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  1. He's very far down the pecking order.
  2. I don't know if he's injured but Morrison wasn't in the WBA squad yesterday and I don't think he was last week either
  3. Another solution? This is from Budapest. Fairly recently the Hungarian govt put up a memorial to the victims of the Nazi occupation. Jewish groups were unhappy however as it glossed over their suffering and Hungary's complicity in it. As a result there is an unofficial memorial drawing attention to the plight of Hungary's Jews comprising photos, family relics, letters, suitcases etc. No guards there when we went.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't visit - have to leave that to next time. It is one solution as to what you do with old unwanted statues. The only problem I can foresee with that approach is that in some places it could actually become a focus for extremist groups.
  5. I've been fortunate enough to have a couple of breaks in Prague and Budapest in the last few years. In both cities great big imposing statues of Stalin (possibly Lenin) have bitten the dust and I felt that was a good thing. Of course statues of slavery supporters aren't confined to the USA. There are plenty of statues here of people who were heavily involved in the slave trade, Henry Dundas is one who springs to mind with Edinburghs equivalent to Nelsons column. Adam Hochschild' s book "Bury the Chains" is good in outlining his opposition to the abolition of the slave trade. I feel that there should be at least some plaque to all those who suffered and died because of people like him.
  6. In the light of Charlottesville: 1) Do you think statues in public places should be removed? 2) If yes, then are there any in particular that you would like to see go?
  7. One more appearance than Frank McGarvey ever made then!
  8. Not even happening for Rhodes now at club level. 9 in the last 43 games is not the scoring ration we're used to. Neithe Rhodes or Fletcher started against Sunderland the other day. Ross McCormack who I thought was decent and worth more of a shout is also completely out the picture at club level. It would certainly be timely if May could recover form and confidence.
  9. Was there even an answer sheet? I don't suppose it was the sort of thing that could be challenged.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I did Politics A level years and years ago with a great teacher who was American. He told us about these tests but I've never seen one (didn't have the internet back then!). Key thing is which racist did the marking.
  11. I've lost track who the original conversation was about, Robbo, Snoddy or Fletcher?
  12. Tony Watt joining Belgian second-tier club OH Leuven. Doesn't look like he'll be the solution to our striking problems any time soon.
  13. How could a beetroot stain spoil some thing like this?
  14. There was a Star of David badge on very old kits from the 1870s (I don't know why) but Squirrelhumper is right, the Neanderthal element of the Rangers support would be opposed to Palestinian cause simply because Celtic fans are percieved to be for it.
  15. I've seen the incident on the BBC highlights and I would agree. Stokes has his hands on Jacks throat and from what I can tell places his forehead into Jack's. It's not a conspiracy but it is poor refereeing. Petitions are embarrassing, not long ago no doubt many of those who signed it were complaining about Celtic with their dodgy dossiers etc but now replicate the same behaviour