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  1. ATMs are usually as good as any for value.
  2. Because the TV broadcasters (BT & Sky)who hold the rights, have stopped allowing them to be shown.
  3. The P&J was on the link you posted. Not the DR though
  4. Any reason you omitted the P&J, which has by far the largest circulation in Scotland? What about The National, or has it not been published for long enough to get year on year figures?
  5. Did the young child in question not say that he had been forced at gun point to put on? Then again, he would say that !
  6. The rebuttal of the bomber being 12 - 14 has not gained much media attention, but it's not such a big story then is it? Even though around 100 people still lost their lives.
  7. This story about the 12 year old has been refuted by the Turkish government in the last couple of days.
  8. So why you bothering to go to Malta?
  9. There is a GB team, and I think there are two Scots in ot. An article on the BBC website yesterday on the Scottish Rugby section where Colin Gregor expressed his doubts about the GB team and selection. Looks like it will be mainly English players, and not all the best picks for a sevens tournament.
  10. Heard that last night from a Celtic fan.
  11. Much as I respect Corbyn, he is basically unelectable.
  12. Semi-final to be played in Glasgow
  13. Maybe, just maybe, the Maltese FA did not want the ground to be 50% plus full of Scottish fans, turning it into an away game for them. 25% is as good an allocation as we are ever likely to get anywhere.
  14. Brian McClair has jacked in as performance director by "mutual consent" !
  15. What would you describe as a minimalist ND ? Not that I am in favour of Trident, but wondering what you mean.