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  1. Friendlies - Long Term Or Short Term

    I'm just happy we are playing and taking full advantage of all 4 fixtures when the norm for us would have been 2, 1 or even 0!
  2. Younger / New Faces For March Friendlies ?

    We could do with some of that magic with Scotland but in reverse. Players who dont do uch at their clubs but raise it for internationals and perform very well. I always thought that about John McGinlay - "Why has this guy been picked!?" Then he would score an important goal and play well. Don Hutchison too.
  3. Younger / New Faces For March Friendlies ?

    Chat you know what, get banged! Jamie Vardy's having a party....
  4. Captain For Next Campaign

    Would agree with Russell Martin. Dont like a striker or a goalie being captain if it can be avoided so a CB or CM are probably ideal. James Morrison!?
  5. Scotland Players In Action

    Souttar and McGhee gtting high praise for their partership at CB for the 3-0 win over Ross County last night. Several other young Scots on show too which was good to see.
  6. Younger / New Faces For March Friendlies ?

    Neither is any of our other current international centre halves! Hence why we probably need to try him out.
  7. Captain For Next Campaign

    Captain should be guaranteed first pick and surely Brown isn't now. Hopefully anyway.
  8. Scotland Players In Action

    You seem pretty negative about one of our main attackers. I'll reserve judgement till I see him playing in that league.
  9. Scotland Players In Action

    Yep - why I said IF he wanted to leave. Clearly he didn't. Also Swansea were linked with him anyway.
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    Graeme Shinnie, Sam Nicolson, Callum Paterson (Admittedly he wasn't at his best v Hibs at the weekend but think he may be the future for us at RB) - Get them all in and given a proper chance.
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    Hahaha! Very good.
  12. Scotland Players In Action

    Disagree. I think if Griffiths wanted to leave then struggling EPL sides would be interested. He has improved a lot during his time at Celtic. Also deserves more of a chance with our national side.
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    Exactly. They will be playing against better players in the Premier League so they are better off there for the benefit of our national side.
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    I think the point being made is that the more players playing at a higher level we have the better. EPL is a higher level than the Championship, the Championship is a predominantly higher level than the SPL etc. It's not rocket science that players 'become' better players when they drop down from the EPL to the Championship - They perform better as the level of opposition drops.