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  1. Treated myself to a set of taylormade rsi 1 irons two weeks ago, only been out once since, spent most time on the range. So far so good, really chuffed with them.
  2. Well the butterfly and pig was pish. Hardly a tune heard, over zealous bouncer telling Germans to be quiet whilst allowing scots to sing. Nahhhh, not anymore. Place isn't the same since the corona closed doors.
  3. Had a run in with a hot head today. Hit my drive with a big slice to the right, heading onto the opposite fairway. Group walking up that towards us so I belted out a shout of fore. Literally couldn't have shouted loud enough, they were too busy gabbing away and my ball missed them by inches. Guy comes screaming over, shouting and swearing away pointing his finger claiming I could have broke his leg. Completely out of order, first words out my mouth we're sorry about that, but I did shout. Guy was having none of it though. Really pissed me off, want to make a complaint to the club secretary but never done something like that before, not normally one to complain but the guys attitude was horrendous and I'd hate for him to get away with it and do it again. Any advice on how to handle it?
  4. Absolute scumbags. Not only them but there seemed to be a massive ned presence tonight, before I even got to my seat saw a kilt in handcuffs, then two guys trying to run in the open fire doors, then at the end a full on fisty cuffs square go between a group of Glaswegian neds. That game really brought out the scum of glasgow tonight.
  5. As the title asks, is it ok for a fake Skean dhu to be taken on as hand luggage?
  6. Swap all the knifes and forks over
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  8. wtf is this? facebook?