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  1. Brian McClair Leaves SFA

    Billy Stark waits by the telephone
  2. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Based on the theory the SPL is hopefully better than league 1 - Bear in mind there'll be European football too, if Hearts get through this round.
  3. Ryan Gauld

    If that's in the top league it's a great move
  4. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Give him a chance - Ability is unquestionable, we need some players with a bit of spark and flair to give us some hope in these depressing times.
  5. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    It's more likely that Watt doesn't want to play in League 1 and has requested a move to a better level.
  6. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Would rather not see him back in the SPL but regular games are good. Hopefully Griffiths, Rhodes & Watt can be more regular features in the squad than the depressing naming of 3 strikers; Fletcher, Naismith and C.Martin.
  7. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    yep it's like a squad announcement nowadays. Or a game, to be honest.
  8. Jack Harper

    When you look back on their squads last season their bench's regularly contained young players from the under 21 squad - Checked every week but Harper was never there. See what happens this season.
  9. Jack Harper

    Is Harper even a striker? It does seem strange that he played regularly, in the second half of the season, for their under 21s but didn't even once make it onto the first team bench. If it's more of the same then a loan move is probably on the cards.
  10. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    Yep that is cringe
  11. Allan McGregor out for up to 6 months

    The one area with a bit of quality and depth
  12. how would we do in a penalty shootout

    Blind optimism, brilliant
  13. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    Not overly confident about any of that - Even the 6 points against Malta
  14. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    We are at such a low ebb just now what do you expect. Most depressing thing is with this current crop it probably will get worse before it gets better
  15. Sacrifice 2018 World Cup qualification?

    Amen. The same dross in an uninspiring 26 man squad awaits us for Malta in September.