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  1. the 34,000 probably doesn't include media, sponsors, hospitality etc which will be a fair bit
  2. where are you hearing this from?
  3. Where did you hear 34,000 from?
  4. South Upper holds just over 7,000. So if there is 6/7,000 left in east/west stand then that means 7,000 unsold tickets in Lower South Stand
  5. only 31,000 tickets sold so far for Saturday.....
  6. apparently only 31,000 tickets sold so far.....
  7. section in the lower BT Stand now put on sale. Which is annoying as i'd have bought for there if i knew it was still to go on sale as better seats.
  8. Oliver Burke starts for Leipzig!
  9. Does everyone stand in the north stand or is it just sections of the north stand where people stand?
  10. Apparently only 23,000 tickets sold for this so far..
  11. Has anyone ever bought from onlineticketexpress before? If so, is it reliable?
  12. Is it true that the SFA are opening up their own shop and bringing out an annual for next year? Anyone else heard this?
  13. It seems unbelievable that these tickets would be put on sale days before the match when its said 'tickets unavailable' for weeks. Anyone know the thinking behind this?
  14. is the squad announcement definitely today? No mention of it in the newspapers or on Twitter..
  15. Ryan Fraser outstanding for Ipswich today apparently