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  1. Got a Golden Retriever pup 3 months ago, so hes now 5 months, he is a great wee guy, albeit he is growing like crazy. Downside is that taking him for walks always takes ages, as folk are always wanting to clap and cuddle him (he loves the attention) Very calm natured, except when there is mud or water around, which has a magnetic attraction to him, on the upside he climbs into the bath himself and sits calmly whilst being showered. The cat is still the boss though!
  2. Clearly someone in the Daily Wail is out to get her, shame!
  3. My Mum's side are from Norn Ireland, my Dad was meant to have a granny from Portugal, but I have still to do my family tree. Went on business years ago to Lugano in Ticino Switzerland, and the area felt 'right', I even enquired about getting a transfer there, but the company got sold. My ex ( from an Eire heritage), developed a medical condition, and there were concerns that my kids could develop it, so they were given genetic screening. My Son was told by his doctor that he had a very unusual gene, which was usually found in a small area of Southern Switzerland/Northern Italy, which encompasses Lugano, go figure!
  4. I agree, I used to work in the industry, keep away from anything made in China, I worked in a vacuum cleaner factory in China for a wee while and the quality is appalling, I have seen some of the dodgy shortcuts they make. The power input of the motor has very little to do with what the actual suction ends up as. Numatic stuff is simple and reliable, hence why the professionals use them.
  6. I know someone who works for them, they are struggling to get new uniforms, and rumours that wages may not get paid, a wee bit scary!
  7. At a time of 'austerity', he also cost the taxpayer £1.4 million, what would that have bought needy people?
  8. Apart from their rip off prices, Union flag signage proclaiming their pride in serving Britain for 165 years, and tired stores, they have voted to continue giving almost £1 million a year to Labour, they ain't getting a penny from me in future!
  9. Because in Germany they fit winter tyres, and go about their business as usual in the snow....
  10. My 23 year old daughter had to get a new tyre at a branch of a place which ryhmes with 'fast sh1t', no problem with that.However, they told her that the front tyres had less than 1000 miles left before they were illegal. I only found out about this when she wanted money towards new tyres for her birthday. The tyres had 5mm tread all round, which I reckon is at least 6000 miles safe life left. Utter, utter scum, who prey on peoples (especially young women), fears to get their bonus.
  11. Hi Jen, do you use the air conditioning a lot? If so, because this dries the air inside the car, the air is a better insulator, so will allow a higher charge to build up on you. This is why a lot of people get the odd belt on cold dry days, but not all the time, I worked with a guy who in winter would build up enough charge that you could hear it spark, we got him conductive soled shoes to stop him suffering.... I hope you find an answer!
  12. There is a wee guy I see passing work who has Downs (he's in his 20's), he always has a smile on his face, (and puts one on mine), and has banter with some of the lads about how good Celtic are. It puts everyday problems into perspective when you see him going about.
  13. I heard him interviewed on Saturday, he was very gracious in thanking all those people who had believed in him to get him to where he is now. Sounds a lovely guy, and the interviewer mentioned his scoring against Germany, Ikechi said he was so proud!
  14. Legalise all drugs, but Government supplied to that quality is controlled, and tax is raised. The problem with this is that there is a massive 'job creation' market centred around having drugs illegal, with the Armed Forces, Police, Customs, the Legal profession, Social Workers, Health workers and Pharmacists, to name but a few, all depending on this income source. (plus of course the pushers) The market would find its own level, and we could all move onto the next problem. Right now, a lot of people are doing very well out of perpetuating Methadone use, with no coordinated plan to wean users off of it. (or am I being cynical?)