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  1. A bit weaker but lately I've discovered Thistly Cross, their Cider is brilliant. The Whisky Cask stuff in particular. I'm never a fruit cider man, actually I'm rarely a cider drinking man but their strawberry stuff is magnificent. Could easily sook it for breakfast.
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    Seen Rhodes a few times lately and no wonder Strachan leaves him out.
  3. With the squad at Everton he has done a poor job this season.
  4. Another man the club wouldn't afford.
  5. Golfers Forum.

    Managed a 2nd spot and a handicap cut in brutal cold windy conditions yesterday. 4 behind the winner who requires a drug test.
  6. Incredible. There are 2 on that listthat would be on mine. I'd add Gaffel am Dom and Lozzerheimer in there too along with Unitecky Pivovar.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    There was more than 3. I counted 5.
  8. Killie are abysmal . Clark is doing a cracking job as I predicted.
  9. But does he know slasher though?
  10. They never fail to deliver. Another total Dons'd it moment.
  11. Ashdown is a khunt. A rude patronizing one.
  12. Here is my point entirely. Still though the masses will deny there is a deep problem in Scotland as a whole.
  13. Getting Lenny back would be a huge backwards step for the club, not that I wouldn't have him as the gaffer for footballing reasons however we have the huns back and having Neil back would just further reignite the sectarian issues between not just them and us but Scottish football in general.