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  1. Aye same as Celtic's progression...
  2. The reality is that yet again there's a real danger that one team will be left in Europe past mid August and that could be thanks to a back door entry. Hopefully this won't be the reality but I wouldn't bet against it.
  3. Some terrible results so far from our teams. Just when you thought Dons result was bad up pop Celtic then if followed up by Hearts. Really hope both teams can make it as far as possible and it's not just is left in the diddy cup again.
  4. Don't see more than 5 here. We flatter to deceive especially with a wasteful cnut like thumb up front.
  5. Good call? Stonewaller that Ref gave then decided it was a free kick. Who we got in the next round?
  6. Ryan Gauld

    You and plenty other will still be saying this in 2 years time as he debuts for Rotherham.
  7. Ryan Gauld

    We all need to stop hoping he's going to be the saviour. He isn't.
  8. € Euro

    So easy to use. Can't recommend it enough.
  9. € Euro

    Yes, I swear by my Revolut card.
  10. Hugely. No hiding place. An utterly terrible result that trumps last weeks debacle. Scottish football is of a terribly poor quality.
  11. That Rossy lad is an extremely angry khunt mind eh?
  12. Amusing? Not really. Hugely embarrassing for Scottish Football? Without a doubt.
  13. So..... Are they at the height of their season then?
  14. Undercooked? Are the Luxemburgers at the height of their season I take it then? In full stride?