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  1. He's a complete balloon and it's embarassing he's part of our national set up.
  2. Bit harsh on Kenny Miller including him in that list!? Agree on the rest and fully agree that we are underachieving and being extremely poorly managed.
  3. Imagine a 'highlight' reel of these sorts of moments from Grant Hanley's Scotland career!
  4. Very accurate
  5. Thanks for the input Gordon. He's been good all season and intermittently for a number of years. I look forward to seeing players playing at a much lower level than him including players from the English and Scottish Championships & Players not even playing regularly or at all, being named in the next squad while he is once again, incorrectly, left out.
  6. Jamie McCart future Scotland centre half IMO.
  7. Paterson. I wouldn't be against Souttar being in given how poorly off we are for centre halves. Also know that he is out for the season too.
  8. By that reckoning we can probably expect to see a few Lincoln City and Sutton United players in the next England squad then. Is Wayne Shaw eligible for Scotland!?
  9. What?
  10. I see Andy Watson left the Scotland coaching staff today as he got a better job coaching in the Middle East. Wonder which one of Strachans pals will be drafted in to replace him - what's Billy Stark upto at the moment...
  11. Depressing times when Grant Hanley being on the bench for a championship club is seen as a positive for the national team!
  12. Rhodes has been a lone striker for all of his last few clubs. If we have to listen to anymore of the 'he can't do it' pish from Strachan and his idiotic backroom team then we know we can look forward to a much worse striker, Chris Martin, who incidentally also hasn't been playing let alone scoring, filling the number 9 jersey as per the rest of this shockingly poor campaign. Good old fashioned 442 with Oliver Burke uptop with Jordan Rhodes and form players like Ryan Fraser giving us width would be fine to see in games we must go for broke to try and win.
  13. If we had an even semi capable manager I would think that was possible. As our manager is laughably below par, stubborn and inept, it wouldn't suprise me if we won none of the 5 games.
  14. What does this calculation consist of in terms of our results for the rest of the campaign?
  15. Back playing for Scotland this month (Under 16's)