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  1. I had to re read the squad list twice thinking I'd missed Callum McGregors name out.
  2. Haha fcuk
  3. Ehh you're wrong. i said young players from those teams would usually be the best in the country because they are the biggest clubs. i don't think you've proved me wrong at all. if anything you've just once again used any opportunity possible to talk about your precious Kilmarnock...
  4. Strachan completely ballsed that game up massively and made a fairly ordinary opponent with a few very good players admittedly, look like a top European side.
  5. When was the last time we won 4 qualifiers in a row!?
  6. Him and Gauld both need first team football now or they unfortunately will be two of our most high profile never quite made it 'star' players ever...
  7. I'll give a 17 year old the benefit of the doubt for now squirrel
  8. We played them a few months ago and they were better than us on our own turf.We should probably be in the pot below them.
  9. Atleast we get 1 game without Scott Brown ruling himself in or out
  10. Nobody has said he's been great. All that was said is that it's good to see a young Scottish defender getting a chance and keeping clean sheets in all of his first three games is promising. Since then it has been declared that Ajer is 10 times the player he is and return of yermaw has decided that Callum McGregor plays in the championship in England
  11. You're an idiot and it's fun watching you repeatedly prove it haha!
  12. Saying Callum McGregor or players playing at a better level than John McGinn should be called up has nothing to do with playing in England
  13. You're the one berating Bates after 3 clean sheets in his first 3 starts for Rangers
  14. Haha whatever makes you happy. In my defence there is usually a semi-pro team in that league; Dumbarton are this year, Alloa were the year before etc! In any case, the point is that players playing at that low a level can't realistically have their performances gauged well enough to earn a call up. Jason Cummings is another one - Scores goals but at that level. See how he gets on next year against better opposition and if he can still score high teens of goals then fair play.
  15. It's a tongue in cheek remark, relax. No Scottish championship player should be anywhere near the national team.