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  1. Whitby , Scarborough and Filey

    It's still there, yes. It sets off from near the lifeboat house at South Bay. I think you get about 15 minutes around the bay for your money. It's really a kids novelty trip.
  2. I'm not an expert but as far as I know none of them affect tax credits. The curriculum stuff does scare me a lot. I went to an induction conference last week & got 3 assessment books; one each for English, Maths & Science & it's remarkable how much there is in it. I thought my general knowledge was OK but there's plenty of gaps. I've been trying to get my head around graphemes & phonemes of late!
  3. I probably should have listened a bit more in the Maths & Science lessons though.
  4. The funding isn't fantastic unless you can teach high school Maths or Physics & get a £30K bursary. I'll get a £3K bursary plus student loan (plus my redundancy money) to keep me going until I get a job.
  5. Getting into schools (at least this was my experience) is very difficult. I contacted several schools before I finally got lucky but I was getting worried. In my interview they wanted me to be able to talk about my observations in classrooms though so breakfast clubs, whilst useful, might need bolstering (again purely on my experience). My entrance requirements were minimum 2:1 degree & minimum 10 days experience in primary school (although I was accepted provisionally as I had less at the time, conditional that I gained it). I started doing a day a week (agreed by my ex-employer as part of my redundancy) then added a day once unemployed (with younger classes). The school have been brilliant though & I've been able to help with trips, musicals & other extra-curricular stuff as well as in school. Hopefully if you get into a classroom you'll get a lot of opportunity to do 1:1 & small group work which starts to get you used to some of the teaching methods used. Also, if you aren't already aware, here anyway nursery & reception classes are very different environments to Year 2 upwards. Lessons are much more built around play and choice at that stage rather than structured lessons so if you can find a way into older groups then I'd have a go. Having said that any experience working with children will be a bonus for you. My route is the SCITT one (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) but there are others. If you register with the DfES (Edit...should that be Education Scotland?) you get invites to recruitment events. There's the Teach in Scotland website as well.
  6. Sorry to hear about the redundancy mate but definitely a good choice of alternative. I'm loving it. I don't officially start formal training until September but have been doing a couple of days a week in a local village school & having a great time. Because it's small I've had the opportunity to work across all age groups. I really enjoy the lower junior age (in England that's age 7/8; Years 3 & 4). I've landed lucky anyway that I've got a Year 3 class for my training year. It's in one of Huddersfield's most deprived primary schools with most kids on free meals & English as an additional language. I'm happy with that though but like you lurch from massive positivity to total panic. If you want to swap notes anyway drop me a PM...I've started doing some initial reading around theory. child development, etc...I even understand a paragraph every so often. Good luck anyway!
  7. Under the section entitled 'The Ball' you omitted to mention tennis balls, screwed up pages of homework books and of course, as used in the first goal I ever scored (& to be honest not far off the last), a stone.
  8. Iceland v England

    Well done Iceland...they got exactly what they deserved, as did England. I don't even know why I keep an interest in the effing overpaid underperforming tosspots. I've developed a real soft spot though for Iceland & their fans & hope they can get past France as well. As for tattoo man...he could have bought an up-to-date Manc shirt for what he probably paid for that. It's got to be a temporary one he got in Shoot or something hasn't it?
  9. Photos on IPhone

    Deecie is spot on; although the free versions of Dropbox, OneDrive & others don't give you a huge amount of space for a lot of photos. I use OneDrive because a chunk of space comes free with Office nowadays, & you can then set your photos to sync automatically, or do it manually, then in turn sync that to your pc, put a link on a browser to access remotely or whatever you want so they are easy to access.
  10. Whitby , Scarborough and Filey

    If you were at the Esplanade you'd have been no more than a short walk away from the Highlander & 1/2 mile or so from a few decent pubs (incl. The cask) around the Ramshill area. The Wetherspoons near the station is a decent enough pub mind you.
  11. Whitby , Scarborough and Filey

    My lad has been living in Scarborough for the last few years & I have a bit of a soft spot for the place. There's a good few decent pubs if you know where to look. I'm partial to the Highlander (around 200 whisky bottles on display all round the pub & a few behind the bar) & The Cask is a good spot. The Newcastle Packet (South Shore), although a bit of a dump, is steeped in the history of the place & there's others dotted around various back streets. I don't know Whitby as well but it's a beautiful place for sure...my experiences of Filey are less positive though!
  12. England

    Personal preferences aside I've got a tenner on with my son that Portugal will win so they better had.
  13. England

    Losers of the world unite...we have nothing to lose but our perpetual misery & humiliation :-)
  14. England

    It's not in England's DNA to win anything. They are just an international version of Huddersfield Town; get everyone fired up, run rings around other teams then screw up. Iceland's game is built around strong defence; England are garbage at breaking down robust defences so 0-0 & an exit on penalties looms methinks. Huddersfield town, England & the Labour Party...God was having a right giggle when he put me on this Earth
  15. The West Highland Way - any advice?

    Speaking as a Michelin 5-star midge eatery I've sadly yet to find anything that works. In terms of things to see, I've never done the walk & don't know the exact path but I've spent a lot of time around various bits of the route. As someone famously said, these are a few of my favourite things... Commando Memorial (http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/speanbridge/commando/) Glencoe museum (http://www.glencoemuseum.com/) Ballachulish slate mines (let me know if he's interested & I'll send you a GSV link as to where they are) Green Welly Stop at Tyndrum for a decent coffee