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  1. Not impressed with our tempo at all last night and we cant keep giving teams a goal start and expect to pull it back. Defence is a total bomb scare. Break is coming at the right time as injuries are mounting however in September we have Celtic and Aberdeen away so that will give an indication just how far we are off the pace. Not all doom and gloom though. I think 8/12 is a reasonable return. Expectations are low for me. Top three would be a good finish. The tackle on Barton was horrendous. If he had made that challenge he would be hounded out of Scottish Football.
  2. Cheers mate. Some really good pointers in there.
  3. Not much interest in this competition other than the possibility of Celtic getting hammered in at least a couple of those games is appealing.
  4. Looking to visit a couple of Islands as part of a holiday to Scotland. Calmac offer a hopscotch ticket for Arran and Islay. To my eternal shame I have never been to either of the islands We are also looking for a planning a day or so in the Mull of Kintyre. Any comments would be welcome.
  5. enjoy. Went to Lazio v Parma there a few years back.
  6. Wasn't comparing it to Hampden. It was more about comparison between Upton Park and the London Stadium. Appreciate commercial reality comes into play.
  7. looks horrific in terms of fan proximity to field of play.Upton Park was a cracking ground for atmosphere. Never mind I suppose the Hammers fans can find comfort in enjoying their fish and chips at £8.50 a shot😊
  8. true though if you replace Declan with Brian or even Hamish.
  9. Flag display simply a get it right up you to the opposition fans. A team with three Palestinians playing for them and renowned for being one of the more liberal fan base. Thought Celtic played well. 4-2 would have been dodgy but Celtic will get through with a bit to spare.
  10. Much prefer Cavendish to Wiggins. There are reports in the media that the two are not the best of friends.
  11. still one of the best finishers in the Scottish game. Frustrating player but still has a lot to offer.
  12. what a match that was. Superb atmosphere. Fancy Murray to win in two sets against Del Potro.
  13. Rossiter is looking an excellent signing already.
  14. Warburton rightly took Forrester off as he was heading for a red. He was our best player in a first half we totally dominated. Second half was a struggle but a vital three points.