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  1. Labour MP who happens to be a Dr has apparently reported him to parliament for exactly that.........
  2. Not sure tbh, I don't follow as close as I used to but still watch the games when I can and Holt has looked far better than anything Barton has produced. Halliday or Rossiter would have been fine if he is injured. On the plus side, Windass looked lively and could be a great pickup
  3. Warburton seemed to go for names instead of performance. Picking Barton and Krancjar for experience was a mistake when Halliday, Holt or even Rossiter have looked more lively and harder working in midfield at times. Senderos was a bombscare waiting to happen and the defence is terrible in the middle. There were times when they looked lively in attack but it was few and far between because the midfield gave them no base to begin from imo.
  4. And as if by magic, Senderos makes a c*** of himself........
  5. Bartons touch has been terrible and Krancjar is a luxury they can't afford in this game. Halliday replacing him might help a bit.
  6. Rangers defence has been shocking for a couple of years. Kiernan is masquerading as a footballer and Senderos never had a reputation as a solid player to begin with. Defending crossing has been their downfall for a while too, thought Sviatchenko would run riot at corners but Dembele has exposed it instead. Decent game, never expected Rangers to pull one back but Celtic will probably just pull away in the second half.
  7. This. Dip it in the egg then flour twice though (egg/flour/egg/flour) to get a better coating of breadcrumbs. Add chilli flakes to the breadcrumbs for an extra kick to them
  8. Germans for an equaliser just to rub it in.........
  9. Germans just missed a sitter
  10. Irish!!!!! (Finishes like this now, we're 3 points behind Poland and we'd need the Irish to beat them iirc!)
  11. I think that sees the Irish needing a win in the next game as a draw (and a Scotland win over Gibraltar) puts them out on our head-to-head stats.
  12. Anybody have recommendations for good websites for apartments/flats/holiday homes in Rome? 7 of us (and a very small child) looking to stay here in April and would rather find a place for us all to stay in. Looking at 4 bedroom places if possible. Tried AirBnB and Holiday Lettings so far. Cheers
  13. "Swing low, sweet chariot............. Comin' for to carry me home." Only time I've enjoyed hearing those lyrics. It won't be long and doesn't have far to take them.
  14. Went with Bofinger, great recommendation, cheers. Place looks brilliant, service was great and very attentive and the food is superb. The Chateaubriand I had absolutely melted in the mouth, cooked perfectly. Would recommend it to anyone.
  15. Heading to Paris in a few weeks with the Mrs. Any recommendations for good restaurants for an anniversary meal? Cheers