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  1. Available or the Slovenia game. I must admit I thought he would have jacked it after the England game.
  2. No matter which way you look at it, that is a very bad result for labour.
  3. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  4. I doubt if sports coverage will change, as contracts are already in place, and would need to be re-negotiated.
  5. Also Scotland v Slovenia match is on that day
  6. It's never Celtic's fault
  7. And when television reared it's head with previously unheard of sums of money being handed out.
  8. Also, his family were still down in England, so maybe he just felt that a job down there, probably with more money, was better for him and them.
  9. I wasn't meaning a search and rescue base, I was referring to military aircraft.
  10. Already been taken over by Bristow Helicopters.
  11. There is no way the spaceport and an air force base will be on the same site. Too many issues with security etc.
  12. The whole purpose of the Europa League is to give more money to the bigger teams, and associations, who don't get through in the Champions League. All about preserving the status quo, and keeping the big guys happy.
  13. Is it not based on your home address? Not 100% sure