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  1. I think the key is to keep yourself ticking over with 2/3 official races each year. I certainly find that without a couple of races I slip back into old habits and a lot of work is undone. I know I can get the fitness back but it's a couple of months hard graft that isnt very enjoyable, whereas had I kept races ticking over I probably wouldnt have dropped off as much and the training isnt so bad if you maintain a base level of fitness.
  2. Watched first two episodes and have to say Im a bit underwhelmed. Read rave reviews but hasnt really lived up to hype for me so far.
  3. First year of applying and unsurprisingly rejected. Friend is on 7 straight years of being rejected. No sure I'll apply again if that's process. Currently looking to find another to run.
  4. Yep. As I said, I dont think they have any intention of having one soon. It's mainly a useful lever in Brexit negotiations as well as a tactical move to get the bill back on the table (when otherwise it would have caused a stooshie). I still they are playing the long game but want to make sure that if they need a snap referendum, the pieces are in place. This is especially important if Brexit negotiations break down and we want to go to the polls quickly. IMO, if we're going to have a referendum, we have one before we exit the EU, not after. The question is whether people feel angry enough at Brexit prospects to vote Yes. If not, the bill will gather dust and there will be no vote. Currency is what it's all about now. There has to be a major announcement on it in the next year - Sterling is really struggling and it's not feasible in the current EU shambles to not have a rewrite of a high-level independence prospectus. There is absolutely no way currency union can be the preferred option at SNP HQ right now.
  5. That's great times for 10K! Well done. Managed 42.35 at Linlithgow the other week but planning some major running next year and hope to get under the 40:00 mark for a 10K at some point.
  6. It's all about positioning and cornering UK Government. They either work to secure a separate EU deal for Scotland or she follows through on the new Independence bill. If negotiations fail, Scotland can go to the polls quickly, if negotiations succeed Sturgeon can rightly say she helped make that happen. A Scotland inside the single market would be a massive coup for Sturgeon. Well played I say.
  7. Agreed. Might be legends but there's a gaping hole in their reputation for refusing to test themselves when their country repeatedly came calling. Strachan didn't have to take the job on but was willing to give it a go and he'll always have my respect for it despite how it's turned out.
  8. Agree. Campaign is now a write-off and I would rather draw a line under it on the understanding that a new manager has carte-blanche to blood players for the next campaign. If that means saying thanks but no thanks to the likes of Darren Fletcher, so be in. Been a fantastic servant but I dont see experience counting for anything last night when the legs dont work, he failed to mark and his passing was as bad as I can remember. Anya, both Fletchers, Martin, Hanley at least all need rested/replaced. That's not going to happen with Strachan in charge.
  9. Don't agree. If anything, first half was best we played in quite a while. Thought we looked up for it, energetic, passed the ball well under pressure. Unfortunately, didnt get a break from the referee and failed to defend the counter-attack. Overall though, first half was best I think we've played in a while. There's no doubt second half was one of the worst performances in recent times but first half showed there's a performance in us. Some of the blame lies with the players but as always, ultimate responsibility lies with the management. If players arent performing, you dont pick them. You try someone else. You try a different system. You try something different if you want different outcomes. It's achingly obvious we need a new centre half pairing. It's frustratingly obvious Darren Fletcher doesnt have the engine for these kinds of games anymore. It's infuriating that Chris Martin and Steven Fletcher aren't up to this level or whatever system he thinks he's playing. Anya had one or two decent games in past but how anyone thinks he adds worth since he lost pace is beyond me. There's a good 4/5 players who should really have played their last game for Scotland last night, or at least their last game until they find form again. It's just not acceptable. If you give me the option of persisting with Strachan and giving someone else 7 games for free, I'm up for trying something different.
  10. Time to go foreign again IMO. Hurts more when one of own it up, jump ship when it suits or refuses to tell the SFA what they need to hear. Would rather we got someone in who didn't care who they upset and that needs to be someone without a finger in the pie.
  11. Yep. Although I imagine that that was probably plan at least initially. But then we lost 4-0 in first session and from that point on, it was probably quite a hard call to put rookies out. The mistake was continuing to leave them out on the Saturday when we started fighting back. Had it been fourballs on Saturday morning instead of foursomes, I think we'd have seen rookies play more. Just wasnt to be this year. Need to be bolder in future tournaments in terms of form players. We're in an era where you can have plenty of vice captains so it's not as if captains cant take a wealth of experience with them. Dont really follow the logic of experience over form - if experience made them play better, they'd do it every week. As long as you have a vice captain for every foursome/fourball group, you let the form players play.
  12. Ill be honest though, the margin of victory doesnt reflect how close it was or could have been. If the Americans had missed even a fraction of those putts and we made a fraction of ours (Rose especially was woeful on greens all week, and Westwood missed two shockers on Saturday), we wouldn't have been far away. Fine margins. But yeah, no denying Americans were better. Just hope something is done about the fans - you could see some players were mentally exhausted from having to take so much sh*t. Some anecdotal stuff that in many ways it was worse than Brookline and not reflected in TV coverage. Vast majority of fans were fantastic but it was a significant minority spoiling it.
  13. In defence of Westwood he was put in that position by his captain. Should not have been picked. Fair play to Kaymer though he took a lot of stick but lifted game on Sunday. Should be healthy criticism of Clarke I feel. We lost fair and square but his selections and pairings on Saturday especially were very suspect. This Ryder Cup puts to bed the need to bring in experience to counter balance rookies. Form should be all that matters. Experience comes from vice captains.
  14. You can't be serious. They won it fair and square and they should rightly celebrate. First that then Bubba... WTF?!
  15. Christ. Muted celebrations. They should quite rightly be going absolutely nuts. Well deserved.