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  1. Mark Warburton

    Shock Horror. Football manager goes on holiday at end of season!! Surely not !
  2. Muirfield

    From something I heard on Radio Scotland earlier, 64% voted to allow women members, but the motion failed as it needed a 75% majority, In which case, there will be a lot of pissed off members.
  3. Depending on Fat Mike's mood, it could be a long drawn out process, as I'm sure the contracts will be pretty well prepared.
  4. Home section tickets

    I would guess - Tribune Stand North -upper tier, with my very basic knowledge of French
  5. Home section tickets

  6. Home section tickets

    Something should be done about all these French fans snapping up tickets !
  7. Most of the songs were written several years ago, and have been released or re-recorded for this album. Last album?
  8. Hearing a lot of murmurs about a big rift between Hughes and Chairman at Caley, and that Yogi will be gone before long. Stuff in the papers about him wanting a bigger budget, and Cameron saying that he has had more money than previous managers, and results have been very poor this season. Who next for ICT ?
  9. Stone Roses

    Their pension funds must need a top up.
  10. Stone Roses

    Heard it for the first time yesterday, and was totally under-whelmed by it.
  11. Ray McKinnon

    As long as Caley don't get the points
  12. Do you mean the Daily Rhebel ?? Always a bit confused about that
  13. Kosovo

    Who's running the bus on match day?
  14. It's probably so that they can get all the main contenders to attend the piss up, and not bugger off on holiday at the end of the season.