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  1. Rob Shorthouse

    The only thing they managed to do was have a huge advantage, conspire to throw that advantage away and hang on by their finger nails. It's not really something I would be bragging about and as others have said, he's just putting a spin on it after the fact. An absolute cluster#### of a campaign and what would be far more interesting would be to have had someone follow up right after him with a presentation on how their campaign really went - material straight out of the Project Fear book would be ideal. That said, it's a bit naive to criticism them for what is pretty standard social media management in modern politics. Anyone who doesn't think Yes Scotland employed banks of social media users, or that the SNP don't currently do exactly the same is way behind the curve. It's how politics is done these days. Sure, question the quality of what they share/tweet, but it's the front line in getting a message out there quickly even if it's to raise doubts about claim and counter claim. Brass neck going out and cashing in on that campaign though. If I somehow found myself in that position and having to see it through, I'd be thankful it was over and hope I didn't have to speak about it again.
  2. From what I can see, the Supreme Court largely supported the aims of the Act but sent it back for further work. The hyperbole since though is absolutely pathetic. The spew-inducing irony of the Tories jumping in all guns blazing because of issues with the ECHR - something their party wants to remove us from - is a new level of hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. Closely followed by the Press and Journal quoting wildly out of context. Very disappointing to see Scunnered reaching new levels of desperation as well - in danger of becoming a Red-Alan with his hatred of the SNP.
  3. It's like the onset of the apocalypse at Edinburgh Park right now - eerily dark with regular flashes of lightning and claps of thunder.
  4. What the f*** is wrong with the world?! Who's going to own own up to playing the latest craze? Looks like utter garbage to me.
  5. Ran the Half DRAM this morning in around 1h38. For an overall downhill course, found it more difficult than I remember. First two miles tough uphill and the A92 at 9-11 miles can go f*** itself - torture. In general though, a decent run. A bit different to most halfs.
  6. The Open

    I agree it's a tragedy it is now on Sky Sports but BBC coverage was long overdue an overhaul and lacked investment. Sky's coverage has been first class in my opinion and adverts been kept short and sharp. Sticks in my craw that it's not on the BBC though - should be one of "crown jewels" IMO. An absolute sin - would be interested to know the amount of money that's drained into superficial pish like Strictly and The Voice, etc at expense of sporting events like The Open.
  7. NICE

    Yep. I've said similar before - why go to lengths and complexity to bring down an airliner when equally horrific terrorist acts could easily occur in any public space where people congregate. Today's radicals are clearly realising this. What makes it more terrifying is the number of wannabe extremists who will now see this and realise they dont need guns and bombs to become a martyr.
  8. NICE

    Absolutely horrific. Drove truck through crowds for over a mile. I've always said we should never let them win by changing plans, but Ill admit to recently questioning going away on holiday in the current climate. The world is a f***ing horrible place just now.
  9. Golfers Forum.

    There's something to be said for not trying to improve your game. Playing more in last couple of months than Ive ever done since I was a lad and stupidly tried to change a couple of things in my iron play - and my game has collapsed into a total mess. Going to try and speak to a pro and sort it out. Absolutely infuriating sport.
  10. Great effort. I managed just over 42 minutes at start of year - Im determined Im going sub-40 by end of the year but it's a f***er of a time to beat.
  11. IMO, Belgium and Spain will eventually actively support an independent Scotland joining the EU via article 50. It's the one scenario where they could answer the Scottish question in a way that will more then likely not offer a precedent in their own countries. Up until now, Scotland voting to leave the UK and somehow joining the EU would offer a blueprint for any and all other secessionist states. Brexit has manufactured a situation whereby an independent Scotland will be allowed to stay and it will be England/Wales leaving - Spain, Belgium et al will be all over this route knowing that they just need to prevent any similar EU referendum defeat in their own country if they wish to keep control of their nationalist groups. It's almost a perfect storm for Scottish independence so soon after indyref. SNP must take maximum advantage.
  12. No way. Only viable way is an unambiguous, single issue referendum. Wrapping independence up in a General Election allows the message to be diluted and derailed by opposition looking to exploit other issues with SNP. Trying to achieve independence via a General Election vote is up their with UDI IMO.
  13. Golfers Forum.

  14. Golfers Forum.

    Big Monty qualifying for The Open?! He's a miserable but he's oor miserable . Great to see.