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  1. Honestly? Phuqqing hell. I've just parted with £9.85
  2. I used to think Butcher was alright, but he came across as one bitter bastirt in that.
  3. God forbid! I actually hit one for a laugh the other day - strange, strange feeling.
  4. They were good enough for Tam Watson!!
  5. I'm flying oot the night with a cork up my jacksie.
  6. Very continental, Mr. Rubber! A couple of Regal King Size clear me out.
  7. Flora, if you don't fancy that job offer could you pass me the details please? I'm currently a club manager at a Scottish club and could fancy a change in life.


    thanks. Allan.

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    2. macy37


      I'm ok then as off 3 at present. Good luck again and keep in touch. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I spent a week on a Club Managers course with a wee Spanish lass from Valderamma December 14...Sylvia maybe? Not sure if her name! Wee olive skinned girl who was just a super star. If you bump into that un named lass tell her I'm asking please!


    3. Flora MaDonald

      Flora MaDonald

      I shall indeed, Mr. Rodger! Thanks again - will be in touch.




    4. macy37


      How you settling in Graeme? The bloody weather will be better!! 

  8. Christ, an ex girlfriend of mine (still good pals) was there. Her phone's just ringing out.
  9. Shites are a bit of a concern. Every time I've been in Spain my jacksie has collapsed.
  10. FFS. I've heard it all now.
  11. Aye, it's nae the best.
  12. I think their strip is minging.
  13. Cheeky wee shite !!. Spanish shares are going through the roof with the arrival of Flora.
  14. I know. I worked for the crooked bastards.
  15. Ha Ha! Not this time, Euan. Golf Co-ordinator in Valderrama. The timing couldn't be worse.