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  1. Very accurate
  2. Good move. We need Rhodes playing. Griffiths and Rhodes is a partnership that would work and both a good age too. Will Strachan ever pick Rhodes though? Hmmm.
  3. lol
  4. *Because we have better players in their positions
  5. Standard baffling ommisions. If Leigh Griffiths doesn't start in an attack minded set up then god help us all...
  6. Greer, Hutton and Martin get tae. Cooper, literally ANY young right back and McCormack in please.
  7. Agree with Vanderark here - tried and failed. And repeated.
  8. Brown has gone and many of the old guard aren't playing regularly. For once I actually expect most of those names you listed to be in the squad. Maybe not Kingsley purely because we are well stocked at left back. No Chris Martin either please.
  9. Weird comment. He's pish now so it's not a greta loss but it's more annoying that he has quit rather than just been razed out which is what I was hoping for.
  10. Struggle to think of 2 centre backs at the moment let alone 3. Playing Griffiths and another striker capable of scoring a goal like Rhodes would be nice though, so I do like the sound of 2 uptop.
  11. So good he's playing in the Second tier in Scotland. Depressing times.
  12. McGinn needs to at the very least be playing in the SPL to get into the squad surely.
  13. Hmmm feel a bit annoyed at him making this decision to be honest. Fletcher could have done this before now but he still has the passion and wants to represent Scotland.
  14. they're still the best of what we have coming through, what choice do we have but to get them in the squad, give them a chance and be hopeful of breaking through this rut of mediocrity we are stuck in.