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  1. the hangover is real today...
  2. Haha. Lump on Matt Lengel for first TD! I don't think there is anyone on the Patriots that can cover Jones. Will have to use a CB + McCourty, and even still he will probably get 150 yards...
  3. You;d imagine just about everyone apart from Patriots and Saints fans.
  4. Atlanta certainly came in to the playoffs as the NFC team in form. On an unbeaten run and with the MVP at quarterback. Would have been interesting to see them go to Dallas. But Dallas couldn't get the job done.
  5. Yeah, totally agree. Goes straight to the top of the list! Good that they are in the AFC too...
  6. Woops!
  7. That was an enjoyable game. Only took 7 playoff games to get a good one! GB at Atlanta should be a cracker too hopefully...
  8. I like Prescott too, but it can be hard to judge how good he is. We'll see over the next couple of years. For example I wouldnt say he is better than Andrew Luck, but Prescott has the best Line in the NFL, and Luck has just about the worst. Prescott has Zeke Elliott and Luck has septuagenarian Frank Gore. Luck has no receiver as good as Bryant or TE as good as Witten to throw to. So its no wonder Prescott has good stats. Hopefully he can turn out to be a Russell Wilson type, but we'll need a bigger sample size. He has had an outstanding rookie season, yet will probably be pipped to rookie of the year by his team mate! Regardless, the Green Bay - Dallas game should be a cracker this weekend, I'm looking forward to watching it.
  9. Some not mentioned so far that I like Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast Malcolm Gladwell - Revisionist History The Spanish Football Podcast
  10. I don't know the meaning of it. Is it getting relegated and being persistently unable to get back up?
  11. I wonder if that is it for him as a coach. Not sure his ego will allow him to be a DC again. Then again, he will get a job on telly no bother...
  12. Fair enough. but certainly not 'worse'. At least yours had a chance at one point...
  13. The Texans won and the Vikings lost 34-6 at home. So, naw.
  14. Got the Vikings on my coupon. Awful!!
  15. Thar Stenny badge is very unimaginative, especially when they are nicknamed the Warriors. They should run a competition to design a new one.