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  1. Proposed French Rail Strike

    With the 35 hour maximum working week that they're striking to protect, I'd be surprised if a French train conductor was even out of bed at that time! ;-)
  2. Proposed French Rail Strike

    They were checking tickets on the 11:38 TER from Metz back to Luxembourg but were accepting tickets for later trains, I had a ticket for the 15:08 TGV but the ticket office told me I could use it on earlier trains so I headed up to Luxembourg earlier to avoid any hassles later in the day.
  3. Proposed French Rail Strike

    My TER booking says no allocated seat, so perhaps they do oversell
  4. Proposed French Rail Strike

    It looks like the TER trains are still running tomorrow between Luxembourg and Metz. According to this page we should in theory be able to just jump on one of those: http://uk.voyages-sncf.com/en/train/strike There was one at 13:30-ish but that's no longer showing on the site so I ended up just booking a ticket for the 12:13 for 16.70 Euros, assuming I will be able to get a refund for my 13:09 TGV ticket at Luxembourg station.
  5. Proposed French Rail Strike

    I got this email too about the same 13:09 Lux to Metz TGV train, I love how the original French message says cancelled but the English version they included only says there "may" be disruptions. Checking on the SNCF site confirms that it is in fact cancelled. Anyone else in the same boat for the 13:09 from Lux to Metz want to share the cost of alternative transport?