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  1. Was meant to be on one of Greystane's buses. Picked up my wristbands from him at the Loch Ness early doors and was told the buses were leaving from the main coach station (as it also says on his thread on here) but he said to come back to the pub @ 6pm and we'd all leave from there. Went back to the pub just before 6 - no-one there so we got a taxi to the coach station. Around 40-50 TA folks there, no sign of the buses. Someone eventually got in touch with him and we were told the buses were leaving from somewhere else entirely and that we'd all been given maps to that location - which was rubbish. By this time it was approaching 7pm so we booked a couple of Ubers instead at a cost of €70 and made it to Trnava in plenty of time for the game (unfortunately!) After the game we finally found the bus we were meant to be on but it was already full and the driver was going to leave us behind. We argued with him and showed our wristbands to prove we were meant to be on bus 3 and he eventually relented and let us on, but I had to stand the whole way back to Bratislava. I know it's not easy running buses - I did it for 6 years for my Aberdeen supporters club and now do it for the TA club formerly known as HBETA - but this was a shambles and we were left seriously out of pocket. I have messaged him to ask for a refund...
  2. Hi Andy

    I had six seats booked on your buses to Trnava on Tuesday. I collected my wristbands from you outside the Loch Ness early in the afternoon and was told that the buses were leaving from the bus station but that we should come back to the pub around 6pm and everyone would leave from there. We were at the Ted Christopher gig up at the Havana and came straight down to the Loch Ness when that finished, arriving just before 6pm - but there was no sign of anyone else for your buses so we made our way by taxi to the bus station. When we got there, there were around 40 other TA folks standing outside but no sign of your buses - obviously as that's not where they left from, despite me being told that in the afternoon. Someone eventually got in touch with you I believe, to be told that we had been given maps of where the buses were leaving from - which wasn't true - and that they were leaving from somewhere else entirely - which wasn't what I was told barely three hours earlier.

    Because we had no idea what was going on, and communication was non-existent - our party ended up booking Ubers to get us to Trnava at a cost of €70, which was ridiculous given that we'd already paid £15 each for your buses.

    We then made our way to the buses after the game but as myself and my other half arrived at bus 3, the driver was trying to pull away saying that the bus was full and we couldn't get on, despite us having bus 3 wristbands. We argued with him and showed our wristbands to prove that we had a right to be on the bus and he eventually relented and let us on. However, there were no seats so my other half sat in the courier seat all the way back and I had to stand for the whole journey (he's a big lad so it was easier for me to stand than him, in terms of space in the aisle). It appeared that there was no-one "policing" bus 3 at all as clearly there were people on that bus without bus 3 wristbands, otherwise we would have got a seat.

    As you can probably tell, I'm extremely unhappy about the way things turned out - between the lack of communication, the high extra cost and having to stand the whole way back to Bratislava, it's safe to say that it was a complete shambles from my point of view. I really feel quite strongly that our party should be reimbursed for at least half of the cost of our fares (and, in my case, the full cost as standing is not acceptable).

    I'd appreciate a response as soon as possible.

  3. Does anyone know for certain what the departure time is? It's getting really close now and we've got no confirmed details...
  4. Hi Andy Is the bus departure time confirmed as 7pm? Will we be ok just coming to the pub around in time for departure or do we need to come much earlier to get wristbands etc. Thanks
  5. Cheers for the info - that sounds perfect
  6. Payment sent for 6 seats - look forward to receiving confirmation. Thanks!
  7. Really enjoyed the whole gig...apart from the Rod Stewart impersonator. Ted was brilliant and had the place jumping, and it was nice to see Andy Chung again (although since he lives in the same stair, I do tend to see him quite a lot!!). Also liked the Graham Brown Band and Kyle Christopher. Good sum raised for the Albufeira flood victims, too. Well done to all involved
  8. I did thanks
  9. Bumping this one back to the first page to save anyone starting new threads!!
  10. Hi HBETA has two buses running, as Pan said. One leaves the Heb in Market Street @2pm and is (probably) going to the Renfrew Ferry en route to Hampden while the other leaves the Heb @5pm and is going straight to Hampden. If you would like seats, drop me an email at hebridesbarta@gmail.com with details of numbers and what bus you want to be on (and let me know if you want added to our mailing list for future games too!)
  11. Awesome - thanks a million DiscoDave!!!
  12. Aye, that's the track right enough. So someone in DUBTA has it at least!
  13. Hoping someone can help. I had an mp3 of James McFadden's wonder goal in Paris - it consisted of loads of commentaries (including the infamous Peter Martin one), interviews and summaries playing over the "Wild Mountain Thyme" tune. It was listed as being by an artist called Ball X. It has disappeared off of my old laptop and I'd really like to get it back as it was the one mp3 guaranteed to put a smile on my face, regardless of how I was feeling! Does anyone have a copy that they can send to me?
  14. HBETA are once again running two buses through to Glasgow for the Poland game on October 8th. The first bus leaves the Heb in Market Street at 2pm and will be heading to the Renfrew Ferry before going on to Hampden. Cost for that bus is £13, which includes a Ferry ticket. The second bus leaves the Heb at 5pm and will be going straight to Hampden (we'll have a toilet so will not be stopping anywhere on the way through). Cost for that one is £10. Both buses will be leaving from outside Pandora's in Victoria Road after the game, departing at approximately 10:30pm and getting back to Edinburgh about midnight (hopefully) If you would like to travel with us, drop an email to hebridesbarta@gmail.com, letting me know which bus you'd like to be on and how many seats you need. Cheers Lindsey (HBETA Bus Convenor)