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  1. Brilliant to hear that you feel a point away to Alloa is ok. What you guys would give to play games like we did a couple of weeks ago.  
  2. Aue the huns are coming right enough.   Embarrasing stuff.
  3. Alan Stubbs

    /\/\/\   forgot about that one and is fuming that he made a khunt of himself....again.
  4. There's a few on the way to Berwick.   Which one was it?   Either way you won't get done.
  5. Nobody suggested that. I can't begin to think why you thought that.
  6. Haha!! Wasn't sure if cock would be on the swear filter!
  7. I read on Facebook this morning the posts on the German rail crash. Unbelievable some of the stuff getting posted. I wonder if these people actually think before they post things like 'good I hate Germans'. Probably don't care actually. It's unbelievable at times.
  8. I see even on this thread the 'my flute is bigger than your flute' has appeared. Sad.
  9. Sectarianism alive and well on the tweets too. This country has a deep rooted issue when it comes to football 'rivalry'.
  10. What is wrong with these folk? Disgusting stuff.
  11. And also as thick as mince. Killie will go down under him.
  12. That would have been a waste of time. Nearest I've been to Glasgow in the past week is Musselburgh.
  13. Loving this thread and the 'my flute is bigger than your flute' patter. It's almost as funny as claiming the super cup is a proper trophy.
  14. Advice Needed On Transfers

    Use this company. They are superb. I use them each time and never had any issue at all in fact they have been 100% brilliant. Yank owns it and English speaking drivers with a boy from Reading being a regular driver.