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  1. Depressing times when Grant Hanley being on the bench for a championship club is seen as a positive for the national team!
  2. Rhodes has been a lone striker for all of his last few clubs. If we have to listen to anymore of the 'he can't do it' pish from Strachan and his idiotic backroom team then we know we can look forward to a much worse striker, Chris Martin, who incidentally also hasn't been playing let alone scoring, filling the number 9 jersey as per the rest of this shockingly poor campaign. Good old fashioned 442 with Oliver Burke uptop with Jordan Rhodes and form players like Ryan Fraser giving us width would be fine to see in games we must go for broke to try and win.
  3. If we had an even semi capable manager I would think that was possible. As our manager is laughably below par, stubborn and inept, it wouldn't suprise me if we won none of the 5 games.
  4. What does this calculation consist of in terms of our results for the rest of the campaign?
  5. Back playing for Scotland this month (Under 16's)
  6. Gordon Jack Wilson Souttar Tierney Forrest Brown Armstrong Walker Miller Griffiths Other options; Shinnie, Wallace, McGregor, Henderson, Clark etc etc... Off the top of my head a possible Scottish XI while I am bored at work. Is that any worse than teams we put out at the moment!?
  7. Agreed. Our last three Scottish appointments; Burley, Levein & Strachan are perfect examples of just how pish managers from our home nation can be with regards to bizarre selections, even more bizarre squad omissions and very poor relations with the fans and media. Oh and horrific results & performances too of course.
  8. The hate towards Rangers on this post is comical and to be honest, embarassing. You can find pundits who favour teams they used to play for anywhere you try hard enough to look for them.
  9. I am a big critic of Forrest but he was very good at the weekend again to be fair to him.
  10. Rhodes is the only striker playing who isn't Chris Martin. may aswell play him
  11. Ryan Gauld on his way to Young Boys Bern according to all the papers. Swiss transfer window doesn't close till next week and it's a loan till the end of the season.
  12. Brown for the next 2 games till he retires again then we will need someone else. Probably better off picking players who are genuinly committed. Once this campaign is mathematically dead and Strachan goes, Brown will obviously follow under the guise of 'lengthening his club career by retiring from international football'
  13. Winding up to the power of 2. It's like inception but winding up instead of dreams; where you've wound someone up about winding someone up to probably find you yourself are being wound up by someone else. Mind boggling stuff.
  14. Would be good to see him in the squad. Would put Ryan Fraser ahead of him in the pecking order at the moment though.
  15. Gordon, Tierney, Brown, Mackay-Steven & Henderson start for Celtic. great strike from Henderson - one for the future maybe.