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  1. It's probably because you had a non-protected transfer between KLM and Aeroflot. KLM would be fined by the Russian authorities if they let you on the flight without a visa of some kind. KLM would have to check a number of things to confirm that you would not require to clear passport control, that: your onward booking was real your transit time between flights would be lower than the transit visa limit - big problem there if you miss the onward flight you had no checked-in luggage the terminal you arrive at and depart from have airside transfer capabilities ability to check-in online or airside for your onward flight In short, a lot of risk and hassle for KLM that they can avoid by requiring a visa.
  2. big tower structure = kaknästornet bar at the top the big tall building = (probably) himlen @ skatteskrapan Also, don't hire a car. Parking is hard to find and difficult to understand plus the public transport is very good.
  3. I live in Stockholm so I'll give it a go at answering. July is the nicest month weather wise but almost everyone goes on holiday for the entirety of the month, so Stockholm will be very quiet. Some restaurants and shops will likely be closed too. Djurgården is in the city centre and has the Vasa Museum, Skansen (outdoor museum and zoo - great for kids) and Gröna Lund (themepark plus open air gigs). Gamla Stan (Old Town) has the Royal Palace and the Cathedral plus lots of quaint old buildings and streets. Stadshuset (The City Hall) where the Nobels are awarded. Very picturesque on the water-side. Kungsträdgården (King's tree garden) is nice. If the Euros are still on then you can watch it on the outdoor big screens at Gården in Norra Bantorget. Mossebacke on Södermalm is one of the view beer gardens and with a nice view over the city. If you fancy getting the best view/photo op of the city then you ca take a walk up Västerbron (Western bridge).
  4. And they were 4-0 up on Sweden too before conceding 4
  5. Absolutely it would. Was an amazing tool for anyone in the early stages of their career to be able to gauge how much of a salary was reasonable to ask for. Especially seeing as job adverts don't mention salary ranges here. Company accounts (even private ones) are still open and anonymous here though.
  6. Both Sweden and Norway had completely open tax returns but they have been gradually restricting it. Now you need to identify yourself to see a tax return and the person in question will receive a letter outlining who has seen their return.
  7. Where did i say we should copy it? Your inability to understand a simple argument is astounding. If one state had the death penalty and another had a light or no punishment for the same offence, then I'd say that is wrong too. The fact that the difference in punishment is so large between 6 years vs none at all, says to me that 6 years is excessive.
  8. Logic that you seem to be unable to comprehend. Something is awry if an action is considered so heinous that it merits 6 years imprisonment in the UK but yet most of our partner nations in the EU don't even consider it to be a crime. I'm not saying that laws shouldn't differ but the punishment seems excessive in that light.
  9. Not defending him but 6 years is a lot for something that isn't even illegal in most other EU countries.
  10. What's your argument here, Alan? That we should introduce tuition fees and make university even more difficult to attain? And in any case, lower income students would be much more likely to attend Strathclyde or Caley anyway.
  11. 2 Terminator 9 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 10 Flubber 12 Willy wonka and the chocolate factory 13 American Pie 15 Inception
  12. Naw she never. She said the screenshots were taken out of context.
  13. Exactly. Chance is 1 in 2*2*2*2*2 (i.e. 2^5). Which is 1 in 32. Which is 32 in decimal odds and 31/1 in UK odds
  14. Unless I'm mistaken, the Scottish parliament cannot currently selectively increase tax bands but must raise them all. Also, any money gained would be matched by a cut in the block grant and do would be pointless. The Smith commission may change this but who knows when that will come and in what form
  15. They built a new terrace this season which pushed the capacity up to around 2500. And also, that list is not really a fair comparison. Most of the non-league grounds are including grass embankments as part of their capacity. At Cliftonhill there is an entire other stand that is not included as it is not in use and there is also plenty of embankment space. The record attendance is 24000 shows that