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  1. No worries - I probably should read things more carefully before I jump in!!
  2. I've not had much chance to keep up with this to be honest, so are they saying that Wiggins was injecting huge doses of prednisolone, or are they just misunderstanding & over-stating what a routine (oral) dose of it is & does? It is a very powerful drug even at prescribed doses, people with lung issues generally dread going on it, but performance-enhancing it ain't. I think what puzzles me is that, based on the fact we are told this was legitimate and prescribed, that any doctor would prescribe a dangerously high dose of it. The highest dose I've ever been given for life-threatening breathing difficulty is 7 days @ 40mg followed by a week's withdrawal.
  3. I wonder if Armstrong's experience is of injecting very high quantities (not clinically advisable for any illness I know of), which I know has happened, rather than a reference to prescribed prednisolone? I've taken those tablets (horrible little things; 8 in one go) & you really don't get any sort of sudden rush. There is a general adrenalin increase while on them (you have to wean yourself off them, after even a few days use), but in my experience anyway it's a steady build up to return breathing to normal over a few days.
  4. This might have been mentioned earlier as I've not had time to go through the thread but corticosteroids such as prednisolone are anti-inflammatories, predominantly used for lung conditions. They are nothing like anabolic steroids & would I imagine have no performance enhancing effect on healthy lungs..
  5. Urban myth...the last time they played well was well before that song was released
  6. I don't qualify as an expert but if you're rejecting ghosts, angry pets, inconvenienced burglars & booze then the next best bet is that it melted, hence why bits of it are in the lamp. Is the light fitting removable? If so you ought to be able to fit a replacement without too much trouble. If it's melted into or damaged any non-removable parts though, you probably need a new one. And don't panic too much, but keep in mind that it could be caused by an electrical fault on the circuit, so if you start to get similar problems or smell burning/melting plastic then get a sparky out to have a look.
  7. I've been to Arran many a time & it's well worth the visit. It's only a personal view, but the West side of the island is generally the more peaceful & enjoyable. The big hotel at Blackwaterfoot, the name of which momentarily escapes me, is good value overall. The restaurant has a lovely view over to Kintyre & there's a more traditional pub the opposite side, plus a pizza takeaway if you don't fancy the pub food. As for Islay, I know a couple of people on here helped me with recommendations last year, so will be able to give more details than me but again is a beautiful spot. We stayed at Port Ellen near the maltings with lovely views & decent pubs nearby (I liked the Ardview Inn personally). If you like seafood (I don't but I was with some that do), Yan's Kitchen is world class. Cutting to the chase though; let's discuss distilleries. Arran (up near Lochranza) is very modern but interesting to have a look around & the product is top notch. As for Islay, we managed to get on about 4 full tours but visited (& tasted) at all of them, plus Jura. Laphroaig & Ardbeg are interesting, Bunnahabhain is a bit quirky & interesting for the building & location.
  8. It's probably a perception thing rather than an actual connection. If you divide incidents up according to level of devastation & divide them over any given period of time you can probably say that on any given day there is a certain (purely statistical) probability that something will happen & the days straddling big events probably don't especially buck that trend. In terms of non-US/European though, they won't knock the Olympics/WC/whatever off the front page unless massively catastrophic I'd guess.
  9. I don't know how you set about it but a relative of mine changed from being a computer programmer to a gas fitter/multi-trade builder in his early 40s & did OK out of it. He knew a fair bit about it & had worked on houses, done plumbing, wiring, etc. before he started, but from what I remember I think he spent about 6 weeks doing his CORGI registration & other bits & bobs where he needed to. I don't know about it if you're starting from scratch though. Good luck anyway.
  10. They should think thersen's lucky :-) They got to see the best goal ever scored by a player's backside & the most mental celebration I've had watching Town in many a long year. Way more exciting than getting tonked week in, week out.
  11. I remember a song we used to have about Iffy Onuora (to the tune of Robin Hood) which started with the line "Big Black Iffy, Big Black Iffy, running down the wing". I don't want banning so I'll skip the rest. In the early 80s our biggest local rivals were Barnsley & we had (tune of the Birdie Song): "He's only a poor little miner, His face is all tattered and torn, He made me feel sick, So I hit him with a brick, And now he won't sing any more" We had a really weird one, the words I've partly forgotten but along the lines of: "My uncles a pervert, my aunty's got pox. My sister's an 'ooker on Hartlepool docks. My brother's in borstal, my mother's gone mad. And Jack the Ripper's my dad, nah, nah, nah...." In the Cowshed at our old ground, we had: "Bertie Mee said to Don Revie, 'Have you heard of the North Bank Highbury?', Revie said 'No, I don't think so, but I've heard of the Cowshed Boot Boys" They don't write em like they used to
  12. I've travelled a fair bit around Scotland; from the borders to Unst & all points in between, That includes inner cities & assorted backwaters, not just tourist spots. FWIW, my take on this is that crap food is no more or less available in Scotland than it is in England. Conversely, you never have to travel far to find something good quality &/or healthy. I've only ever come across a handful of places selling deep fried chocolate, but these days you can buy it a couple of places in Huddersfield; it's basically just a gimmick. When my daughter lived in Scotland she'd take visitors to get one, pretty much for a laugh...you'd have to be a halfwit to think that's a standard diet even in the poorest places. Far more pernicious is mainstream takeaways & frozen crap. Obviously the issues around diet & health in poorer areas is well known & documented but that's nowt to do with food being crap, but individual choice & education. In fairness though, I can't think of a single part of Scotland where I've not been able to find good food if I wanted it.
  13. I stayed at a hotel near the airport a few years ago...it was a fantastic spot; half a dozen bars & restaurants, free bus to the airport & dead easy transport links to the centre so worth having a look around there I'd say.
  14. I really like non-league football here in England. I saw about half a dozen games last season. The Conference is a decent standard all things considered & me & the lad often stand with the visiting fans for a laugh. I don't get up to Scotland quite as often as I used to, but I always used to look for lower league games when I did. I managed to get to both Celtic & Rangers last season (the latter - with apologies to the appropriate people - in the away end with QoTS fans at the 4-3 game). I might be up next year & have plans to get to maybe Kilmarnock or Ayr on the way home, depending on the games that are on when I'm up there.
  15. I don't particularly agree with the mimicking of the US protests because they are about a particular set of problems over there. However, there is a ton of evidence that black people experience significant discrimination in Britain in the criminal justice system. They are more likely to be arrested, sectioned, be presumed to be violent, be given custodial sentences, and indeed to die in Police custody. Luckily our Police don't carry weapons so we don't get the violent deaths on the street but I personally wouldn't simply dismiss it as a gimmick. PS I agree about middle class whites crying in the street in sympathy!