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  1. Trying to beat the lights
  2. Damn, wish I was as unsuccessful as him.
  3. Fuuk you ManCity, should have romped that game and now cost me over £600 win
  4. I thought he was Hanged in Barlinnie in the 60's
  5. Purely on my limited knowledge of Whisky, my tipple is Glenmorangie, everyones taste is different though and I still find it amazing that some folk can buy expensive produce solely on the opinion of so called experts.
  6. DD what type of Phone do you have as you could maybe chrome cast it or MHL cable if your Phone is Android? Even better it is probably on Youtube..
  7. Some scenes were filmed in the ORB in Bellshill but not the boozer in the clip
  8. No doubt all tax dodgers who owe the local paper shop some tic
  9. Breeks up and have a shower on Sunday as normal
  10. Anybody ever seen the end of a porno?
  11. As someone on Facebook pointed out." The generation whom blame the last generation for ruining their life for voting brexit are now the generation frantically running around chasing Pokemon " excellent analogy imo.
  12. I feel this maybe not the plan this guy intended given the amount of weapons he had in the truck but once the cops tried to stop him he took off and once he got going he knew there was no stopping him. He was not known to Interpol as a possible terrorist but was known as a local opertunist result rather than get coughs with all the weapons. If they do find he is connected to some extremist faction then I withdraw my thoughts.
  13. a

  14. I'm with you comrade, if voting for independence means back to the EU then I'm switching to no. Independence is just that...why can't Scotland make it on its own.
  15. I would assume any area wanting any sort of independence will need to get an election happening quite sharpish as apparently the Netherlands, Denmark and a few more countries are making rumblings about leaving the EU. If the EU folds then Scotland would not have a reason to split from the UK