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  1. "Don't Come Home Too Soon" - It is kinda like saying, ayyyye we know your gonna come home at the group stages, just try not to lose the first 2 games and at least take it to the 3rd. Pfft.
  2. It is a depressingly sad pop song. Don't know who thought it was a good idea for a team song.....
  3. They couldn't have, my brother bought a ticket from Welsh FA and used it to get into Wales home end.
  4. Hopefully it will be moved to Aberdeen. Only reasonable ground in Scotland it could be played in which would discourage English EDL and Scottish EDL to attend.
  5. I'm from Skye, my best advice would be May/June if your wanting to avoid the rain. Hardly get any in these months, while August can have a fair amount of rain. Although in general, this year there was a very good summer.