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    Largs. Study in Edinburgh.
  1. Booked area 13. If the SFA can't get us tickets, we'll just get them ourselves! Can't wait
  2. I'm banned for suggesting Scotland fans are not the best in the World. I'll ban myself from here now 😂😂
  3. Only on match night, found cheap digs.
  4. Since my first trip in 2011, I'd have to say Croatia away (WC qualifer) is the one I'd like to have been at.
  5. Westfalenstadion (Dortmund) for me.
  6. Sat overnight Glasgow-Manchester megabus Sun Manchester-Budapest Night in Trvana for matchday Few days in Bratislava Few days in Vienna Fly back via Stansted On the Monday
  7. Not many rooms lefts in Trnava. Best be quick if your planning to stay the night
  8. I'll be in Vienna from Thursday after game for the weekend. Anyone still be kicking about?
  9. Flying into Budapest on the Sunday from Manchester. Few days here before the game. Flight was £30.
  10. Much better pricing from the SFA. Season ticket price is great
  11. Majority of the 1 pointers will drop back to 0 after next away game
  12. What is the deal with this group? Do the admins that run the forum run the fb group aswell? If they disagree with your opinion, does your post get deleted and you banned from the group? Do the admins think they own the Tartan Army?
  13. 1 ticket for sale £45 face value. Can pick up in Glasgow from 5pm.
  14. Very plastic if it has a big red T in it.
  15. Did you not think about this before you got her pregnant? Could of waited a few weeks and the due date could of been end of September just in time for the first family holiday to Faro in October to see us qualify!