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  1. Where's everyone staying

    Travelodge Covent Garden
  2. Away Points Table After Prague?

    Just be curious to see what the table looks like in comparison to what it was in October 15 with so many people not renewing and 20,000 points being removed due to England game being removed from last 10.
  3. Away Points Table After Prague?

    Really would have thought this would have been updated by now to be fair. The last one was updated a week after the Gibralter match.
  4. Berlin

    Love Berlin. Highly recommended. Last time I was there we stayed in Mitte. Ideal location.
  5. Budapest

    Can someone advise me if im better changing my money before I go or just use my bank card to withdraw money over there? The Florint is not very common at the Post Office to exchange and I cant really be bothered with the hassle to be honest.
  6. The 0 Pointer

    The upcoming games against Italy and France could be a start for you. Been discussed before but I think it needs to relooked at. I think you should get rewarded points for attending home games aswell.
  7. Budapest

  8. Budapest

    Off to Budapest a week on Thursday. Booked the River Danube dinner cruise and also booked a walking tour.
  9. Ssc Renewal Information

    Sad times to see the membership falling so drastically but can't blame people in the slightest. 5 years ago there was 12 of us members of the Travel Club and now only 3 have renewed.
  10. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Be interesting to see the 0-10 points table before and after these next 3 away games.
  11. Budapest

    Me and the wife are heading over mid March for a long weekend. Staying at the Prestige Hotel. Any advice on location etc? Looking for things to book before hand. Cheers
  12. That's BA site now taking bookings for game next year. Managed to get return for £89.50
  13. Iron Horse - Poland Game

    Time do you close?
  14. Ticket Sales

    Im talking about the people who live outwith Central Belt
  15. Ticket Sales

    Totally agree with you. 3 days before game and this leaves people with such short notice in trying to get transport and time off work virtually impossible.