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  1. European Stag Do

    Would have suggested Munich but after being there last weekend do not. It now has a horrible vibe with all the refugees. Horrible. Hamburg, Berlin both have loads going on beer and nightlife wise. Madrid?
  2. Thistly Cross is different gravy. Fantastic range of Ciders.
  3. Did that khunt Regan not have a go at Hibs fans on Saturday or have the Huns just dismissed that? I can't remember but I think he did?
  4. Who drafted the statement? Reads like a jakey who's just logged onto hotmail, read an email that's enradged him and replied to it straight away instead of replying the next morning when sober. Hilarious.
  5. That's a shocker the video of the hun lifting the hibee child...what the hell was all that about? Kid can't be any older than 7 ffs.
  6. Miller accused of masonic hand gestures as he celebrated scoring. What is one of those?
  7. That is one astonishing statement from the Huns. Deflection and sweeping of the highest order. Incredible stuff. Noone like us we don't care.
  8. Surprised Clark got the job done. Bairns must be poor. Clark will not see Chritmas as Killie Manager.
  9. I'll simplify it for you. There are some Huns asking for a replay. I presume the match is what they are wanting replayed and not the hand bags after the final whistle but you never know.
  10. 25 hours on and I'm still find myself laughing at the sevconians playing the victim card once again. Christ I've even seen them demanding a replay.
  11. MSM all backing the "good behavior" of the Huns. As you were.
  12. Huns fans pleading the authorities not to sweep this altercation under the carpet. You couldn't make it up. When have our authorities ever swept anything under carpets.......?