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  1. Spoke to sfa today and they said within the next few weeks
  2. An adaptation of this
  3. Sounds nothing like either of those.
  4. Report them then. As for the myth about 10 points and never going to a game, come on you're not that gullible. I have I doubt there are people with the odd point more than they should have, there may even be a couple of people with a lot more points than they should have but there are not thousands or even hundreds with a lot more points. I think it's an issue, just not that big an issue. As I asked earlier, how do you catch the ones that are abusing the system
  5. Do you think it's an issue?
  6. I assume you've reported people for this
  7. So who should miss out? How do you catch them?
  8. I can't believe it's 8 years. Never heard a crowd go as quiet as that day.
  9. In booked out with Easyjet. Return flights not released yet
  10. Do we get a pie
  11. Failing to beat Ireland over in Ireland
  12. You do realise he's sitting wanking himself silly, or maybe standing