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  1. The rest of us just don't get to play at all, unless we can demonstrate commercial appeal.
  2. Garner very lucky not to get booked for whacking Killie guy in midair but apparently all the fault of the "fenian in the black".
  3. They'd have walked away with the Dave best joke gong. UEFA : "We are happy that European football remains united behind the concepts of solidarity, fair competition, fair distribution and good governance."
  4. They should really just reduce the "Champions" League to the top four clubs of Italy, Germany, Spain and England and leave it at that. And then reintroduce the European Cup, UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Vase etc for the rest of us.
  5. I think there were about 15,000 of us in there that day...
  6. Really enjoyed it. Was desperately trying to see myself in those pics of Jim McLean at Dens when we won the league, and then Luggy signing autographs out the back of the stand. I got the programme autographed by the whole league winning team that day, and do you think I can find it now?
  7. And here was me thinking they might feel it had got a bit stale and lo - they're going to make it even more stale! It really ceases to be the European Cup if it's not open to all teams in Europe. It's becoming like that exhibition tournament Celtic were invited to in Dublin.
  8. And you would remember the games for years because they were so special. Instead we get Barca v Bayern v Arsenal v PSG for ever and ever and ever... I blame Campbell Ogilvie.
  9. Oh, Celtic v Barcelona - how excitingzzzzzz
  10. So United get as much from Celtic beating Hapoel Beer Sheva as they do for spending seven years training Harry Souttar and selling him to Stoke after three first team games? The world is insane.
  11. In all seriousness, European competition has been rigged to stop countries like Scotland (Sweden, Hungary etc) getting through and messing up the TV schedules. We should probably not even bother our arses entering until they decide to revert to sporting integrity. Until then, all that Celtic progressing achieves is furtehr unbalancing our already horrendously one-sided league.
  12. Where are Ciftci, GMS and Armstrong anyway?
  13. You're right - them having an extra £22 million will make it easier for somebody outside the Old Firm to win the league.