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  1. Haha. shows what I know! Lack of attention paid from the bus.
  2. The Daily Record think that you use the A9 to go from Aberdeen to Glasgow?!
  3. There seems to be talk of an Aberdeen player going to Rangers just before every Aberdeen v Rangers game. Strange. Will probably be Kenny McLean in tomorrows papers...
  4. No stars though...
  5. I'm going to go to a Chargers game at the LA Galaxy stadium, and then one at Foxboro in October. Should be good.
  6. 8th in the Championship...
  7. Just like Superbowl 49.
  8. His whole story is a tragic waste. Was probably the Patriots best player in Superbowl 46, with Gronkowski being injured. Seems like he was living an incredible double life.
  9. Surely there is much more money to be made from boxing than UFC, and at a generally lower risk. So if McGregor is a good enough boxer to put up a reasonable fight against Mayweather, then he should have been a full time boxer all along. Does anyone know whether top boxers at a similar weight, like Canelo Alvarez, would be richer than McGregor?
  10. Probably not, but they'd let Scotland get closer to that than the post article 50 UK will.
  11. After Leicester won the league and were awarded the trophy, the players could hardly get it off the chairman and his son during the lap of honour. And there was big picture of the chairman on the front of the programme for their first home champions league game against Porto. He seems like an arsehole.
  12. the hangover is real today...
  13. Haha. Lump on Matt Lengel for first TD! I don't think there is anyone on the Patriots that can cover Jones. Will have to use a CB + McCourty, and even still he will probably get 150 yards...
  14. You;d imagine just about everyone apart from Patriots and Saints fans.
  15. Atlanta certainly came in to the playoffs as the NFC team in form. On an unbeaten run and with the MVP at quarterback. Would have been interesting to see them go to Dallas. But Dallas couldn't get the job done.