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  1. If I was any good with computer graphics I'd love a job designing artist's impressions of 'newly-discovered' stuff. Your first performance assessment would be in about a million years time & no-one will care about the "Jesus wept, pal, you screwed up there."
  2. My wife is a social worker & following several assaults on (mainly women) leaving work, they were instructed to remove them before leaving the building. Personally, I hate the damn things & can't wait to get rid anyway.
  3. Can you explain Matthew 16 vv.27-28? "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels, and then he shall reward every man according to his works. Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." Surely Jesus very clearly and evidentially made a mistake here?
  4. I never realised you were an Imp so congrats on the win today. It's looking good for getting back in the league as well. We used to have some great trips down there over the years. I remember winning 2-1 there one Xmas (1982ish) a few days after you'd beaten Bournemouth 9-0. How times change! I hope you get a top drawer game anyway next round.
  5. Good luck with that as well - for all the stress & endless colds (if there's a God, he should have designed small children with hankies around their faces) I'm loving it. I can't help feeling an odd sense of wickedness myself here. Hijacking a thread about religion to discuss normal stuff
  6. OK, I'll bite, seeing as this thread is just for questions about God. Do you believe sin is a human or a divine creation, and at what point in life do you believe a human to be capable of sinning? Given your assertions above, can you give me specifics? As a practical example, I have just completed a placement teaching 6-year-olds. They fight, swear, argue over possessions & disobey adults. They can be greedy, selfish, and hurtful to others. Are they sinners?
  7. On a purely subtle inference sort of level, the Cavalry Arms at Edgerton were, I believe, sorry when he left the Hudds. job.
  8. I think I might have said it when he joined Killie but I actually really rate him as a coach. He knows the game inside out & back to front, & he had us playing some amazing football in his early days. I think as a manager, though, he is out of his depth. He is one of the lads, not a leader so I can't ever see him realistically managing with long-term success anywhere.
  9. Dawkins would be unlikely to admit that as it remains a complex scientific debate. Have you read any of the work of JB Russell? He's a Professor of Medieval History with an interest in Flat Earth theories. He makes two interesting points. Firstly, that other than in the earliest days of philosophy or in tribal societies, virtually no evidence exists anywhere of anyone believing that until around the 1830s. He has also suggested that the reason the theory emerged at that time was a straw man strategy, to deliberately discredit Christianity by artificially placing it in contradiction to Darwinism.
  10. Looking up at the heavens & simply wondering is one of the few things that actually makes most people wonder about God & the meaning of life. It's a thing of awe-inspiring beauty as it is. God wouldn't need flat Earths & assorted nonsense to remind people of what a bewildering creation the universe is.
  11. I've been a student & fan of Orwell most of my adult life & I can almost hear him turning in his grave at that abuse of his writing. Your citation is typical of Orwell's style of writing; he was fond of playing with concepts of human understanding and the use of language to manipulate thought and political belief. You take that paragraph out of context; he goes on to demonstrate precisely why he believes the Earth IS 'round'(ish), and you utterly misunderstand the core of Orwell's belief system. May I also draw your attention to another of his quotes: "I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is".
  12. I'll be honest I'm nervous as hell about Sunday. I hate games against Leeds at the best of times but with so much riding on it, along with the usual 1970s retro atmosphere the game generates, it's going to be a stressful afternoon. I think fitness will be key. We've won a lot of games this season through fitness levels but Leeds have had an extra recovery day over us, so that may negate it.
  13. Cheers mate - even after last night I'm still struggling to believe we can get promoted but even if it was only for 1 season I'd love it. I can picture now all the old characters I grew up with on the terraces in the 4th division endlessly complaining about the price of pies at Arsenal, how you can't get parked these days thanks to all these johnny-come-lately newbies and how they miss Torquay away on a Tuesday night...
  14. Don't knock it...we've just got to the 5th round for the first time since they ran on the pitch to brass band music and an Old Etonian commentator, & we've got Man City at home. I like it. This year anyway.
  15. There's loads to do around that area, including the National Football Museum close to Victoria station. On a football theme, regardless of views on the club, Old Trafford is worth a wander round. They do tours (surprise, surprise) but there are memorials to the Munich disaster & other aspects of the club's history outside. From Victoria area you could walk it in maybe 20-30 minutes or £7/£8 or so in a cab. Hotel-wise; there's the usual city centre stuff, but you can get to some quaint Pennine villages as well very easily from the station (it's also a start/finish point for the Trans-Pennine Real Ale Trail - The Canal Street/Gay Village ( is eclectic with loads of good restaurants & bars as well as the Alan Turing Memorial statue. If you're only there for a night, just wander around & you'll find plenty of eating/drinking options, albeit pricey.