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  1. Good result - well done!
  2. The law has definitely shifted on this in the last year or two, but the landowners, or main land occupants generally still have the authority to cancel them. I'd start by going down the 'good customer' route & see what they say. There's a dedicated civil ticket forum where there a good number of specialists in this to advise you. 100% though, don't ignore it & don't tell them who was driving at this stage (including not mentioning it on the forum).
  3. I don't really follow cycling so I'm obviously missing something, but I don't get why the fact that rider A rode faster, on the back of the fact they knew the roads, than rider B & ended up winning is such a scandal.
  4. I never knew that - from there to advertising gas & electric meters!
  5. When I was a kid, Sweet was pretty much my favourite band so I went to see them one time in the mid-80s when Brian Connolly & I think Steve Priest were still together. Connolly turned up late, could hardly stand up, did 2 songs, got booed off, told the crowd to f**k off & staggered off while the audience threw anything they could get their hands on at him.
  6. Galway City is usually a good shout for teenagers - shops, plenty of life, etc. Ailwee Cave is pretty cool as well & if they are into sport, try & get to a GAA event. Otherwise, it depends a bit what they are into & which bit of the coast you're aiming for. They might like the Aran Islands as well (where Father Ted is filmed); a nice boat trip out of Galway & you get driven around by horse & cart taxi with Gaelic-speaking drivers. If you have a Gaelic speaker with you, the conversation between the drivers becomes very dull, but otherwise, you can pretend that it's something really exciting or archaic.
  7. My daughter worked out there for a while & from memory, I think she reckoned it was something to do with geology - I'll ask her again.
  8. A nice way to get to the Outer Hebrides is via Glenelg on the little ferry then drive over Skye to get the boat from Uig ( either to Harris or N. Uist. Eriskay is nice (home of 'Whisky Galore) - you can look for the ponies which I think are pretty much the only completely wild horses anywhere in Britain. There's a pub at the bottom of S. Uist (Polochair Inn I think) that is a cracking place to sit out on a nice evening. I've still got Barra on my 'to do' list, but I worked with a woman from there many years ago who could drink any man I knew under the table, so maybe a good night out to be had . I've been to the islands a few times over the years & I'd say in my experience that when I go there it's more about how I feel & less about what I do. There's not an abundance of stuff to do, but endless hidden spots where you can just enjoy what's around you. As an aside, the only time I ever saw an eagle in the wild was on the road approaching Uig on my way to catch a ferry. There's also a few fascinating local history stories to be found...the story of the Iolaire for example for which there is a memorial just outside Stornoway, or Scarp & the rocket post. Hope you enjoy the trip anyway.
  9. And me I realised this years ago - I just don't understand it when I see people jumping up like maniacs giving it the 'hurry up, that's us'. I do exactly the same. Wait until the queue is down to the last half dozen then tag on the end. No queue, most bags already put away & the only inconvenience is to whoever is sat on seat 3 on my row who, 9/10 times is tucked in & belted up & has to let me through. Also, anyone who ever says anything along the lines of 'oh I thought we were goners there' whenever a plane bumps through a bit of turbulence should have their passport stamped with 'too stupid to fly'.
  10. I'm not going to lie to you - the first glance at that I read it as away day sex cruise.
  11. Yes, Danny still does the spoof match reports ( I remember Zamora all right...he always seemed to give is grief. I also remember the 7-1 Tuesday night win a few years back I've seen Town at the Goldstone, Withdean (when I say 'saw', I mean I was present in the ground wondering what was going on half the time) & a couple of trips to the Amex which is definitely one of the better new grounds. I'm glad Brighton went up - they are a decent club & have deserved it for a long time. Do you still go see them much?
  12. Yes we did - it was actually 2000. I think we ended 1999 top of the second tier (whatever it was called back then). Steve Bruce was our manager & decided that our top scorer, Marcus Stewart, was not Premier League standard & sold him to Ipswich. We then had a nightmare few months. I remember being at Fulham for our last match where a draw would have nicked a play-off place. We lost 3-0, and Ipswich went up. Guess who was the PL top scorer the year after? Within 3 years of that, we were in administration, rattling buckets, dropped to the bottom tier, & in effect we were bought out by the Rugby League team we ground share with. A couple of years later, when Dean Hoyle took over he made what seemed like a hysterically funny promise that any ST holder that year, who bought one every subsequent year, could have one for £100 if we ever hit the Prem, so I'm even getting a rebate.
  13. The thing is, he's now a 22-year-old, 15-stone, pub league central defender, so getting a stale beer, sweat-soaked, shirtless man hug from him sticks in my head for good & bad reasons