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  1. Alan Stubbs

    Sorry I don't get this mind games nonsense, most of people in football couldn't spell mind games let alone play them
  2. Killie Vs Rangers

      You've got to admit you did go a bit drama queen (or princess) there.
  3. Killie Vs Rangers

     I have the gall to question your originality? That is priceless princess.
  4. Killie Vs Rangers

    F*ck me that's original, how do you do it?
  5. Killie Vs Rangers

    So doubled the crowd then.
  6. And the NBA, MLB and NHL have regional feeder leagues.
  7. There will be no small market clubs in any breakaway European league there are enough teams in England, Germany, Italy, France and Spain to support to 2 16 to 20 team leagues if they felt they needed to go that big.
  8. I think the big teams envisage a closed shop NFL type structure.
  9. This is thin end of the wedge that'll lead to a breakaway European league outside of UEFA with just the "big" teams,
  10. To be honest, that's a good one.
  11. Golfers Forum.

    Go every year well worth the money and some of free courses in the offer this year are excellent.
  12. Jobbers always liked an overelaborate lyric but the band made two great albums and one OK one (I've never heard the last one).
  13. Just into the 80's Someone singing in the shower Someone singing in the shower Singing singing singing Singing shower Someone's singing in the shower