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  1. Agreed . Our most consistent defender over the last 3 years
  2. I blame Craig Gordon. He should have took that ball and took out Harry Kane at the same time . Mcgregor for me a lot more reliable
  3. Also should never have been so much time added on
  4. I was right next to them at Hampden and agree apart from their anthem and after their 1st goal they were very quiet. Most of them just stood with arms folded and hardly any of them had colours on . Very poor IMO
  5. Great allocation. Well done SFA again after getting a strong allocation for Wembley
  6. That's very true but we only got 1 point out of 6 against England and can only get 3 maximum against Slovakia so we need an unexpected result which we can't get cause we're expected to win our remaining games
  7. Sad news. Saw him play for leeds and Scotland. Still the top goalscorer of all time for leeds . Not bad considering he was a winger/midfielder . Was still involved with the club as ambassador until taken ill . Great man too .
  8. Thought be might have been given some game time on Saturday
  9. Still some left I've just bought one a couple of minutes ago £60
  10. It won't let you purchase. As soon as you press checkout it says Scotland v England no longer available
  11. If still available will have the ticket please
  12. Robertson or Tierney would make theirs.
  13. Will have this if still available
  14. No just 3 . Spend all game on the attack
  15. We outplayed Slovenia but then they should have beat England over there. Do agree though Kane and Alli are in red hot form and our centre backs aren't the best