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  1. Cheers for the info - that sounds perfect
  2. Payment sent for 6 seats - look forward to receiving confirmation. Thanks!
  3. Really enjoyed the whole gig...apart from the Rod Stewart impersonator. Ted was brilliant and had the place jumping, and it was nice to see Andy Chung again (although since he lives in the same stair, I do tend to see him quite a lot!!). Also liked the Graham Brown Band and Kyle Christopher. Good sum raised for the Albufeira flood victims, too. Well done to all involved
  4. I did thanks
  5. Bumping this one back to the first page to save anyone starting new threads!!
  6. Hi HBETA has two buses running, as Pan said. One leaves the Heb in Market Street @2pm and is (probably) going to the Renfrew Ferry en route to Hampden while the other leaves the Heb @5pm and is going straight to Hampden. If you would like seats, drop me an email at hebridesbarta@gmail.com with details of numbers and what bus you want to be on (and let me know if you want added to our mailing list for future games too!)
  7. Awesome - thanks a million DiscoDave!!!
  8. Aye, that's the track right enough. So someone in DUBTA has it at least!
  9. Hoping someone can help. I had an mp3 of James McFadden's wonder goal in Paris - it consisted of loads of commentaries (including the infamous Peter Martin one), interviews and summaries playing over the "Wild Mountain Thyme" tune. It was listed as being by an artist called Ball X. It has disappeared off of my old laptop and I'd really like to get it back as it was the one mp3 guaranteed to put a smile on my face, regardless of how I was feeling! Does anyone have a copy that they can send to me?
  10. HBETA are once again running two buses through to Glasgow for the Poland game on October 8th. The first bus leaves the Heb in Market Street at 2pm and will be heading to the Renfrew Ferry before going on to Hampden. Cost for that bus is £13, which includes a Ferry ticket. The second bus leaves the Heb at 5pm and will be going straight to Hampden (we'll have a toilet so will not be stopping anywhere on the way through). Cost for that one is £10. Both buses will be leaving from outside Pandora's in Victoria Road after the game, departing at approximately 10:30pm and getting back to Edinburgh about midnight (hopefully) If you would like to travel with us, drop an email to hebridesbarta@gmail.com, letting me know which bus you'd like to be on and how many seats you need. Cheers Lindsey (HBETA Bus Convenor)
  11. Hi Tam I'm the bus convenor of HBETA - we're running two buses, one leaving at 2pm and going to the Ferry and another leaving at 5 and going straight to Hampden. Both buses will leave from Pandoras after the game. If you're interested in seats, drop me an email at hebridesbarta@gmail.com - I can also add you to our mailing list for future games if you'd like. Cheers Lindsey
  12. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for somewhere near Hampden that coaches can stop and wait to pick people up after games? HBETA have just been turned down (yet again) for coach park passes and our normal pick up point of Pandoras is quite a trek after the game, especially when the game is on a Monday night... Any thoughts?
  13. Going to see Book of Mormon and Les Miserables in New York in August. Have seen Les Mis in London, but the guy playing Valjean on Broadway at the moment has an awesome voice so really, really looking forward to seeing it again. Got lucky, 'cos we booked tickets then discovered we would be at his last Saturday night show before he gives up the role I saw Avenue Q off Broadway a few years back and it was absolutely superb so if you've still got some free time, I can't recommend it highly enough.
  14. Have been over for a few games (including the night Messi scored his first senior goal against Albacete ) and have always just bought tickets direct from the club website. You can view available seats, including the pitch view from the seat, and keep an eye on it over time as the Seient Lliure (free seat) scheme means that season ticket holders who can't make a game will make their seats available so you often get really good seats coming up for sale just a few weeks before the game (we got halfway line, front of second tier for a game against Valencia a few years back) Tickets aren't cheap, especially if you don't want to be behind the goals or up in the gods, but it's totally worth it to see those amazing players play. One thing to watch out for - when you go to pick up your tickets, make sure you take your passport with you as they will not hand over tickets without it, as we found out once after standing in a queue for an hour and a half...oh, and go early to get your tickets because the queues get crazy.