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  1. Travis Are Back!!

    The years aren't treating wee Fran well. Looks aboot 60.
  2. Is the Drookit Duck in FK1 still on the go? Great wee shop.
  3. Diggers wants to sort out its patrons. The last time I was in, Lord pishy pants was in (strides not urinated).
  4. Aye, H.field - labour #####!
  5. Duncan II, my title is Golf Co-ordinator. I knew what I wanted, and through a network of pro friends, secured an interview (I was nae bad as a youth, and knew a lot of them). To actually go to work and look forward to it, is a new experience for me!
  6. Sorry to hear your news, but from my own experience, could be the best thing to happen to you. I worked in insurance since I was 19 (I'm 42). Got to the point I hated it so much, I walked. When people asked me what I wanted to do and I said a job in golf, they laughed. I now have a brilliant job in one of Scotland's most prestigious golf clubs. Good luck.
  7. Did I hear that correctly from that idiot Marshall - everyone in Africa would have mobile phones and phoning their pals to come to Europe?
  8. Michael Johnston (Again)

    Would you Killie boys like wee Billy as Chairman?
  9. They actually do the SNP a lot of good. It's biased it's comedy.
  10. Prince dead

    I won't even attempt a link, but the Boss had a nice tribute in Brooklyn.
  11. JS. I don't know how to quote, but all is fantastic. Cheers for asking. Hope you're keeping well.
  12. Golfers Forum.

    We had a media day at my 2nd club (work) yesterday. FFS some of these clowns canna hit a ba', but they write about golf.
  13. Despite Charlie Endell's issues wi Bill Morton (landlord), the Cockburn was Glasgow's greatest shop for years. The Flying Squad fe HQ in Pitt St met their snouts, ladies of the night frequented prior to their shift and half the insurance world went in on a Friday afternoon. It is now of course some poncy shit-hole. Best boozer I've ever been in.
  14. New Celtic Manager

    Heard Moyes today also from boy whose father knows Lawell.