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  1. As I said, repeatedly Strachan leaves out players he should include and includes some beyond baffling selections. Martin out and Greer out are both obvious ones. McCormack and Cooper/A young cb - Bearing in mind Martin, Hanley & Berra are 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Souttar is probably the prime candidate after Cooper. The selection of McGinn is a tad strange, playing at a low level and untried. However he's young so it's interesting to see what he can bring. If you think Strachans squad selections are correct and he isn't stubborn and short sightened with what he's doing then you're in a minority.
  2. Lol. Not saying he should be in this squad. Strachan continually leaves out players he should be picking - Something he's done so for years. That's it.
  3. Every player needs to play. Strachan was speaking pish when he said "some players need games some don't" The point in this instance is Adam, like McCormack, should be in our squads more regularly.
  4. There has been two league games. You seem to have left out the bit about playing over 100 matches in the last 4 seasons in the EPL, which was the main point. Well done.
  5. The last 4 seasons he played 27, 31, 29 & 22 league games for Stoke. that's well over 100 games. He's also regularly scored from midfield. He may be "guaranteed 15 starts" but he starts much more than that & That's without counting cups. We won't have many players who have featured more regularly in the EPL over the past 4 seasons than him. Do your research before quoting non quotes and spouting 'facts' which are not correct.
  6. Celtic could use a good right back - £1million a bargain for Paterson
  7. Not in the squad, not in the squad, will probably be in defence, Snodgrass yes, Naismith probably won't start, Retired and Morrison yes.
  8. Oliver Burke £8million to Sunderland Jordan Rhodes £11million to Norwich BBC gossip today
  9. Does it? For long spells he's a regular starter and doesn't get near our squad. Why would he drop a league, get paid less and still not get a sniff in the national team.
  10. £200,000 + add ons. Here's hoping he doesn't become one of the kids we never hear of again. 6'7 centre back would be a welcome addition to the squad!
  11. Probably more excited by this squad than the senior one.
  12. Very accurate
  13. Good move. We need Rhodes playing. Griffiths and Rhodes is a partnership that would work and both a good age too. Will Strachan ever pick Rhodes though? Hmmm.
  14. lol
  15. *Because we have better players in their positions