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  1. Eligibility

    Cheers. Fair enough, you have to draw the line somewhere.
  2. Eligibility

    Does anyone know whether the son of a Scotland player that qualifies through the 'grandparent rule' is eligible to play for Scotland, if the child is born outwith Scotland? For example if someone like Matt Elliott, Nigel Quashie or James Morrison had a son born in England, could he play for us? Or would they be in the strange position of not qualifying despite their father having caps?
  3. Aye. brutal. Thanks again Jurgen Klopp!
  4. SPFL Integrity-

    No. Glad I could clear that up for you.
  5. I'm going to the last 16 games in Lille and St Denis. Hoping to end up with some good ties.
  6. Favourite away stadium as a Scotland fan?

    I thought the San Siro was shit. The place was a crumbling mess and it was literally half full. The only reason it was such a good atmosphere is because there were so many travelling fans. . I'd add my name to those saying Dortmund.
  7. The worst since Collum refereed Hamilton v Aberdeen at NDP last season and he unreasonably chopped off about 4 goals.
  8. Aberdeen V Celtic

    Its surprising that Johnstone has a Celtic bus. Does it run from 2010 or whatever it's called now?
  9. Aberdeen V Celtic

    Good game by Storie. Covered a load of ground and made a load of tackles. And he kept it simple if the ball came anywhere near him.
  10. Katy Clark

    I have no time whatsoever for Scottish Labour, especially as currently constituted, but I quite like Katy Clark. Maybe I should go for a lie down.
  11. Tennis 2016

    I think Federer is an arrogant ##### but he was amazing between 2004-07. In my opinion anyway.
  12. Nfl 15/16

    Maybe if he stayed they'd both have another ring. Would certainly have increased their chances.
  13. Nfl 15/16

    Apart from the three times that he did...
  14. Nfl 15/16

    Yeah, the Broncos deserved it. The Pats had no right to be in it at the end. Brady was getting annihilated all night. Would imagine the NFC winners will fancy their chances of getting to Manning, his second half there was abysmal too.