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  1. We have 70 bus reservations for now ....
  2. Which pub will the bus leave from? Where should we stay?

    1. MacGregor Croatia

      MacGregor Croatia

      The bus will start to the railway station

  3. This is true but does not my fault ... the people who need tickets was the last time canceled and I could not pay from my pocket ... unfortunately Btw, many required additional tickets for Koper (about 50) and I have managed to get them, bought them and Slovenia through my contacts and and all they got in the stadium. Bus for Koper, Slovenia (29.02.2012.) Vol.1 Bus for Koper, Slovenia (29.02.2012.) Vol.2
  4. For those to whom Zagreb will be base before the game in Slovenia, we would like to organize buses from Zagreb to the place where the game will be played (Maribor or Ljubljana) The night before the game we would like to throw the great "Tartan Army party". The special guest wil be our friend Ted Christopher. We are going to organize ruffle to raise the fund for "Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal" Contact for bus reservations please send to: