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  1. Thought they might have learnt from their neighbours down the road that selling your best players on the cheap doesn't end well.
  2. Wages

    North Ferriby's basically a suburb of Hull
  3. I presume she's on the leadership course as a learner rather than as an expert!
  4. The other thing is hasn't she (or at least some one in the SNP) said something along the lines that she will only call for a new referendum when she's convinced voters are going to vote yes to independence. If there is a second referendum and voters says 'no' again then it probably is off the agenda for a generation. She needs to get the timing absolutely right.
  5. Wages

    I wasn't really looking for a comparison more of a contrast ( if that makes sense). When you see the graphics that Donaldo87 has provided it just shows how difficult it is for Scottish clubs to hold on to their top talent and how difficult it is for Scottish clubs to attract talent from down south. Interesting though that three out of the five biggest wage spenders in 2013/14 are no longer in the top flight!
  6. Wages

    Yes and I guess it always has been that way certainly in living memory. I would imagine that Celtic would be offering significantly more than Rangers but in comparison to the EPL both of them would struggle to get anywhere near matching the wages of giants like Bournemeouth or Swansea.
  7. Picking up on another thread and Celtic's interest in Scott Sinclair. I guess there's bit of speculation in this but what are wages like in the SPL nowadays and how do they compare to the Championship or Div 1 and 2 In England?
  8. Laura Muir

    And a World Record for Libby Clegg in the 200m T11, not too many Scots athletes have had those. Bit worrying that a few of them looked a bit out of sorts, O'Hare, Twell.
  9. Laura Muir

    Congratulations, great run last night to break Kelly Holmes 1500m record. Looked very strong.
  10. Breaking: Its big Sam.

    You seen the state of Steve Bruce, maybe Allardyce was seen as the fitter of the two!
  11. Kyle Ferguson

    I remember seeing Derek play for Scotland schoolboys at Wembley - makes me feel very old.
  12. Breaking: Its big Sam.

    From a Scotland perspective I'd have preferred Bruce but I don't think this appointment will change a lot for our group
  13. Kyle Ferguson

    If he's half as good a player as his dad he'll do alright. Midfield player I presume.
  14. Oliver Burke

    I'm not too sure how many games for Forest Burke has actually started. It may well be his role at this stage in his development is more of an impact player coming on as a sub rather than being on from the start.
  15. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Good shout, I'd forgotten about Caldwell and McManus.