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  1. That will be the one. A ,mate of mine was in that team, he tells me he was the only one who didn't make it professionally.
  2. I remember meeting Tommy Gemmill sometime in the early 70s probably, I was quite young at the time. I'm pretty sure that my dad told me that it was Gemmill's pub/hotel. I'm wondering whether it would have been the same one.
  3. The problem is that what any team really needs is a couple of half decent central defenders/goalie and someone who might possibly get a goal. We have a couple of decent keepers but are badly struggling in key areas of any team and have been for years with no obvious cause for optimisim on the horizon.
  4. Millwall just dumped Leicester out of the FA cup, clean sheet and one match winnng save from Jordan Archer.
  5. I don't see much of Gers, reports in paper, odd game on Tele. I was glad when he was appointed and thought last season he did really well overhauling the squad and getting promotion. On paper I would say we're doing okay this season in terms of league position but would prefer to have a narrower points gap- I'm sure Aberdeen and Hearts fans would have similar thoughts about their clubs. I get the impression that my fellow Bears are not too upset, unrealistic expectations? Style of football? Few if any successes in transfer dealings of late?
  6. But then again several that do get picked aren't international class either! I've always liked Walker and would like to see him in over the likes of Forrest.
  7. Pathetic stuff from the Torygraph. Noticed that he is described as a member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association. I believe that the public school educated Glasgow lawyer found guilty of racially abusing a woman on a train reportedly 'liked' various Scottish concservative associations on social media. Not suggesting for a moment that all Tories or Unionists are like that, because they're not, but...
  8. NHS

    I don't think it is necessarily new but I think it has ramped up to a significant new level in recent months.
  9. My incompetency, I didn't want to quote your whole post but obviously am rubbish with posting pictures!
  10. Every day another crisis, every day another indicator that it's not working, can't cope. Anyone else reckon that this is just softening us up for when the Tories turn round and say it's unsustainable and can no longer afford it? I certainly don't trust May with the future of the NHS
  11. Surely another reason why Corbyn is opposed to Scotland being independent is simply because it would make the chances of a Labour comeback even more remote. Historically Labour has seen a lot of MPS returned from Scotland and I suspect that they're still under the impression that they will see some mighty revival. Relying on English votes won't be much of a strategy as traditional Labour voters defect to UKIP, also boundary changes to constituencies should favour the Tories.
  12. BBC has major headline about Tara Palmer Tompkinson, little coverage of MPS voting against rights of EU citizens living here or closure of Lord Dubs scheme to bring unaccompanied child refugees to UK. Country lurches to the right but media don't report this. I dare say if Trump was doing this it will be all over the news but it's not happening there, it's happening here and the media in general is silent.
  13. No surprises there. BBC particularly shocking in the airtime they've given to Farage and UKIP over the last few years
  14. Bit ironic from WGS, do you reckon he wouldn't have picked himself.
  15. It surely couldn't do any harm to have Wallace in the squad for the Canada game even if its nothing more than getting a chance to look at him close up in training and see how he compares to others in that position. Yes we feel that our players should be from the top leagues but I'm pretty sure the Irish have had league 1 players in recent years and they haven't let them down.