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  1. Greer covered himself in glory yesterday again I see.
  2. USA will hump Europe.
  3. To be fair it's not just anti catholic. You are however 110% correct in your solution.
  4. I'd estimate its fully 6 years since I last bought a paper.
  5. Do the folk at away games not go to home matches? If they do that tells me its a terminal disease that's not ever going to leave and you're probably spot on with why it's aired away from home.
  6. I'm referring to the bbc program last night were they chose to use a clip of the dressing room belting out a wee ditty circa 1990. Let's promote the game by showing this eh? Totally needles to be using that clip.
  7. The BBC also chose to broadcast sectarian singing last night. Very responsible of them. Should they not be fined for it was my first thought?
  8. If I had a spare £100 I wouldn't be multiplying it for Charity. Bollocks to charity. My family are my charity.
  9. But in reality it's 7/2 in a one horse race.
  10. A value bet? Each way? Not a chance they'll win the league this season.
  11. Oh, the first bit will happen without a doubt. Not a chance they will however be any closer to Celtic than Aberdeen were the last two seasons.
  12. I don't see that happening at present.....
  13. They'll be going mental in what way?
  14. am I reading it right that basically the points now mean we won't be carrying the rest of the clubs in Scotland?