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  1. Allardyce was born in England but both his parents were Scottish so why not make him Scotland manager ?
  2. Call up for England? He's Scottish
  3. Might drink in the merchant city area with the friendly away fans
  4. Won't be making any subs then
  5. Less than face value theyre second hand
  6. Remember buying 6 tickets in the public sale for this game
  7. No pace apart from Griffiths. We would spend the whole game on the back foot
  8. Strachan will pick something like this : I think for this game (or should) Gordon Anya Martin Mulgrew Robertson Fraser Brown Armstrong Ritchie Snodgrass Griffiths
  9. Awful leeds side who finished well above his woeful team
  10. Naismith sent off too
  11. Fly from Birmingham to Glasgow for 70 return mate or was you looking for a cheaper way ?
  12. That was years ago. He can't be that bad stoke keep picking him
  13. Give him a 10 year contract and Chris Martin is better than van basten
  14. Told ya. Every Celtic player that was rested starts tonight and they do so well in Europe. Go Strachan
  15. McLeish would sort the defence out at least . Didn't give away so many daft goals in his time in charge