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  1. Transfer gossip

  2. Squad Announced Tomorrow

    BBC Gossip column; Swansea City left-back Stephen Kingsley is poised to be called into the Scotland squad for friendlies against France and Italy after Andy Robertson reached the Premier League play-off final with Hull City. (The Sun, print edition)
  3. Kosovo

    There's plenty born in Kosovo who currently represent Albania or Switzerland; Xerdan Shaqiri, Lorik Cana, Valon Behrami etc etc. If they all switch back then Kosovo look stronger than Albania tbh!
  4. Kosovo

    It's different in this instance though as a few of the well known players mentioned have declared an interest or said it is a possibility for them to switch. A lot of the players eligible for Kosovo were born in Pristina (The capital of Kosovo) whereas I expect a lot of the Bosnian eligible players were born in the countries they represent - Tankovic is a good example as he was born, raised and lived all his life through school etc in Sweden thus making him Swedish.
  5. Transfer gossip

    In a below average squad
  6. Transfer gossip

    Bizarrely negative outlook on one of our better players
  7. Kosovo

    Lorik Cana too. Infact there's loads. Read an article that said when Switzerland played Albania there were 22 players out of the matchday squads who were eligible to represent Kosovo and potentially could switch.
  8. Kosovo

    Competitive game appearances wouldn't stop a switch - As per Montenegro etc players are allowed to change when a country they are eligible for is admitted
  9. Transfer gossip

    Nope. The fact he's a good player makes him a good player. He has 3 goals in 8 caps, plays for an EPL team which plays good football, was the subject of a 15m bid from a very good EPL club this week and is definitely one of our better players
  10. Transfer gossip

    Lost it into the back of the net from 20 yards
  11. Squad Announced Tomorrow

    So has anyone pulled out and if so, have replacements been called up?
  12. Transfer gossip

    Pot kettle
  13. Transfer gossip

    Lol yeah Ritchie's crap, get him out
  14. Transfer gossip

    Tierney linked with 10m move to Arsenal, Man City and Spurs. Usual BBC gossip stuff
  15. Transfer gossip

    He's been our standout player of the past 6 months. We are definitely a better side with him in it - Him and Snodgrass working off a good striker would be a good attacking threat for us