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  1. Rumour that SunBet had it priced up at 8/1 that he would eat a pie during the match
  2. Must have been getting tips from Scott Brown
  3. Cancelled the other week and they are now phoning me three times a day. I've not answered yet but I'm sure I will at some point to see if they have a nice deal for me.
  4. Only 3 points...
  5. aye we can still complain. Same with the motherwell commentary they do It is bullsh** though now they've spread the last 16 over 4 midweeks they've effectively blocked out any other football on tv late February or March. Especially when its prime domestic cup replay time.
  6. Pretty sure England has given UEFA a middle finger on this on more than one occasion. Similarly the Aberdeen website isnt allowed to stream the Aberdeen v Motherwell game which is a farce as well.
  7. Surprised Mark McGhee isnt on the list.... The Rangers fans were singing about him the other week so i'd have thought he'd be a popular choice.
  8. But it was an advantage
  9. Serves him right. You could tell from the off that it was only a matter of time before he got a booking
  10. Thought it was going to be game over when Jones brought in that catch (think it was during the drive where they ended up out of field goal range?) Obviously a huge part of it is the Falcons chucking it away but dont think you can take anything away from Brady and the Patriots. There must also be huge pressure on the offence to get points when its a one score game and you know Tom Brady is coming back out. Made me think of a couple of years ago against the seahawks when they went for a passing play from a yard or two out. The booing of Roger Goodell was enjoyable as well
  11. Oooooft what a catch. Didn't expect it to still be up for grabs at the 2 minute warning
  12. Hopefully a 3 and out and then a quick pats score to give the game a chance
  13. Never a red card yesterday. Football is ####ed. Dallas is a joke as well
  14. You could say that if we hadnt been utter shitebags in two league games against Rangers then we'd only be 6 points behind them with a game in hand. If's and buts though Warburton's apparent inability to sign / pick a decent defender will be his downfall.
  15. Watched fences tonight. Didn't know much about it apart from that denzel was in it and that it was getting touted for some acting nominations. One of those rare times where I didn't know what a film was about or how it was gonna pan out during it. Enjoyed it and I think that added to it