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  1. This kid is 20. Looks a player. What a match. There will be more. Btts was like printing money.
  2. Btts would be my bet. 1-3 City. £30m in the hiper though and a nice wee bonus pay out to other top league teams too.
  3. One Souness? Would not surprise me.
  4. I've no doubt what he's done goes on in general. Only thing he's done wrong is get caught.
  5. Warburton 16/1. That's right 16. I looked twice as I thought the price was missing at least 2 zeros.
  6. Online... I know....:-) Hopefully its just a page trying to give it the 'we told you first'. I'd prefer him to stay. If not who's next? Howe?
  7. Sacked apparently. Shame.
  8. Ironic that a lot of these players brought us all so much fun and joy yet ultimately they also caused pretty much every club so many problems too.
  9. Surely he's a gonna after this? Surely? Mind what a thick fecker. Can't believe he didn't contemplate that he was getting set up.
  10. Didn't see Thursday but certainly yesterday a mixture of backbone and playing v an inferior team resulted in a win. As I said it's nice to see.
  11. Me too, it's nice to see. Either they are at last getting a backbone or they simply managed to get past inferior teams?
  12. I too can play this game. Fanny.
  13. The three weeks is apparently simply to get the employment law side of things sorted. He won't play again for them.
  14. It's acceptable by all as he's dignified and classy.