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  1. Post match interviews are not the best for managers and coaches. I suppose its difficult to maintain your dignitity when you lose a goal in the 90 minute as a result of the award. He won't be the last manager to lose his cool.
  2. No complaints about the ref's decision. He made the call and on another occassion he could have played on. Hard one to take in terms of what followed.
  3. I don't see why second place is unrealistic. There could be four teams fighting for this spot by the end of the season.
  4. Labour are finsished as a serious oppostion party as long as he remains leader.
  5. On the pitch I think we witnessed a game played in probably the best spirit for a long time. Off the pitch I doubt the contempt both sets of fans have for each other could be worse. The game in December will see a massive police presence.
  6. Despite a poor start we are only three points of second place. Lots of points being dropped from second place down. Need to get a winning run going pretty soon though.
  7. Harsh on us I think but you can't fault the quality of that strike. Lots of positives to take from the game but we really need to start winning games. Garner just doesn't do it for me and McKay is incredibly frustrating. We need to get to the new year in touch for second place and get a bit of quality at CB.
  8. I agree with this assessment. DJ was a legend as a player. As a pundit he fills a chair at Clyde and to be honest is representative of the standard on that show. Sutton seems to personalize his comments in a way to upset rather that draw out debate.
  9. I've driven from Staffordshire to Aberdeen and back in one day on a Sunday before now for a game. Great atmosphere. Fancy us to win on Sunday. 5-0.
  10. Prefer to stay in Scottish set up but in the end it will be the larger clubs who will dictate to EFL. An EPL 2 is not far off. .
  11. is Hayes a regular?Hamstring injury in tonight's warm up.
  12. bad tackle should have been red. Excellent second half from us. 4-0 now.
  13. Halliday captain tonight
  14. Certainly don't think he is crap in terms what he has contributed to Rangers so far. Probably suffered as a result of Barton being signed. So give me some examples of why he considered so odious?
  15. Examples?