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  1. Exactly. Chance is 1 in 2*2*2*2*2 (i.e. 2^5). Which is 1 in 32. Which is 32 in decimal odds and 31/1 in UK odds
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, the Scottish parliament cannot currently selectively increase tax bands but must raise them all. Also, any money gained would be matched by a cut in the block grant and do would be pointless. The Smith commission may change this but who knows when that will come and in what form
  3. They built a new terrace this season which pushed the capacity up to around 2500. And also, that list is not really a fair comparison. Most of the non-league grounds are including grass embankments as part of their capacity. At Cliftonhill there is an entire other stand that is not included as it is not in use and there is also plenty of embankment space. The record attendance is 24000 shows that
  4. Round The World Trip

    You know you can visit North Korea for real rather than just the DMZ tour? I did it a few years back and its the most interesting (and weird) place I've ever been. Bonus if you can time it with the Arirang Games - truly spectacular.
  5. If you don't play games then you can pretty much get any laptop. They'll all be fine
  6. Spfl Trivia

    The question is really badly worded. It should be: Which player has scored more goals than any other in the SPFL Prem without scoring any penalties at all?
  7. The top two were Scottish Labour's finest, Messrs Joyce and Sarwar
  8. Nowhere near. Michael Martin claimed £14k, at least 10 others under £100k. Corbyn claimed: - Cost for staying away from main home: 0 - London costs: £7.5k - Office: £14k - Staff: £110k - Travel: £0.2k - Other: £1.7k - Comms: £5.5k - Total: £139.9k
  9. In 2009-10, Corbyn claimed £130k which put him 270th. So around the middle.
  10. Ssc Renewal Information

    I'm a 6 pointer but i won't be renewing. That campaign and the referendum drained me, were our big chances and we blew them both.
  11. Speaking. You have to think so fast to understand what was said and to how to formulate your response, that you improve rapidly.
  12. Depressing Statistic

    They used to allow guest sides but not any more.
  13. Depressing Statistic

    Hungary's qualification tonight means that Scotland is now the country with the longest wait since their last Euro appearance. It also means we are the European team with the longest wait since their last finals appearance (World cup or Euros) - excluding Israel who weren't a European side when they last qualified.
  14. São Paulo

    Same in Lima. Recommendation is to put all your luggage in the boot.
  15. Got any evidence of that? That was the top type of stuff Limmy's brother was spouting before he got sent down