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  1. I first heard Nebraska by Springsteen when I was about 14/15 and didn't like it. was about 10 years til I gave it another go, and realised how good it is.
  2. France v Iceland

    I fancy Germany to beat them. The best team France have played so far is probably Switzerland, so it will be interesting to see then deal with a step up.
  3. Engerland Fans

    Anti English bias on a Scotland message board? Whatever next...
  4. Engerland Fans

    Its not worth a measly fiver!
  5. France v Scotland link?

    Horror channel more like...
  6. Stone Roses

    I think Brown getting taken to the cleaners in a divorce was the catalyst for the reunion in the first place
  7. I appreciate your commitment to this, especially after last night in Falkirk. Never give up...
  8. Nazi dog

    He'll have to move out of Coatbridge then.
  9. Hibs finances can't be that healthy either. Third year down means no parachute payment. Might need to sell the likes of McGinn if an appropriate offer comes in...
  10. Cubs

    If Epstein, having helped end the long drought for the Red Sox, can then do the same at the Cubs, they should put him in the hall of fame...
  11. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    I was at the Barcelona game on Sunday and they have all the odd numbered seats at one side of the aisle and even at the other. so 13 and 15 were right next to each other. Hopefully this will happen to you also.
  12. Eligibility

    Cheers. Fair enough, you have to draw the line somewhere.
  13. Eligibility

    Does anyone know whether the son of a Scotland player that qualifies through the 'grandparent rule' is eligible to play for Scotland, if the child is born outwith Scotland? For example if someone like Matt Elliott, Nigel Quashie or James Morrison had a son born in England, could he play for us? Or would they be in the strange position of not qualifying despite their father having caps?
  14. Aye. brutal. Thanks again Jurgen Klopp!