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Spirit of bannockburn

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  1. Travel insurance.

  2. Travel insurance.

    Where did you find cancellation insurance,we're coming back paris -glasgow sunday easy jet but cannae find insurance for cancelled flights
  3. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    My son & i are in it too
  4. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    We stayed in a hotel across from the train station in 95,Metz vThistle,it could be that one john
  5. March to the Stadium

    We did it in 95,Metz v Thistle,1200 marched from the bars around the station & back after the game,no police followed us
  6. Metz to Paris train

    Well,thats the train booked,114 euros for a single for my son & i
  7. Metz to Paris train

    I'm going on the bus to Metz but just decided today to spend the day in paris & fly back from there
  8. Metz to Paris train

  9. Metz to Paris train

    Can't get anything under £100 for two singles from Metz to Paris
  10. What's Your Route?

    Haha,this must be you John
  11. What's Your Route?

    me & my son, Glasgow to Edinburgh to cologne to vienna on the 9th--vienna to oslo to Edinburgh on the 12th
  12. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    Hotel du centre in old town,rory & me
  13. Booked - Sort Off... Now Where's

    That's the hotel booked now,allegro hotel st julians, cannae wait
  14. Booked - Sort Off... Now Where's

    i booked easyjet out ryanair back for son & i,£152 out thursday,£222 back monday,both manchester
  15. Where To Stay

    son & i staying in paceville