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  1. Whilst I don't disagree with the anger felt by fans on 5 points, who may miss out, where others on less points may gain; what's been overlooked in this argument is that a number (we'll never know how many) of people of 5+ points that have been asked to collect, have mysteriously had to hand the ticket back in. I appreciate that some of those handed back will have had genuine reasons for not travelling, but there are others who simply applied (harvested) with no intention of going. Now if those folk had not done that, some of the 5 pointers who are rightfully aggrieved at the moment, might have got one at the first time of asking. There's no straight forward answer to the problem, but for people complaining about fairness in a 4 pointer getting a point for going, there are undoubtedly folk on 6,7,8,9 points who are also getting a point for watching the game in their local pub.
  2. We get into Brno on Sunday 9th and are staying the night, before heading onto Bratislava on Monday. I was going to book tickets via Trainline Europe and the price was around £23. If it's definitely just 10 euros at the station, I'll hold off till then. Every pound a prisoner and aw that.
  3. Just booked... Sunday 9th GLA-STN-BRNO Stay overnight in Brno then train to Bratislava. Stay there Monday. Out to Trnava on choo choo on matchday. Stay there Tuesday. Wednesday 12th VIE-DUB-GLA Flights just over £200.