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  1. Morrisey's take on it https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/23/morrissey-attacks-politicians-and-the-queen-over-manchester-terrorism-response My own personal feelings are of resignation. I think our politicians don't have the vision or capability to sort out these problems. I can't bear to watch the news. Sick of reporters and the coverage which is on a continuous loop. Sick of the scare tactics and continued conditioning of the public into feeling fearful about stepping outside. I spent the whole day in the garden with my granddaughter yesterday feeling thankful I had the opportunity to do this. The human tradegy of some of those images of the victims from Manchester are just so hard to absorb. RIP to the victims.
  2. Latest figures from Elect Commission show that seven million have not registered to vote and the deadline is tonight.
  3. 2m registered to vote since election was called. 150k since the Tory Manifesto was announced. The highest proportion registering are those classed a young people. I think Labour and Corbyn have run a great campaign and hopefully it can at least reduce the apocalyptic forecasts.
  4. As has been said previously the Alloa v Brechin game was a great watch. Brechin won on pens.
  5. I see Rangers have moved into the seeded grouping for the 1st Round Draw.
  6. Ha ha that's what we done to keep it on the road.
  7. The OP was a bit sarcastic but I would never wish financial meltdown on any club. Puts tonight's game in a new light though.
  8. Appreciate the comments. Unfortunately my location limits choices in terms of breakers yard and dealerships and due to being officially in between jobs we are limited to one car at the moment. I bit the bullet and forked out the cash. We are part exchanging for Nissan Juke (awaits shaking heads ) The Clio was a great little car and we were very lucky with it. Only done 23,000 miles as well.
  9. Lets hope this is just paper talk. Would hate for this club to find itself in the mire. Great club with a proud history, great fans, great owner, http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15295728.Auditors_warn_of__material_uncertainty__over_Dundee_United_as_a__going_concern_/
  10. Would love to see him at Rangers however we also a real hard player in the middle to enable players like this to thrive.
  11. My wife has an 08 Reg Clio. The headlights won't go off so I took it to the garage the other day. They said it was the fuse box had blown and it would cost £220 plus vat for the box alone. I laughed and said you are joking right ? Does anyone know anything about electrics? I keep hearing this is a common thing with Renaults. This is basically the only thing that has gone wrong with this car in the 7 years we have had it. We were just about to part exchange as well.
  12. Not sure if Scotty is aware that this initative will require significant investment from Rangers.
  13. Only in your head. We are still running teams at all age groups. Our U20 team will still compete in both cup competitions. I doubt the development league will exist in a couple of years.
  14. The labour manifesto is a good document. I don't agree with some of the points but certainly it has substance and is a very bold statement of intent. Better than the Tories three word manifesto# strongandstable.