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  1. starts tomorrow at 12pm I think
  2. Totally agree. Im not his biggest fan but to boo the lad when coming is a disgrace and im glad he got the winning goal. We were 11 minutes from our campaign completely over and to boo him was poor.
  3. Rileys Bar on Leicester Square has a TA Party thing going on. Its advertised on FB
  4. Played against Villa at the weekend. Shinnie deserves a call up before him without a doubt.
  5. Really cant see the fun in that. As folk say. Use the pubs and enjoy the banter and comfort.
  6. Block 527 £55 tickets. I would have thought the £55 tickets would have been the lower tier. Nae fussed though, Got a ticket that's all that matters.
  7. Do most places shut at 11pm down near Covent Garden or is there some bars/clubs around there as well that stay open later? Couple of lads I know planning to meet me down there on Thursday evening but they don't arrive till nearer 10.30 pm so hardly worth meeting them down there if everything shuts at 11.
  8. Were staying in Covent Garden and arrive Thursday so be great if there's a big get together down this area.
  9. I was just saying the exact same thing. Gordon has put a calmness through our defence over the years. Something I have failed to witness with Marshall. Even many years ago when we was on the back end of hidings from the likes of Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Wales. 5 clean sheets in 25 games. I can't recall many heavy defeats for Scotland when Gordon was between the sticks.
  10. I personally think Gordon is a better keeper than Marshall ignoring club results.
  11. Yeah, Marshall has been on the back of a few hidings this past 4/5 weeks. We need someone in goals playing with confidence. Not one who has conceded 16 goals in last 5 games.
  12. And look at the results in games he played. He's conceded 16 goals in last 5 games. 5-1 LIverpool 2-0 Chelsea 6-1 Bournemouth 2-0 Stoke 1-0 Watford Not saying its entirely his fault but I'd rather have a keeper who is playing with confidence at the moment.
  13. Marshall should be dropped for Gordon
  14. Id stick Gordon in goals for this game. Marshall hardly getting a game just now and Gordon is playing week in week out.