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  1. He's absolutely pish. Dunno what Lennon is thinking about. His first touch is dreadful, he can't challenge for a ball in the air, his vision and game intelligence is that of a guy who was working as a plumber till last year. As someone commented on a United board - "good luck to his next employers, he's a Pygmalion project that didn't work". Honestly, there's no way he's getting a game ahead of any of your proper strikers.
  2. Good signing news for United - seems Simon Murray is going to Hibs.
  3. If Dundee Utd are signing one of them can it be Roberts please?
  4. Three years? Nice deal Christophe.
  5. Nah, bottom half of the Championship is his level.
  6. Not old enough.
  7. What they want and they get are probably two different things.
  8. Papers reckon Sporting want their £3m back. Whether that nets Utd anything, who knows?
  9. Variously quoted as 10% to 15%. I believe Stuart Armstrong and Ryan Gauld also have sell-ons, at least according to the newspapers.
  10. I'm not overly concerned, I'm sure it's said this is in the accounts for each of the last fifteen years. At least we've got audited accounts! Am also impressed that the debt is down to £1.1m. If the Andy Robertson money comes in from Hull that should cover more than half of that. It'll be fine. Probably.
  11. I'm pretty great to be honest.
  12. He's too young for Rangers just yet.
  13. To be fair, Islam Feruz is a wee fanny. I don't think Gauldy is - he hasn't been done for driving his Porsche while disqualified for a start.