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  1. I used to work with someone who reckoned they had "the gift" or whatever. I used to argue a fair bit with her, so one time I asked if she could speak to my Granny. She reckoned that she'd be able to - so I said when you do, ask her what her middle name was. If you come back with a correct answer then I'll believe you. She left me alone after that.
  2. Likewise no offence, but are you saying the FA should pick a team for us then, or give us a shortlist of who can play? Not one single player in that team hadn't already played for the first team during the season & a fair number of them featured in the play-offs. It would have been more but Billing got injured. We had the biggest game for over 50 years coming up, so there's not a hope in Hell that our primary concern should have been to worry about basket case clubs like Blackburn. Even the FA backed down & said we were well within our rights to choose the team we did & plan our season how we want.
  3. I think I know the guy you mean - I sat a row or two behind him for a few years. Always wears his Killie scarf to Town matches. He reckoned the real reason for coming to us was the blue & white stripes. Anyway I booked the Wembley tickets today. £65 each the robbing bar stewards. I got next year's season ticket for less than I've paid for me, my lad & my wife.
  4. Cheers - my old heart can't take much more of that. The guy's a very good keeper. He's saved us many a point this season.
  5. By his own admission, he cheated on his girlfriend to have sex with a drunk girl at a party, then phoned a mate to come round as well. He also found a legal way to bring her previous sexual history into court, normally prohibited, in order to prove that she was 'up for it'. Innocent in law perhaps, but I'm definitely in the "scumbag waste of space" camp.
  6. You've never lived Donny. Methil - home of East Fife - my second favourite team since I was 7, and before the power station went, branded the ugliest football ground in Britain. I was disappointed yesterday. I was hoping for a Hudds-Fife playoff double.
  7. Didn't Leeds get a double-points deduction at one time? They went into admin on the day they got relegated so the 10-pointer didn't matter, but then got an extra hit (maybe for other irregularities, I forget exactly) so they started on -15 in League 1. I think they still ended up in the play-offs that year.
  8. I'd settle for an 8-point deduction on condition it's applied immediately, although I might want to increase it depending on how our last couple of games go.
  9. I get a refund if udders go up I paid £199 but our chairman made a promise about 10 years ago that if we ever made the Premier League, anyone who had a ST continuously would only pay £100, so win the play-offs & I'm quids in.
  10. She's been on the internet longer than Tim Berners-Lee.
  11. The job I had before was in the field of homelessness, offending, etc. We used to get a steady stream of people coming into that line of work from areas like banking & finance. I worked in Halifax a lot, where the biggest employer was the bank, & occasionally middle/senior managers would get to around 45/50, feel like they had enough money & decide they wanted to do something more rewarding. Meanwhile, a lot of people I knew in the sector just got burned out & went off to work in a bank. I was completely hacked off in that world, I just got lucky (if redundancy counts as luck) that I got the opportunity to shift. Ultimately, you have to weigh up if the upheaval of moving into a new world is worth it to get rid of the boredom. “The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side.” - James Baldwin
  12. I followed the SCITT route (School-centred initial teacher training). I think most local authorities in England have one; not sure about yourselves? Anyway, you had to have a degree + GCSE/O Level Maths & English + pass the skills test to apply. Once I got through I was placed in a school for the year (minus a half-term in an alternative; different key stage & different type of school). It's a school in a very deprived area, so giving me a good grounding in EAL, safeguarding, behaviour management, etc. I had an option to do PGCE as well but given my age & likely career path decide not to bother with it. Anyway, congrats yourself. I'm glad you got a place. Let me know how it all goes.
  13. I decided to retrain as a Primary School teacher last year when I was threatened with redundancy. I decided to take the money, a student loan, a bit of a bursary & go for it. I was a senior manager on a decent wage, but it's the best thing I ever did (work-wise anyhow). I just got offered my first teaching job to start in September. I think if you feel like you need a change then you probably do, & if you can make it happen then you should.
  14. More a slip of the tongue than a double entendre but one time when I was maybe 14 or 15 I was trying to show off that I'd learned about micro-organisms & stuff like that, & told a room of folks that "every time you breathe in you swallow thousands of tiny orgasms".
  15. When I worked with vulnerable adults, if we had a suspicion about anyone's behaviour, we were expected to report it to the relevant safeguarding authority regardless of if the person was still in employment (& we had an option to refuse to accept their notice & sack them instead, or notify the Safeguarding people that we would have done had they not left). Local boards can then place them on various lists, or report them to the Police, both of which would show up on an enhanced DBS. Again I don't know the Scottish system so it may have differences, but the English one will show up causes for concern, e.g. Police cautions or referrals to List 99. Undoubtedly it's still possible to slip through the net, but I think the modern safeguarding system is pretty good at spotting & removing people of concern. Where Huntley is concerned, I think you're right that he had no convictions, but he had been subject to several previous investigations & that would have shown up.