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  1. Orher countries manage it without difficulty, yet for us it's an intractable problem? We have a summer break for World Cups, stretch out the season a bit. We need good pitches, extra TV money and teams making Europa League group stages. Summer football ticks all these boxes. We've already got summer football anyway, just in a vey disjointed form.
  2. It's also the grass growing season. Winter pitches are bald due to lack of sunlight rather than cold.
  3. Ultimately it was Gordon's fault. He tried some weird keeper thing instead of using instinct.
  4. 2007 was a long time ago. The 1st England goal was a disgrace, I'd have saved it.
  5. Perhaps not, but think back to those games where SPFL sides used to draw with or beat EPL sides in friendlies. It was because they were about 3 weeks ahead in preparation. You're kidding yourself if you think conditioning isn't a massive factor.
  6. I agree with most of this, but performances and results would improve if these games Europa leagues were played while our clubs are in mid-season. It is a certainty. I said it last year and i'll say it again, the Aberdeen of today would be hammered by the Aberdeen of October. Hammered.
  7. I'd like to see him back to his best. He has less power than Hayes but more natural ability, and a fair degree of composure in the final third.
  8. Happy? A very good player when firing on all cylinders. He even has pace and a good first touch ;-)
  9. Barrie McKay completes move to Forest. Dorrans moves to Rangers.
  10. Barrie McKay touted for a move to Forest. Clearly they have a manager who rates him, although playing him as a left winger doesn't do him any favours. That said, a certain Scotland starter if he finds the right club and league.
  11. That would really shake them up...
  12. Robertson was disappointing yesterday. We could have played Martin in a three with Tierney as the left wing back. All with the benefit of hindsight of course. If we stick with that formation, Callum Paterson would be important as the right wing back, but not for this campaign.
  13. His upper body strength is much improved since Rogers came in.
  14. The Gordon case is much like that of the school rugby team who were always pish at football.