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  1. All the Muslims I know are nice, peaceful people. All religions are daft, but blaming all Muslims for the fundamental nutters is the same as blaming all Christians for the Ku Klux Klan
  2. Good result for Aberdeen, great result for Hibs and really unlucky. Terrible from Hearts.
  3. Surely any sentence that starts "are you" is a question and therefore deserves a question mark?
  4. What happened to GMS? Is he injured? Did he get transferred?
  5. 2-0 Utd against Cowden after nine minutes. I could get used to this lower league stuff.
  6. You just know about him, no? What's he like?
  7. Utd have signed 65 year old Dutch playmaker Nick van der Velden. I can see why they've taken this route as signing up Dad's Army last year worked a treat.
  8. East Fife will be a better team than Arbroath so maybe just keep this one quiet.
  9. "We're not going to stand here and blame the referee but we are"
  10. It was all United but they couldn't score. Obadeyi looked good as did Johnson when he came on. Arbroath equalised in stoppage time with a handball after Bell had made a cnut of coming for a cross. Look very dodgy through the middle at the back, and need another striker. Not overly concerned, but not terribly exciting either.
  11. Whoops Cammy.... Good save in the penalties though.