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  1. Of course you can. Last night and this morning there was moral outrage that such material could be printed and it was hugely disrespectful on the part of the US media to run with such images. But from what I can see, the UK media/press have reprinted the images losing any kind of moral high-ground. Is it less disrespectful because someone else printed them first? P***.
  2. There's a significant undercurrent across the country that is very difficult to engage with. On the surface, it's racism but really I think it's ignorance. I think people have legitimate concerns but it's also very difficult to talk about immigrants without either sounding racist or being accused of racism. Sure, some are out and out racist, but the majority are reasonably airing concerns in the absence of any clear information to educate them. Unfortunately, our right-wing media/press only fuel this ignorance, deliberately, making it harder to reverse the cultural ignorance. I genuinely have no idea how we fix it. Depressing.
  3. It's absolutely soul-destroying. Maybe plays well in wee cliques but to the rest of us, it's batshit crazy behaviour. How many times does this have to happen before people realise this isnt how you play the game. Papers now lining up days worth of material and folk like David Torrance laughing all the way to the bank with some easy copy. SNP manifesto launch tomorrow now much harder and folk who didn't have a lot of time for SNP/Yes activists even harder to reach and persuade. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever play the man. Stick to playing the f***ing ball. There's loads that could have been said about the debate last night but instead, wisdom of the group is to publicly flog a nurse. Even if it's somehow proven she's a liar and a plant, it's never a great look and the damage will far outweigh the benefits. I don't buy into their being a huge problem in the SNP but it's times like this that I do wonder. There's a mentality that's clearly being tolerated that corrupts otherwise sensible folk like a press officer or Joanna Cherry to join a braying pack and "out" a member of a TV audience. In terms of wanting and expecting to run Scotland however they please, it's like the Scottish Labour years but on steroids - they just kept their morons and idiots behind closed doors and they didnt have Twitter to let them loose on the population. Some folk really need to catch a grip of themselves and see themselves as others see them. And I say this as an SNP voter.
  4. The harrassment of this nurse is absolutely f***ing moronic. The complete lack of self-awareness continues to amaze me. There really needs to be some restraint and consideration for how this will be used again SNP/Yes because the damage always far outweighs the benefit of hounded a member of the public. I appreciate it looks suspect and there's a huge argument to be made that the BBC (and the media generally) are absolutely appalling at offering any kind of nuanced political coverage. But some folk need to switch Twitter and let people with half a brain consider how best to deal with it. Joanna Cherry MP had to offer apology on Twitter ffs as she repeated the nonsense about her being married to a Tory councillor. How can anyone be so stupid to repeat/retweet this sh*t without engaging their brain?! Infuriatingly, it's almost impossible to question the media because of stuff like this, as it's too easy to dismiss criticisms as hysterical cybernats. But there really needs to be inquiry into how a debate is allowed to focus on devolved issues with little or no comment from the governing UK party. We cannot ask questions like this while people continue to act like children or stalk individuals online.
  5. Im not sure you can call them "scum" one minute and then ask them to vote "Yes" the next. Scottish Labour are all but dead and buried because they took the electorate for granted and played the man instead of the ball when it came to SNP supporters. Im seeing far too many SNP and Yes supporters who havent learned from Scottish Labour's mistakes and think talking at people and throwing names or insults about is the way to woo them. It's really not. There's a huge difference between the Tory party and those who might have voted Tory.
  6. Going so-so so far but there should be several alarm bells ringing at SNP headquarters. Clear there is a solid Tory/Unionist support and there's a significant number of seats at risk next month to give SNP a bloody nose. Quite a lot of Yes supporters raging that folk would even consider voting Tory and seem to forget we still need to win a lot of these voters over to support independence. Too many SNP/Yes types are still too quick to play the "Tories are monsters" hyperbole. It's going to need more intelligent discourse than we're currently seeing to eat into to the now Tory support.
  7. Brilliant fight. Joshua let off hook if you ask me. Joshua still young and learning but clearly weaknesses if a 41 year old comes close to decking him. Respect to both guys though. Two likeable boxers... a rare thing. Can't wait til Bellow gets ass handed to him.
  8. Post-indyref boost aside, I've learned to go in to elections with very low expectations. As such, Im expecting SNP to lose up to a dozen seats. A mixture of tactical Unionist voting and some SNP candidates being total roasters suggests there might be a few shocks. More so if the SNP do not get the message just right. A moment of positivity - if the SNP get the message bang on, can actually see them holding at least the same number of seats. This election will be the foundation #indyref2 is built on. Lots at stake.
  9. Yep. IMO, you might as well start looking at the Yes/No vote %ages from 2014 rather than 2015 General Election results.
  10. Massive election for SNP this - need to minimise the loses because there's going to be a few. Will be fought on constitutional lines and will be a vote on whether #indyref2 should be allowed. Expect tactical voting from Labour and Lib Dem voters that result in SNP losing at least a half-dozen seats. Very important that SNP get the message right - this isn't about independence but rather about the opportunity to make a choice, should we wish, if the terms of #brexit are unacceptable. This is almost as important as the referendum itself IMO. Minimise losses in face of increased majority for Tories at Westminster and we're guaranteed a referendum and in driving seat. Significant losses and lose control of the message, and public opinion will be in a bad place.
  11. Not sure we're looking at nuclear conflict but it certainly looks likely we'll see military conflict in North Korea soon. I'd normally be opposed to military intervention but North Korea making threats about first-strike really can't go unanswered. If we don't address it now, we'll have to address in 5-10 years time when their nuclear program has matured What's frightening is that the music stopped with Trump in the hot seat. First strike is not an option IMO.
  12. Absolutely right to go for it again on democratic grounds alone. Scotland absolutely should be allowed the right to rubber-stamp #brexit or try and salvage something from the wreckage. If we arent bold or brave enough to go for it in current climate, it's unlikely ever to be as bad as it is it's going to be. The 60% might never come unless it's taken to the point of a vote. Glad to see it's a long lead in again too. Lots of work to be done. Game on.
  13. Firstly, referring to anyone as "Gauleiter" is hugely damaging to the Yes campaign IMO. Secondly, it's probably best if SNP/Yes works on assumption that Scotland will be forced out for a while for exact reason you outlined. While I'd rather remain in if we can, the EU is run by politicians and it's reasonable to assume they will do a backroom deal against Scotland if it suits their wider interests. If we factor that into #indyref2 planning, there will be less surprises during the campaign.
  14. Really, really hope we manage a decent campaign this year. Cotter has brought a breath of fresh air to the national team but it hasn't been rewarded in Six Nations so far. With it being his last campaign, hoping the players put everything in to it tomorrow and get the campaign off to a great start. Have to put everything in to tomorrow's game and set the bar and momentum for the rest of the games - lose and it'll be another average-to-pish Six Nations.
  15. Yep. If I don't see independence in my lifetime, I'd like to think my sons will have a chance of seeing it. And for them to have a better opportunity than me, the Scottish Parliament needs to be enhanced and protected.