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  1. Good idea. Although the slight problem is that Dundee isn't as central as Stirling or Perth.
  2. And only 44% of them born in England. It's fine, really, but we really should try training up some of the young players we have in Scotland.
  3. He might have caught his ankle but it's not a push which is what you said. Either way, it was a free kick nearly 30 yards out. Plenty still be done to score from that. And wrong decisions are part of the game.
  4. That wouldn't knock over a three year old.
  5. If I were in charge of the SFA or Scottish Government or whoever makes these decisions, I'd make a neutral 30,000 seater stadium in Stirling or Perth an absolute priority. Doesn't need to replace Hampden but it could field all those semis and smaller internationals. You could even dress it up as one of the regional performance centres and get us some of those decent facilities that Norway, Iceland etc have. Im not offering to pay for it though.
  6. Michael Stewart, John Rankin, Juanjo just off the top of my head.
  7. The Old Firm get disproportionate decisions in their favour is not a conspiracy.
  8. Best enhanced Scottish football did he? Played a few games, went on a few benders and missed games because of it, got relegated, played a few games in the first division and that was that.
  9. What was that question? I asked if the "Blue" was for Rangers. Is that it? I feel we're not getting anywhere. I think lots of people let their football team dictate their politics, if that football team is Rangers. You don't. Is that a fair summary?
  10. Never mind Strachan - McKinnon, sign him up! 😉
  11. Have to say, was impressed with Quitongo tonight. Really annoying, niggly and quick. How old is he? One for the future?
  12. United's first loss to Morton in 34 years apparently. Sigh. If if only we hadn't sold Stuart Armstrong and GMS to Celtic....
  13. Argentina international Victor Ferreyra was. He was brilliant for a while, if a total bampot.
  14. The Celtic one was bad enough to make me snort my coffee out my nose. In other news, United gash tonight and seem to be getting gasher.