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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. No thanks. Got enough commitments without having to take days off from my work due to Sunday night games. The thought of travelling back up to Aberdeen at 2am on a Monday morning really doesn't do it for me.
  2. It's a disgrace. I for one will be out of this one. This will be the first weekend Scotland match i've missed at Hampden since 1999. Something needs to change.
  3. Travel Lodge Covent Garden
  4. Arriving Thursday evening and looking to go somewhere where there will be a lot of Scots. Staying at Covent Garden area so if a lot of folk will be congregating there then that's magic for us.
  5. Sorted. 3 x£55 timer goes down very quickly folks
  6. Superb news
  7. I have and adult and child ticket for sale in the East Stand section F1 if anyone is interested. This can be collected in Aberdeen before 9am tomorrow or can arrange to meet in Glasgow?
  8. I phoned Hampden this morning and the Hospitality is in North Stands. Their is 2 rows of seats in North Stand above the main area. I always thought that just an area for journalists and media.
  9. That's where I was thinking it must be. Only place it could be.
  10. It's definitely North Stand. I was unsure as well but got tickets and that now and it's North Stand
  11. I have two tickets for this on Saturday and taking the wee loon with me (7 years old). Has anyone been in before and advise if we will get away with wearing jeans? it says smart/casual on letter never even knew there was hospitality on offer in the North Stand until now.
  12. If Top Tier hold 7,000 I'm amazed that there is still approx. 10,000 seats left between whats on show on East, West and South lower.
  13. Upper in the South has not been released yet. Also I6 just appeared up as available yesterday? what section the Lithuanian fans are getting? I would have thought it would have been P5
  14. I wonder how much has been sold in South Stand. Top Tier not been opened up but I assumed that lower tier was all but gone but then noticed they started opening more sections in there yesterday. North fully sold out, West only 3 sections left and East 6 sections lefts. I would estimate that would be a total of 6 or 7k in those two stands. Surely there is not 13-14k empty seats in the BT South Stand.
  15. Last game of campaign and nothing to play for as 2nd spot had been secured. But yeah your right poor attendance. Looking at that Group we was in that year. Would love a Group like that again. Czech Republic, Bosnia, Lithuania, Estonia, Faroes.