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  1. That would be a loss. He's made quite obvious signings to improve the Aberdeen squad. Instead of buying unproven foreigners he's persuaded his board to sign proven operators for a little more than they would normally pay, with some success (provided they can afford it).
  2. Probably a journalist with a limited imagination.
  3. Fitness, not personnel. That's my point.
  4. Aye, ok fair enough. He's been a sub for several weeks though, so it's not all about the final.
  5. How many Celtic fans were raving about Tierney two seasons ago? Do you think the dummys on Man Utd forums can judge a player? I don't think Mourinho played McTominay to be nice. Your logic is a bit like Tartan Tam, I mean, Caledonian Craig's regarding Burke and Leipzig.
  6. You judging him on one game.
  7. Away and bile yer heid!
  8. Put it this way, the Aberdeen of today would take 5 off their future selves in July.
  9. Going back to the usual Europa pre-qualifier ineptitude. The Aberdeen team of right now, whilst fully fit, would do Ok. I can more or less guarantee they'll be out in the first round come the next tournament and will be correctly blaming rustiness for another dismal exit. We need summer football or this will continue indefinitely.
  10. Shinnie wouldn't be in the squad as a left back. Tierney will play for certain, possibly at right back.
  11. 6ft 4in and supposedly great feet and engine. Things are shaping up quite well.
  12. He might defect, keep an eye on him.
  13. Scottish parents, i think.
  14. I was impressed with him at the last finals with u17s. Quick and great ball control. Get him to Glasgow!
  15. McTominay starts for Man Utd