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  1. Hi Zander, can you get in touch with me 

  2. Maybe they should have left him on, 2-2 now
  3. Thought he might have got a full game seeing as the league is over,
  4. Oliver Burke starting today
  5. Hi Zander, trying too message you, can you send your details
  6. Cheers, just sent you a message
  7. Thanks,
  8. Hi Zander, I have contacted admin to see why you cannot receive message, I don't know if they can receive message as they haven't answered,
  9. Have sent you a message
  10. Don't think they numbers exist anymore, 48 years ago I lived there ,
  11. Meant to add it would be offers over
  12. They are taking 1 percent, no similar houses to mine in area, they are wanting me to start at £16000 less than valuation, they say this will generate more buyers looking , just seems a bit much to me
  13. Anyone had a home report and the estate agent wants to put house on market at a lower price than the valuation,
  14. You only need one, are they taken yet