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  1. Allow me to choose who can post on the board.
  2. So you have no terms of reference to question my assertion the Chris Sutton is a c*nt?
  3. It is not obvious? He played for Celtic and this undermines all the splendid, insightful and unbiased commentary he does on the TV.
  4. You are answering your own question.
  5. Albert v Thistle first junior cup tie I can remember between the two Larky teams however I think this means I need to go to Storehouse.
  6. Kaymer?
  7. He seems to be quite similar to you.
  8. Not a bad as yesterday but not a great start, Koepka and Snedeker are a good pairing.
  9. I'd disagree the senior management team were to blame, the rubber stamped a deal that they didn't have nearly enough information on. To quote the FCA report "RBS decided to make a bid for ABN AMRO on the basis of due diligence which was inadequate in scope and depth, and which hence was inappropriate in light of the nature and scale of the acquisition and the major risks involved. This was the inevitable result of making a contested takeover, where only limited due diligence is possible. In proceeding on that basis, however, RBS’s Board does not appear to have been sufficiently sensitive to the wholly exceptional and unique importance of customer and counterparty confidence in a bank. As a result, in the Review Team’s view, the Board’s decision-making was defective at the time. RBS believed in its ability to integrate businesses successfully after the acquisition of NatWest; in the case of ABN AMRO, it underestimated the challenge of managing the risks arising from the acquisition." But we digress, Chris Sutton what a c*nt.
  10. Good putt Rory
  11. I was simply responding to ShedTA post, sorry I was simply correcting ShedTA.
  12. I might have to open another Warsteiner.
  13. I wish the rough on my course was like the rough at Hazeltine.
  14. He'll have to give Wood and Fitzpatrick a game but you couldn't pair them with either Westwood or Kaymer so there could be a rookie pairing.
  15. Putted great last Sunday as well