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  1. The North Star in Lerwick. More of a 'club' (I use the term loosely) than a pub tbh. Circa 1997; I would've been around 15. It's now a car park.
  2. The UK has a massive obesity crisis and the most popular programme on TV is about some folk in a tent baking cakes loaded with sugar. Well done.
  3. Porridge with sliced banana, raspberries and/or blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon is >>>>
  4. "So I arrive at Pacific Quay where I am told that they want to pitch my sitcom to BBC 2 network down in London. “Cool!” I said, although being under fewer illusions now as having the script commissioned by BBC 2 was an even longer shot than getting picked up by BBC Scotland. “But I thought you said my script was too intellectual for television?” “Oh, that was only in regards to BBC Scotland and Ewan Angus. This time we want to pitch it to BBC 2 in London because English people are more, shall we say… “comfortable” with intelligent comedy. They feel less threatened by it.” “Hang on!” I immediately interjected, “Are you saying that, according to BBC Scotland, English people are more intelligent than Scottish?” The exec I was talking to sighed, leaned forward, and explained to me that according BBC Scotland that “Scottish people” are more working class and less educated than English people and, therefore, would feel intimidated and patronised if they watched a sitcom that mentioned philosophers, whereas English people can cope with more “cerebral” comedy without feeling as though they’re being made to feel stupid. So if I was going to pitch a script to BBC Scotland then I would have to make sure it was Glasgow, preferably male, centric and with no references to anything that could be construed as “intellectual” or cultured otherwise it would get immediately discarded....."
  5. True, though it could be argued this has always been the case even since Labour's early days. Left historians always point to Labour's unique situation/history compared to other European socialist / social democratic parties....
  6. This was dealt with nicely here:
  7. Some interesting imagery in the second paragraph there, but yeah, I generally agree with this. Dreadful state of affairs.
  8. Spotted this mock-up away shirt on another forum - class: Edit FFS why can't I upload pictures here??
  9. Both home and away kits are awful. Home shirt is easily the worst ever, surpassing even the chalk-stripe Bertie Vogts-era Fila one. Far too much white going on with those daft sleeves; full thing may have worked better if the shorts were navy. The less said about the pink away shirt, the better. Thankfully both'll be long gone by the time we actually qualify for a major finals again....
  10. Christopher Lambert in Highlander Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting
  11. And never in a million years is 'To Pimp A Butterfly' better than 'Illmatic'.