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  1. So did Calvin Miller - Best player in the world in his age group a couple of years back (won some award for that I am sure) Would love to see more of these guys get a shot like Tierney has.
  2. Aitchison looked a talent when he came on and scored at the end of last season. Will he even get into a squad this season? Agree - These boys probably won't really get a sniff. You look at clubs in Holland for example; Ajax regularly take through 5,6 sometimes even 10 boys per season, sell them on after a bit of game time, or keep them for the first team & this gives Holland a regular stream of players playing first team football from 16-18 within their own country.
  3. What was the lineup v Portugal? Anyone got a squad link?
  4. Pretty sure Lithuania could compile something like the above on us also
  5. Drawing 1-1 with a team ranked outside the worlds top 150. Can't say I blame them tbh
  6. Agreed. People seem to be forgetting that there were baffling squad selections as always and if the referee hadn't had a shocker it would have been a difficult evening. That being said we can be a little more positive than we were last week but lets see where we are after the Lithuania game as it will no doubt be tougher than the other night
  7. Would seem an obvious one to have him in the squad instead of Greer, especially with Berra already there as CB cover and Mulgrew to be added for the next squad too probably
  8. I think we'll win 5-1 with Snodgrass to score first from a cross.
  9. Overall it was a very positive evening. Some great performances and you learn a lot about players when you're in control of a game - for example Hutton probably is still our best right back, Paterson looked a little out of his depth. That being said he's young and we should keep giving him a chance to improve. Snodgrass was different class and once we have Leigh Griffiths uptop I think we'll be an even more dangerous outfit. Lithuania will be no mugs but hopefully we go at them and continue the positivity from last night.
  10. I'd say the crux of our problem is a lack of key players and any real quality, coupled with poor squad selections which result in our team not being as strong as it should be. In addition to this some players selected are not even back up choices in their position at their club. Depressing times.
  11. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened with GS
  12. Can fully see this being the case. Would love to be wrong but fear come Sunday evening we are going to be speaking even more negatively about our national side and this campaign & Be talking about who should come in as the next manager.
  13. Nail on the head. Paterson should start instead of Hutton. Burke should be one of the first names on the teamsheet. Will either of them start? Highly unlikely.
  14. Anything other than a win and we definitely can't qualify - No team who qualifies will lose any points v the bottom seeds. A team really wanting the result would play attacking and set up in an attack minded formation - Strachan just doesn't have that in his locker though.
  15. A young player with potential at an EPL/Championship club is going to be around that fee. It just so happens Burke is Scottish. If Ryan Gauld had been with an English team he would have gone for something similar too - It's just the way with the inflated market down there. Here's hoping Burke becomes a superstar though - Certainly had a good start to his career.