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  1. Brian McClair Leaves SFA

    Brian McClair has jacked in as performance director by "mutual consent" !
  2. What would you describe as a minimalist ND ? Not that I am in favour of Trident, but wondering what you mean.
  3. Lowcostholidays.com - company goosed

    Apparently each customer will get about £8.00 refund, as they were not ABTA registered. Ouch !
  4. Wimbledon 2016

    Federer has to beat Raonic yet.
  5. I can't see anything really happening until the UK trigger Article 50 and complete the negotiations, as before that point, no one will know exactly what the state of play will be. Getting prepared to move after that is what the SG should be doing.
  6. Jo Cox has died from her injuries. Sad news
  7. ICT figure is shocking. They try to promote the Highland angle, local club etc, but these figures don't show that.
  8. Airlifted to hospital, and a man also stabbed.
  9. So why bother posting the Premiership fixtures?
  10. Eh. Think you have the wrong Vlad there !
  11. The blood bags have to be handed over. This could get interesting !
  12. What was the point in that?

    I don't think that will affect us.
  13. So did Robertson say "We don't condemn that behaviour" ?
  14. Divide and conquer
  15. 3,000

    They probably asked the SFA, who told them we sold 1200 tickets. Sounds like a lot of h******ing going on !