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  1. New England manager

    He'll make them hard to beat against better opposition but his management style in terms of how he sets a team up will be low on creativity. FA set up a panel to take their time in selecting a new manager but the demand from media and many ex pundits to choose an English manager has resulted in a manager who in my view will take England nowhere.
  2. Pokemon GO

    My 3 yr old Granddaughter located 2 the other day using her mums phone. She was ecstatic
  3. League Cup 2016/17

    we have dominated for over an hour. Need to take our chances.McKays miss the worst.
  4. League Cup 2016/17

    Great strike from Tavernier. Deserved lead after good first 15 mins from Well.
  5. Excellent result for Aberdeen. Hearts will progress as well. Can't see Hibs getting through now but probably no bad thing.
  6. There isn't a Labour Party any more. It a very loose grouping of interests from left to centre left with little in common any more. As a brand they are not electable.
  7. I wont accept Warbs has put pen to paper until Shed and mad Phil confirm it.
  8. You are comparing Czech football to a team from Gibraltar? A league where all teams share the same football stadium and some of the players worked a shift on the day of the match before rolling up to the stadium?
  9. I hope all clubs with the exception of Celtic progress.
  10. Compared to her opponent May could be viewed as a left wing reactionary.This is a section of Leadsmom's speech from four years ago "I could envisage a situation where you had no regulation whatsoever, no minimum wage, no maternity or paternity rights, no unfair dismissal rights, and no pension rights - absolutely no regulation whatsoever for the very smallest companies that are trying to get off the ground." Her views on Gay Marriage together with her strong christian convictions makes her an ideal member of the Tea Party.
  11. I was made redundant in May 2015 after 20 years in a relatively well paid job. I should have taken time out to think about what I really wanted to do. However within six weeks I was straight into another job. I am seriously considering leaving. After 50 you really need to think about work /life balance. I am not thinking career change, I am thinking a basic 9 to 5 where or even part time where I can can clearly separate work and home life.
  12. Found this article from the Telegraph online http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/investigations/tony-blairs-business-triples-profits-as-staff/
  13. Caroline Aherne

    very talented lady. Suffered a lot in her life due to cancer. Mr Merton was top class
  14. We will probably get an associate membership deal at the last moment with an opt out on open borders. This wont be popular with the rest of Europe but I see Germany pushing this. In the end this whole vote will be seen as a mechanism to change the Tory Party leadership.