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  1. Would that be in your opinion or in the eyes of your lord?
  2. 20 years as a bus conductor, hated it so got a job as train conductor.
  3. That seems a personal opinion rather than fact. The KKK claim to be Christian and are also bible believing people. Not very tolerant are you when other not so popular Christians are shown or mentioned. KKK, Orange order, Nazis, Celtic and Rangers fans all have Christians within their unpopular ranks. Is it fair for me to call you pathetic for being so opinionated?
  4. Aye, I only use it whilst standing among the business types at check in looking down their noses at the guy with a shit bag getting kicked across the floor. Always like to be last on as I never have hand luggage.
  5. Maybe JK Rowling is a reincarnation of herself...
  6. Only for people in transit now, unfortunately for us guys working in the Dutch sector we now have to pay 45 euros. petroleum card is still useful for priority boarding tho.
  7. And they say Rangers fans worship Zombies!! Each to their own I suppose.
  8. Since you've not mentioned the ages of your kids I would assume they are pretty young. Later in life you are going to be extremely hypocritical when talking to them about the dangers of drugs even if you manage to get it back to the occasional line every few months. You really have to believe what you are preaching to your kids. How do you think they will feel if they ever discover your addiction, whether it be drink or drugs, it will play on their minds for years to come. The better weather (lol) is just around the corner, why not organise a few weekends with some of your mates who also have kids and try to limit but not eliminate the drink altogether and I bet the kids and wives will love it. (all written through experience)
  9. Trying to beat the lights
  10. Damn, wish I was as unsuccessful as him.
  11. Fuuk you ManCity, should have romped that game and now cost me over £600 win
  12. I thought he was Hanged in Barlinnie in the 60's
  13. Purely on my limited knowledge of Whisky, my tipple is Glenmorangie, everyones taste is different though and I still find it amazing that some folk can buy expensive produce solely on the opinion of so called experts.
  14. DD what type of Phone do you have as you could maybe chrome cast it or MHL cable if your Phone is Android? Even better it is probably on Youtube..
  15. Some scenes were filmed in the ORB in Bellshill but not the boozer in the clip