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  1. Do you mean the Daily Rhebel ?? Always a bit confused about that
  2. Kosovo

    Who's running the bus on match day?
  3. It's probably so that they can get all the main contenders to attend the piss up, and not bugger off on holiday at the end of the season.
  4. 3 Peaks Challenge for TASA

    4 hours !!! Fair play to you
  5. I see Sir Philip Green (and his wife) appear to have done quite well out of his tenure running BHS.
  6. Used to be a pub, think on London Road, called the Grange. It was horrendous.
  7. New Celtic Manager

    It does seem a bit melodramatic to be honest though
  8. Andy Robertson

  9. On the BBC website Wattie has been pontificating again about the mistreatment of Rangers. I thought he would have let it lie by now.
  10. Fraternity means a lot more than masons or the OO !!
  11. Of course everybody that does "homers" is guilty of tax evasion, it's just on a slightly smaller scale.
  12. Hampden pitch

    I just can't see how this new pitch will be fit for playing two games on it , less than a week after it's laid. The roots will not have time to bind to the soil underneath. I'm no expert, but laid a few lawns and other areas before, and it needed a while with good growing conditions for it to become well established.
  13. It's only worth £400 if the seal's not broken. After that it's just another dram.