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  1. I went for the cd, as I'm going to his new book signing next month, and I'll take the cd and see if he signs that too
  2. Manchester on Friday was brilliant. The gig was recorded and you could buy the triple cd straight after the gig!!
  3. Try Eventim - got in straight away.
  4. Tickets bought for the Friday Hope you guys are lucky too
  5. The Costa americano out of my Tassimo machine tastes a lot better than one out of a Costa!! I need a few cups of coffee everyday. I've started having an affagato as a dessert when I'm out now as well - vanilla ice cream with a double espresso poured over it
  6. I've got a Boardman Comp mtb that has done me well for the last 4 years. Don't do any proper downhills, just along trails and canal towpaths etc. I was doing about 100 miles a week on it last summer and this spring on roads, so I bit the bullet and got a Cannondale Synapse road bike. Great decision. It's got a relaxed geometry, so it's a bit easier on my back. My biggest ride in the summer was 64 miles, in about the same time it was taking me to do 40 miles on the mtb. Still got the flat pedals, but will be going for clipless next year. I use strava. Good tip about turning the internet off
  7. Tickets on sale Friday at 0930. Fastest finger first 👍
  8. Heard that rumour too. Hopefully it's true . There's going to be a mad scramble for tickets.......
  9. Got my ticket for Manchester in September
  10. Peter Hook was great last night. My ears are still ringing 😃
  11. I'm seeing them in Wolverhampton.
  12. He was excellent in Stoke last night. I don't think he got heckled once.
  13. I've listened to it non stop since I got it. Best album I've listened to in a while. The first 4 tracks are crackers Going to see them in a few weeks
  14. Nice one. I'm going to see them in Manchester next month
  15. No shots on target. Absolute disgrace.