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  1. Haggis Dishes

    This. Dip it in the egg then flour twice though (egg/flour/egg/flour) to get a better coating of breadcrumbs. Add chilli flakes to the breadcrumbs for an extra kick to them
  2. Match Thread

    Germans for an equaliser just to rub it in.........
  3. Match Thread

    Germans just missed a sitter
  4. Match Thread

    Irish!!!!! (Finishes like this now, we're 3 points behind Poland and we'd need the Irish to beat them iirc!)
  5. Match Thread

    I think that sees the Irish needing a win in the next game as a draw (and a Scotland win over Gibraltar) puts them out on our head-to-head stats.
  6. Rome

    Anybody have recommendations for good websites for apartments/flats/holiday homes in Rome? 7 of us (and a very small child) looking to stay here in April and would rather find a place for us all to stay in. Looking at 4 bedroom places if possible. Tried AirBnB and Holiday Lettings so far. Cheers
  7. Gloating

    "Swing low, sweet chariot............. Comin' for to carry me home." Only time I've enjoyed hearing those lyrics. It won't be long and doesn't have far to take them.
  8. Paris

    Went with Bofinger, great recommendation, cheers. Place looks brilliant, service was great and very attentive and the food is superb. The Chateaubriand I had absolutely melted in the mouth, cooked perfectly. Would recommend it to anyone.
  9. Paris

    Heading to Paris in a few weeks with the Mrs. Any recommendations for good restaurants for an anniversary meal? Cheers
  10. Jokes on Lee Nelson. He's hosting the 2026 World Cup now.......
  11. Issay Miyake is good, my favourite just now is CK shock
  12. Yes T Shirts

    I bought it for her birthday recently. £20 from a shop called Cake clothing on Dumbarton Road in Glasgows west end. Other places sell it online too.
  13. Yes T Shirts

    My sister has this one; http://images.cdn.bigcartel.com/bigcartel/product_images/147752251/max_h-1000+max_w-1000/I_Voted_Yes_Antique_Sapphire.jpg.
  14. Charles Kennedy

    Think people are just trying to create the headlines and discussion without any solid facts. An ambulance and police on scene is standard practice when someone dies in their house, irrespective of the cause.
  15. Rugby World Cup Tickets

    Anybody been trying to get tickets this morning? My counter nearly got round to letting me into the site, then booted me out and since opening another page there is now a "due to high demand...." message. New counter hasn't moved in the past 30 mins and I'm probably just going to chuck it.