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  1. Golfers Forum. but I am hitting the ball much better (longer, higher and straighter), on the whole I have a much better idea of what's gone wrong when I hit a baddish shot but still can't stop hitting three or four really, REALLY, REALLY bad shots which have major consequences to my round and I still struggle in bunkers (though I haven't had that lesson yet!)
  2. Golfers Forum.

    I've been having lessons and it's been the best money I've spent especially using the Trackman the feedback from that is amazing.
  3. I didn't understand the 5 subs things either as you say there must have have been players they could have included, Davie Weir would have done a better job than either of the two playing.
  4. I really do despair about our support at times.
  5. The Rangers, leading edge stuff there you must have scriptwriters helping you.
  6. As it's one of the most affluent areas in Scotland I assumed the website would be quite nice.
  7. Warburton has done a lot of good stuff and he's clearly a smart guy but why the f*ck he hasn't seen that the central defence is push is a mystery to me.
  8. Is the Bearsden not site not quite nice?
  9. Love you lots and by the way you forgot to correct the spelling to captain.
  10. It'll be good to get 3 points in the bag in the first game.
  11. Statement of internet? Do you know something we don't? Was he actually up to be interviewed for the webmaster's job?
  12. You are trying way too hard this is probably because you're not funny and you don't seem to be that clever so I'd just give up because you're just embarrassing yourself.
  13. I doubt he's bet the big house on the £17.63 we would have made from the European tie in which we have been humped by Kazakstan pub team.
  14. Ianmac I'm not falling that name, you're Ian Tough aren't you?