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  1. What's Your Route?

    gla to berlin 9th cheeky wee night in berlin berlin to brat 10th Ryanair brat to berlin 13th cheeky wee night in berlin hame on 14th berlin to gla £200 plus hotels, no to bad for a weeks holiday.
  2. Italy v Spain

    How Italy aren't up 6-0 I'll never know, goalie having a blinder !!!! I bet the tallies at 18/1 to win it....heres hoping
  3. Cheers for keeping me up to date throughout the game when I was catching a few ZZZzzzzzzzzzzsssss for the nightshift !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Looking to book..

    Just booked, gla-paris via Amsterdam 0605 4th june paris-dam-gla 5th june 1830. £138. Now to get to metz and back........ train coming in around £80 return !!!!! Anyone else on these flights
  5. Taxis

    They are greedy robbing horrible bastards. Let the tram take the strain 🚎🚎🚎
  6. What's Your Route

    Save yourself a hotel, get of at killie and stay at mine. Bus to the airport in the morning 😂
  7. Tickets

    A lovely wee lassie from the travel club phoned and offered me a ticked It's all good, I think the deid grannies and shift changes are kicking in lol
  8. Wheres You All Stayin

    I'm in here too. wee bit dearer than that though !!!!
  9. Venue and how to get there ?

    I hope it's in celje again.... 3 finer goals you never did see and it was one of the funniest singsongs ever
  10. Booked!

    I'm booked,Glasgow- berlin Tuesday train to prague wed, return to berlin fri, fly home on sat The wife is really loving me going on this trip as its her birthday on the Tuesday !!!!!!!! ouch.
  11. Tescos own in the tartan box or asdas chosen by you range are the best of the cheap ones. Twinnings Ceylon or English breakfast are particular favourites of mine. Black tea in a China cup 😃😃 Coffee is the devils sperm !!!
  12. Villnius

    Pool Q Domus maria it is. What a tranquil lovely hotel, I wonder if they will take my booking for Sept 17 !!! The kgb museum was shut yesterday for all saints day and doesn't open on a Mon and Tue. I think today will be a general stoat aboot drinking beer.
  13. Villnius

    I'm staying in the heart of the old town next to the Gates of Dawn. I like a wee museum jaunt, spent hrs in them in Georgia this year much to the dismay of the Mrs lol
  14. Villnius

    I had already started a thread on this but has went missing...... anyway I'm heading there tomorrow for a few days with mrs Bunnet. I'm quite looking forward to it and after changing hotels my full trip for two days is £150 flights and hotels. What are the must sees and don't do ??
  15. Aberdeen Darts Association

    I was fekin smashed at the darts on monday, won my game 2-0 and was shit. 100% on my doubles though. I play in the Kilmarnock 1st div which is just starting as we play a champs league type thing to see who plays in the top division and the 2nd division. I play on a Fri too in the New Cumnock league which has some serious teams in it. I had to give up on the Ayr league and counties as it's expensive and the wife goes mental lol