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  1. The live coverage of the plane landing is pushing me over the edge just now "If you are in Guilford and look up you might well be able to see the plane"
  2. Was watching the weightlifting last night. Something else the weight they lift. Then the Armenian boy's elbow gave way at the top of his lift Some performance by the boy from Kazakhstan to set a new world record by 4kg to beat the Chinese favourite. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/36686890 Some celebration as well
  3. It's when you fancy a result that usually the worst happens Fancy extra time tonight.
  4. Old thread from the old tamb http://taboard.com/archive/index.php?showtopic=150295&hl=roma
  5. Enjoyed the women's rugby 7s and looking forward to the men's competition starting today
  6. Looks like Brighton will be the latest club to test the water regarding Marvin Johnson. 500k or there abouts.
  7. When it gets that short who the hell is still sticking money on it to get it suspended
  8. Indeed. A good result in the end but by all accounts at the time of posting Celtic were woeful.
  9. Live stream on youtube which seems to be working ok if you want a laugh...
  10. Sitting full kit in a pub? No wonder they pretty much blanked you Solid enough result for Motherwell - plenty of chances just could convert by the sound of things. Beat Stranraer on Saturday and it should be good enough for a best runner up spot.
  11. Well they can hardly have the advertisement saying.. "We've seen tons of fannies buying pink strips for Scotland, Real Madrid etc so we thought we'd try and cash in on it" A Club like no other indeed
  12. Had another read of the article that I got it from and apparently that's the average household income in England in general
  13. Without digging too much. I know Motherwell's has gone down since then. Scotland in 2013/2014 Average annual pay Average weekly pay Celtic £901,943 £17,345 Aberdeen £140,699 £2,706 Hibernian £102,199 £1,965 Dundee United £91,538 £1,760 St Mirren £78,447 £1,509 Kilmarnock £74,981 £1,442 St Johnstone £67,999 £1,308 Motherwell £67,639 £1,301 Hearts £63,999 £1,231 Inverness CT £53,690 £1,033 Partick Thistle £45,498 £875 Ross County £36,000 £692 England
  14. Aye mate picked up the Barcelona shirt and shorts for mine. Pretty hard to tell the difference in my opinion. But aye probably wont do it when he's 12 Hell I got pelters for wearing a Motherwell top. Never mind a knock off On a side note they seem to have clamped down on the fake strips on aliexpress. A bit harder to find. Waiting for the new Benfica away top to arrive.