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  1. This is completely incorrect. The fence in the background of the video is that which separates the two sets of fans. As he is vaguely looking in the direction of the camera when hit, with the fence behind him, he cannot be looking at the rangers fans. Carry on.
  2. Geno time?
  3. Very effective use of route one on the goal there. Maybe it's an effective way to exploit the Rangers centre halves.
  4. The Willie Johnston one I presume?
  5. Not really, it can be very busy and extremely overpriced. If you get into the stadium early then there is usually some shitey 'musical' act on. last time I was there it was Little MIx. I'm sure that they do it to increase the bevvy sales...
  6. I was interested to read that County have never played at Ibrox before. They must've passed like ships in the night...
  7. I've got the Monday off after the Wembley weekend, and its the Seahawks v Patriots on Sunday Night Football. A happy coincidence.
  8. Winning the Thursday night game when you are the road team is generally a difficult proposition, so any win in those circumstances is a good win.
  9. The schedule looks rough for the AFC East this year, the NFC West and AFC North are about as tough as you can get at the moment. But aye, SOJ
  10. He missed his own stag do in LA to play an end of season friendly in malta v Italy, then didn't get off the bench in Metz. I doubt thats true...
  11. I'll start the new thread. I'm looking forward to the new season, Unfortunately I'll not be making it over to a game in America this year, but will get to one at Wembley. Should be an interesting year, hopefully some teams that showed promise last year can shake things up a bit like the Raiders, Jaguars or Vikings. I have a feeling that it will be the usual suspects, by and large, when the play offs come around. If the Steelers didn't smoke so much weed, i might have tipped them to make the Superbowl. Seems like the NFC will be harder to win than the AFC, but you never know. My Superbowl pick is Green Bay, so that is them cursed.
  12. I first heard Nebraska by Springsteen when I was about 14/15 and didn't like it. was about 10 years til I gave it another go, and realised how good it is.
  13. I fancy Germany to beat them. The best team France have played so far is probably Switzerland, so it will be interesting to see then deal with a step up.
  14. Anti English bias on a Scotland message board? Whatever next...
  15. Its not worth a measly fiver!