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  1. Voles and Field mice are different species. Voles have short tails, mice longer tails
  2. Even then it's iffy.
  3. Apparently, it's only in England, but I would imagine it would apply to English notes in Scotlend. No date yet for Scottish £5 paper notes not being legal tender.
  4. Doesn't make it true.
  5. Aberdeen v Hibs on BBC on Sat 22 April with 12.15 k/o. OF on Sunday with 12.00k/o, presumably on Sky
  6. Available or the Slovenia game. I must admit I thought he would have jacked it after the England game.
  7. No matter which way you look at it, that is a very bad result for labour.
  8. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  9. I doubt if sports coverage will change, as contracts are already in place, and would need to be re-negotiated.
  10. Also Scotland v Slovenia match is on that day
  11. It's never Celtic's fault
  12. And when television reared it's head with previously unheard of sums of money being handed out.