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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Not a surprise, he went off very gingerly right at the end of the match after a collision with the Stoke goalie. They didn't need the stretcher but it didn't look good even then. I'm a big fan of Snodgrass but up to that point he really hadn't contributed much.
  2. Heather honey or cinnamon and raisins. I've started eating some of this at work in the morning after I go for a swim. Half fill an empty 500g yogurt pot with oats, pour over hot water, mix, blitz in microwave for 30 seconds, another stir and another 20 second blitz. Only problem is ensuring one's at the bottom are fully mixed otherwise pretty good and lot cheaper and better for you than those sold in the supermarket.
  3. Saw Hull v Stoke today, Marshall at least played well, Snodgrass looks out of sorts and hobbled off the end, Bardsley was solid.
  4. Maybe he's a year or two older and realised that playing for England is a pretty poor substitute for putting on a dark blue jersey. I wouldn't hold the folly of youth against him same as Stuart McCall joining up with England u21s, just got to accept some youngsters make stupid mistakes!
  5. I noticed he'd been playing regularly whilst on loan to Blackburn. He started well for Southampton but then dropped down the pecking order. I'm not sure what the rules are now, is it just you can represent anyone at any level so long as its not the full team in a competitive fixture?
  6. Can we just bypass the SFA and crowd fund him?
  7. Genuine question here just because I hear it a lot, is Tiernay a better defender than Robertson? I have seen Robertson a few times for both Hull and Scotland (and Queens Park once), he makes mistakes and I wish he didn't but its not unusual for young defenders to do that and have seen him put in some very good performances against some top clss opposition as well.
  8. Knowing our luck Burke will end up as a left back!
  9. Hopefully we'll all give the boy time to progress. We're so desperate for success, iirc Burke didn't start regularly for Forest last season. We'd like him to be our Bale but Bale had started quite a few times for Southampton before moving to Spurs and his early days there weren't totally successful, think he went ages without ever being on a winning side.
  10. One of the few people in management that you would think would definitely improve any team.
  11. Not being funny but didn't Strachan pick Stevie May when he was with Saints?
  12. Little bit surprised to hear calls for Mulgrew. He certainly has done well in the past in that position but he's played very little first team football for a long term and was injured in his first game for Blackburn and I'm not sure he's recovered.
  13. Archibald's best moment in a Scotland shirt!
  14. If only that were a Scotland kit...maybe one day.