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  1. The European super clubs are dull dull dull. I don't doubt that any game that ends 5-3 is gonna be good though.
  2. We can't watch Hibs v Hearts because a couple of supremely rich superclubs are playing somewhere? feck that
  3. I always liked you as well. So much so.... whoops! There I go again....
  4. Would you recognise any of the following : Jon Daly, Johnny Russell, Willo Flood, Craig Conway, Ryan Gauld, Stuart Armstrong, Gavin Gunning, Gary Mackay-Steven, David Goodwillie, John Rankin? Because Dillon would've played over 100 games with most of them. Curious as to why you would be specifically Dillo-blind....
  5. Perhaps, although he hasn't been a regular for four or five years though. He's limited, but no more so than Paul Paton, Stephen Anderson, Andrew Considine, Jamie Hamill and myriad other journeymen who've made decent careers for themselves. For the first eight years of Dillon's spell at the club they were never out of the top six and he was part - not a flashy part I grant you - of the best United team since the 80s or early 90s. I did wonder when he got his last contract extension, but maybe there's still room for loyalty from clubs and players alike these days.
  6. If there were any justice Motherwell would be due two relegations.
  7. Depends who gets relegated to be honest. Wouldn't fancy us against ICT, Motherwell or Ross County next year. I still say that if you don't know who Sean Dillon is, well, that's the kind of ignorance I'd expect from an Old Firm fan. Do you know any players who don't play for the "famous"?
  8. Am I picking up your joke correctly? It's very funny if you meant it.
  9. Before during and after. In fact - there I go again!
  10. Brunei, Peru, Iran, Nigeria and Ethiopia all suspended for government interference.
  11. I couldn't be bothered checking if any of the "famous" had achieved greater success playing for other clubs.
  12. I've just had this explained to me. Irn Bru send a couple of guys from the winners back out with a "we're in the final" flag once everyone's gone home. Haven't seen the pictures myself but I'm reliably informed that Sean Dillon ("number 2" - you must be an avid football fan if you don't recognise Dundee United's captain who's in his testimonial year) looked none too impressed. Why would he - he has a Scottish Cup winners medal, unlike any Aberdeen players still playing....