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  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that when the Chinese economy goes pop, which seems relatively imminent, a lot of these transfer fees and wages will never be paid.
  2. Never post on it but use it to keep up with some fitba pals, here is facebook in a nutshell in case you are one of the lucky ones who have never used it: -Video of a dog -Video of a dog and a cat -Video of a dog and another animal usually vermin of some kind but no one gets eaten -Video of a cat but with a subtext so that the cat seems to have human motives or is cleverer than a dog -A mum or dad, usually a mum, telling everyone her kid is at that exact moment in hospital and very distressed, to harvest attention for the parent -Stories about foreigners disguising themselves as wallpaper to hide in bedrooms and rape your female relatives, your daughter could be next unless you artex your walls and/or start voting UKIP. -Tales that make mothers feel better about their grown up children who have left home never bothering to phoning them anymore. -As already mentioned above: Someone has died and you have to click the 'like' button, this might be its most twisted feature. -Stories that end 'I bet I don't get any likes' and start with a 3 legged albino separated conjoined twin with the remnants of the dead twins teeth growing out of their head hugging a chocolate labrador puppy in a hospital cancer ward full of dying grannies All served up for the purpose of harvesting users personal data to sell to gullable advertisers.
  3. Jimmy Hill Deid

    Be nice if we sang something nice about him at the next game after all the years of stick he had to take. What started it all other than he was the 'archetypal' Englishman of the day, was it the Narey goal? Why was the toe poke seen as an insult in the old days? If it was Messi's big toe on the end of that these days it would be seen as further evidence of his footballing genius
  4. I think they have sorted out their online game so now comments columns are flooded with anti-snp anti-indy rants. That said it's probably just 2 guys in a Labour party office somewhere with 200 different log ins for every newspaper in the land.
  5. We also can't do that as the world's energy security depends on a stable middle east, we cannot allow Iran to march into Saudi Arabia for example and hold the world to ransom so we are committed to having a military presence/strategic alliances in the region.
  6. There is no military solution to the various conflicts in the middle east. We are dealing here with the various post colonial territorial settlements of the 20th century. I think we need a conference to partition the various failed states of the region into functioning states, the idea of the strongman dictator holding territories together with the rule of force is clearly no longer fit for purpose. I also think 'defeat' of IS would potentially involve accepting that there is a desire in the region for an IS state run along lines that would be unpalatable to the West. I accept that initially this would be a pariah state but it would at least enable the various power brokers of the region to apply pressure from within to force a solution that is home grown rather than the rather destructive diplomacy being pursued currently. Look at how the map of Europe has splintered into smaller states in the last 30 years, and all the while the larger powers of the west have been determined to maintain the territorial integrity of artificial states in the Middle East.
  7. Forty Team World Cup - 2026

    More dross, more meaningless games, shame both UEFA and FIFA seem to want to dilute the quality of these tournaments. Mind you if FIFA followed UEFAs lead in making qualification a nearly 50% shot there would be 80 teams in the world cup.
  8. Flymaybe

    Is it not 3 hours for EU compo? Did she give u a reference number or a copy of their leaflet for cancellations/delays? Get on to the service centre and moan like fukk that usually has the desired effect.
  9. £200 mill just for the footage, add £x mill for the production? Just for the vanity of keeping Match of the Day on the slate, verging on the criminal misuse of taxpayers money if you ask me.
  10. Re the journos: is the complaint not the 'anchor' types who can't wait to get out to the scene of the latest tragedy wherever it is in the world to film people's grief, cross their fingers that the number of people who have been killed or injured keeps rising and hope for the modern day journo jackpot: another natural disaster or terrorist outrage occurring while they are there. {Edit: all on the license payers chitty obviously}
  11. 5 billion budget more than half spent on wages etc. When there is a threat to derail the gravy train the standard response is to threaten to close something high profile. Meanwhile they are spraying tens of millions out on pet projects, bonuses, payoffs (then retires), consultants, middle managers some programme called The Voice that no one watches..... And so on
  12. Well Done Hungary

    Expanding the tournament is a mistake and when we see games like N Ireland v Hungary next summer I am sure thought will be given to cutting it down again.
  13. Depressing Statistic

    Well Done Hungary but with a nearly 1 in 2 chance of qualification its probably not a surprise to see some average teams going through. Shame we weren't one of them (!)
  14. Good Luck Bosnia Thread

    Don't understand why the euros were expanded and looking at a poor Ireland team in the mix I'm more puzzled than ever. With a nearly 1 in 2 chance of qualification the tournament has been devalued for me. I suppose Bosnia for this one as it would be nice to see Dzeko at a finals.
  15. Brown picked the best team he had out of the available players irrespective of age, as will Strachan because qualification, and ultimately his position depend on getting results. For Strachan the task is harder because there is a smaller pool of available players that are a good enough quality, the fact that we trawl one of the lower tiers of the English set up for players and use the granny rule is proof of this. Brown was the first victim of this generational shift not an orchestrator of it: the clubs in Scotland decided to borrow up to the hilt and buy foreign pros into the league in the 90s and we ended up with a lost generation of local talent getting paid OK money to sit on the bench. Throwing in untested young players in the hope that some sort of magic international fairy dust will transform them is not the answer to our lack of success in qualification, its up to these young guys to develop themselves at club level and make the right career choices and earn their call ups. That means looking after their bodies, taking opportunities abroad, working at their game full time... things that we do not necessarily associate with young footballers in this country.