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  1. Exactly this. He could of gave them both a half each at RB against Canada
  2. Is this the same Uefa who sanctioned a minutes silence for Nelson Mandela?Or is it only some politics that count??
  3. Sure the beer price was about £1.50 in restraunts etc(More expensive than rest of Montenegro). That was maybe 4-5 years ago though so be above that now. Lots of bars were cheaper too though
  4. Spent 3/4 days in Budva in Montenegro. Cracking beach with some quality beach bars, a lot of Russians right enough but the perving was sensational. Magic few days.Love to go back
  5. Dortmund for atmosphere, noise just seemed to boom round it. Warsaw best actual stadium
  6. Is the supporters club webpage down ? Cant seem to get on it to renew ?
  7. http://www.theblackdogaberdeen.co.uk/ Your best bet for a real boozer close to AECC. 10 Minute quick march from AECC. Personally Unfortanately I'll be watching it in hiding my Cabin onboard the Brent Delta :-(
  8. Used budgetair numerous times. Never had problems. Used 2 weeks ago for Ethiad flights to/from Thailand. Only thing id recommend is checking the transfer times are long enough as sometimes these 2 sites dont pick up on short transfers between terminals etc
  9. Ive used Tripsta before a few times through Skyscanner. They are genuine but if your catching connecting flights make sure youve enough time to make them. They booked me from Bangkok through to Aberdeen via Paris but even on time there wasnt enough time to make the connection as I found out on arrival in Charles De Gaulle. Keep a close eye on that before booking.
  10. Just back from 4 nights Tokyo/4 Nights Seoul on a booze cruise from Bangkok. Seouls good but Tokyos magic. In hindsight I wish I stayed for longer in Tokyo and Japan in general. Will be going back for longer in the future. So much to do we barely scratched the surface
  11. Anybody any tips on Tokyo. What area to stay ? Close to the best nightlife/bars etc. Also any tips on getting to Mt Fuji. Notice full day organised trips but if theres a way of getting there by public transport tht'd be better than a 13 hour tour. Anything else recommened. Were mainly going for 4 days on the piss
  12. Is this sold out or is it just a problem with ticket scotland web page ??
  13. Ibrox better than Hampden? You werena sitting in the Bill Struth stand where the 3 sinks in the bogs never had running water between them after 40 minutes I presume, place is a mess
  14. Cheers boys, passed onta ma mate
  15. Anybody know any bars in tenerife that will defnitely showing the upcoming games? Preferably las americas? Cheers