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  1. Thanks, we have another dog and she is acting strange, usually goes into garden has a drink out of flower pot and straight back in, she just sits out now until we bring her in
  2. We had our dog Alba for nearly 14 years, took no well over the last couple of weeks, not eating, drinking loads of water, went to vet who said he had diabetes, the vet gave us insulin to give him twice a day and said he should be back to normal by the weekend, still never ate for the next 3 days, took him back to vet on Friday, left him there for 6 hours so they could monitor him and give him fluids, we collected him and vet said to prepare for the worst and if we wanted we could leave him overnight, we decided to take him home and would bring him back in the morning,my wife stayed up all night giving some fluids every hour, he was struggling to breathe, when we arrived at vet I asked could we sit in car until the vet was ready to see him, he died in my wife's arms 20 minutes later,
  3. French gymnast broke his leg during vault preliminaries, looks terrible
  4. Don't be daft, he is talking about Raheem
  5. Looks like sturgeon has got a big button under her skirt,
  6. Has Nicola sturgeon asked to be notified before the big red button has been pushed, and how do you know it is a big red button
  7. Watch out for a shot across the bow
  8. Looks like this post has sunk without trace
  9. He will probably score the winner against Astana , funny old game
  10. Just shag his wife, then you can get a new friend that will go golf or fishing with you
  11. Nothing to laugh at there , decent result
  12. 3 Euros, you were robbed