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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. That is very poor especially with the lads age. Bizarre almost. Also he's lived in Scotland for 98% of his life and is fully a Scot - For once it's them nicking a player off us! The irony. Probably fate that he turns out to be world class but plays for them...
  2. Snodgrass out for 4 weeks and misses the England match
  3. Worrying now that it seems even if we lose but lose fighting, then Strachan will stay. Starting to think we may be stuck with him to the end on this one now after originally thinking a defeat v England and he would be gone.
  4. Yes big improvment needed from everyone. Bannan, Hanley and a couple of others should be left out to try other options for the upcoming games IMO
  5. Or not play unless he dramatically improves from what we saw in Slovakia.
  6. Seems strange Sporting would allow him to be on loan and not used. Either they must not rate him so they aren't bothered or are planning to get him offloaded or something. Doesn't sound good anyway...
  7. What's the latest on Gauld? Has he played for Vitoria Setubal? We are at the end of October now... He's languished in Sporting Lisbons B team for a long time, to be fair he did play there, so it isn't all wasted time. He's 21 in December. Soon he won't be 'young player with potential'. Is he injured at the moment. Wonder what will come of him - One of our brightest young hopes in a long, long time. Would be sad to see him never fulfill that potential.
  8. Biggest difference undoubtedly the ability and attitude of the teams respective managers. "In Gord we trust" brigade are piping up again on various posts after a couple of weeks of silence #cringe
  9. We can play a lot better, have better squads picked and be in a much more positive place - All still without qualifying and without winning the majority of our games. Such is the poor place Strachan has driven us to. Nobody thinks if we change manager we will qualify. What is being said is that a change is needed regardless, after Lithuania and Slovakia even the most blind faith "in gord we trust" balloon could surely see that.
  10. To ensure Strachan is given the boot/walks yes, sad to say it, but yes. Oh dear is this the "in gord we trust" brigade....
  11. That time was two years ago
  12. Trying new players and a new system for an easy friendly is a no brainer. Those saying "there won't be a game because fans wont want to go" - It isn't about an away day and a jolly for you, it's about (hopefully a new manager) having some games to try new players and a more attacking formation so we can try and be something above rank rotten for a change.
  13. Chris Martin
  14. Harry Souttar is 6'8 and on an EPL teams books now. Only 17 too, get him in the mixer if all you're caring about is height GS.... On a serious note he probably wouldn't be much worse than Grant Hanley....
  15. Our big men are fecking hopeless at defending set plays anyway, as Hanley proved for Slovakia's 3rd goal. Ridiculous comment from Gordon the clown