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  1. Scott McTominay on Man United's bench, interesting
  2. screamer for Robbie Muirhead yesterday, long way off squad but definitely talent there
  3. Seen that, annoying. But on twitter it says he may be joining "Chaves" on loan, think they're 7th in league
  4. No Kingsley for Swansea, he injured? Probably a good thing as they're 3-0 down to Boro
  5. Murray Wallace starting every week for table topping Scunny in league 1, getting rave reviews in a local paper I seen on twitter. Don't know why scunny when spelt correctly is showing as Shorpe??
  6. Think we've only beat Gibraltar and Malta in competitive games since then? Could be wrong.
  7. Griffiths has changed his twitter name to #shorty
  8. Yeah I'd agree with this, also was Tierney not tried on the left of a back 3 before? Could allow us to put him and Robertson in same team. Not sure if it would work but must be worth trying
  9. Is this easy to do? Always flirted with the idea but thought it may be more complicated to set up than it appears?
  10. Centre backs and paterson fill me with utter fear! Fan of burke robertson and snodgrass, rest are a bit meh
  11. I ageee, would have him starter at right back. Believe he's started both games for Stoke there this season
  12. For me, from that squad. Marshall Paterson Hanley Berra/Martin Robertson Morrison ? Burke Snoddy Anya Fletch/Griff
  13. Greer and Hutton still make the squad. Happy to see Mckay, McGinn and Burke involved though
  14. Oli Burke x 23 please
  15. Retired from International football