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  1. i fancy an #honestmistake during the 90 mins.
  2. Why wouldn't you call up McGregor? Even if you dont want to throw him in against England he's probably buzzing about his season and would be good to have around the squad. *sighs*
  3. Aye Ross County's for next season. Apparently fans had three to choose from.
  4. Could you find a bigger picture of it? Cant really make it out there... Quite liking the away one which is essentially the same top but in black and with a turquoise badge
  5. Nike have actually managed to ruin the Roma kit. Didnt think it was possible.
  6. Aye you are right...was getting a wee bit ahead of myself
  7. That'll be Shinnie getting a call up because he scored against Rangers no doubt.
  8. Pleased for our resident Huddersfield fan
  9. I cant keep track But yes they dont seem to get that.
  10. I've been led to believe the correct term these days is the Daily Rhecord.
  11. Just listened to this bit this morning
  12. Ahhh caught me before the edit!
  13. Aye was a good game. Couldn't really enjoy it though keeping an eye on the important games in a way it might be better for accies that it's done now. Can rest players on Saturday with a view to the first leg. Edit. Just realised they can still finish bottom so guess it depends on tomorrow first.
  14. Woooooooo. Safe for another year