwise I wouldn't be surprised if Marshall or McGregor had a move in the summer as they are behind in the pecking order at Hull.
  6. Given the absolutely astronomic sums of money that modern day footballers can get paid you might think there was a bit of an incentive to make the most of any talent you had rather than playing computer games or whatever.
  7. I don't think there's a search facility so I can't track it down. Bit surprising that he got a free as he was their number one (excuse the pun!) for all but a handful of games this season and Burton are acknowledged as having done well. I've got no idea of whether he should be near the squad or not.
  8. I see Jon McLaughlin has been released by Burton. Tbh I don't know a lot about him but some people were saying that the keeper playing regularly in the Championship should have been called up by now.
  9. Don't wish to see anyone injured at work but it is stupid place to be standing.
  10. Interesting that I heard someone from UKIP saying the same thing the other day on 5Live, north east fishermen more likely to listen to them than SNP?
  11. Should fit in well at Ibrox then.
  12. The other thing about these results for voters in Scotland is that it's now a clear choice of futures. Either vote SNP for a progressive independent Scotland or vote Conservative and get shackled to an increasingly regressive right wing insular UK. Labour are not going to be in power for at least five years and by that time boundary changes will have b benefited the Tories and the great Lib Dem revival has got stuck in first gear. Voters in Scotland have got a choice, pity voters in England.
  13. I thought there was something strange about the way people looked in the photo with our "strong and stable" leader yesterday. Has Craig Murray explained why they looked less than enthusiastic? https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2017/04/theresa-mays-fake-meetings/
  14. I believe it's called Jockholm syndrome. Causes are complex, symptoms are not nice but hopefully it's not as widespread as some in the media would like us to believe.
  15. And white shorts!