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  1. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    Looking into the possibility of running a bus from Luxembourg if there's enough interest. Will let you know if something gets sorted.
  2. Managed my first 26k of the year on Friday. Winter still hasn't fully arrived, unfortunately, so I'm still "looking forward" to the days and nights spent in the garage on the trainer. No targets for the year, yet, either. Definitely want to get that sorted soon, any suggestions more than welcome.
  3. Klitschko V Fury

    Klitschko confirmed it on RTL. Could've just been saying that to get the fuc away from Lennox Lewis, mind.
  4. Klitschko V Fury

    It's automatic. Klitschko confirmed.
  5. Klitschko V Fury

    Best thing about the fight was Vitali challenging Lewis to get back in the ring. I genuinely hope Wladimir just bins it. Will have to watch rematch, even though I'll know it'll be duller than dull.
  6. Klitschko V Fury

    Brutal fight, and not in a 'good' way. Klitschko never looked like being interested. Can wait for the rematch.
  7. Have their movies in a boxset, always saying I'll sit down and watch them all over a weekend, still to happen.
  8. Saw a sign a couple of weeks ago "The best cure for a hangover is being under 25". Can't argue with that.
  9. Aberdeen Darts Association

    Finally got round to reading this thread. Would contribute, but seeing as my team are the whipping boys (and girls) of the Luxembourg Darts League, I'll stick to just following the action.
  10. Edinburgh V Dragons

    That'll do. 5 big, big games to come now.
  11. Edinburgh V Dragons

    Very harsh, for me, although he does just about let him go before he hits the ground so can understand the call. Rule is an absolute ###### for Edinburgh because of the strength of the front row, WP Nel especially. Edit to say bas tard isnae a swearie.
  12. Edinburgh V Dragons

    Dragons 3 in the bin! If we (Edinburgh) don't get a bonus point here, there's something seriously wrong.
  13. Edinburgh V Dragons

    Dragons two men in the bin because Edinburgh are all over the scrum and then trying to play with a two-man front row. Bizarre situation for Edinburgh now, totally dominant in the scrum but can't use it. Should be well ahead already, mind you.
  14. Who the is that? Or, What the is that? Not sure which I want answered.