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  1. they had their best 11 on the pitch.
  2. Burnleys home record is amazing. That's an incredible result.
  3. Leeds,Norwich, Falkirk all away. £5 pays £65.
  4. My guess is a settlement will be reached out of court. Secondly Rangers will assess Murty after Sunday's game and if we win we may go for him as an interim(and cheaper) appointment until end of the season. Murty is a coach first and manager second and senior players will have to step up to assist on and off the pitch. Murty proved he was not scared to make key subsitutions in the game against Morton so lets see how he gets on this week.
  5. Agree. Policy announcements via Twitter and inpromptu press conferences in mid air are chaotic. I look forward to Spicers press brieifing tomight.
  6. I genuinely can't see Trump lasting the full term. He is either going to be impeached or he might even walk away from the role.
  7. Eck should be brought in to the end of the season in my opinion. We don't have many other options. Though I should add that at the end of Eck's last stint a sizeable element of the Rangers support really took at passionate dislike of Eck which expressed itself if some pretty nasty comments etc.
  8. Capped doffed sir.. Top establishment favourability.
  9. that's our 11th home tie draw in a row😊
  10. Celtic 4 Sneckie 0 Ayr 3 Clyde 1 Pars 1 Hamilton 2 East Fife 1 St Mirren 2 Ross County 1 Dons 3 St Johnstone 2 Whistle 0 Hearts 1 Hibs 0 Rangers 3 Morton 1
  11. Shambles. However it looks like our ex management team have been actively looking for a way out. Probably more to come out. Not too sure regarding who is on solid ground regarding contract law.
  12. People who want figures presented in £'s rathers than £k's.
  13. Trump is a man who gets bored easily. His attention span extends to the thrill of the executive order being signed. Beyond this he doen't want to know. I think he will meet increased opposition even from republican judges as the one thing they don't like is their independence being questioned. This coupled with an inability to take any form of dissent or rejection of his orders leads to him going on twitter and barking at the moon. I look forward most mornings to his tweets. Fair cheer me up.
  14. The Exorcist The Shining The Thing
  15. Across Sky and BT. That is pretty scary. Apart from Rangers and Scotland I don't think I have sat through a whole match on TV in the last five years.