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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Dagenham at home in league two. Just over half an hour on the district line Vanarama National League South you have: Welling v Ebbsfleet - 35 mins from victoria or charing cross Think everything else within reason has been mentioned.
  2. Aye a couple of nights ago on sportsound it was beat them at home, pick up a point away and put pressure on city for second
  3. Fools! Group winner obviously...
  4. I'm sure we'll get a friendly next November
  5. Aye we were well warned about taxis. Got an Uber home one night 3 euros. Hailed a cab the next...20. Didn't black out in channels but the 40 euro bottles of vodka pushed us close.
  6. *Sad bugger over analysing alert* Right its a slow Monday in work so I had a wee look into this "19 opening goals from set plays" Lovely little 15 minute video on youtube of all the goals. There are indeed 19 opening goals from set plays (maybe even 20) *however* 8 of these are from penalties or direct free kicks. I think only 5 of these were classic corners or free kicks headed in by somebody - the rest were knock downs / rebounds / shots outside the box when the ball breaks etc.Another couple from icelandic throw ins. So aye 5 - 11 goals scored through sheer height and power out of 108. Basically as we all know the guy is full of shite and just makes up whatever he wants to justify his selections picks. But hey what do I know i'm just a punter who has never played the game to a high level. Oh and special mentions for absolute giants of the game Greizmann 176cm and Brady 176cm for being able to score goals at the euros,
  7. Jesus wept. Anyway would you not normally leave a couple of players out the box to breakaway. Say perhaps your striker(s)?
  8. Not got many recommendations for you at the 100pp range but i've had a couple of good deals off this website for places down here. http://www.bookatable.co.uk/star-deals-uk
  9. Aye the Barry Ferguson one was really good
  10. Decent wee show last night at Mar Hall talking about the forthcoming games etc. Spoke to Strachan, Anya, Morrison, The chef and the video analyst A couple of well known TA boys and girls there as well. Worth a wee listen to pass the time if you missed it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04b31w5
  11. Always amazes me how busy the ticket booths are just before kick off. No doubt some just want to avoid the booking fees
  12. On these flights. Any idea how much a taxi is from city to gatwick? 4 (might drop to 3) of us doing this route. Staying in Vienna on the Sunday though.
  13. Glasgow to London City and then a mad dash across London to get to Gatwick for a flight to Vienna.