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  1. True, though it could be argued this has always been the case even since Labour's early days. Left historians always point to Labour's unique situation/history compared to other European socialist / social democratic parties....
  2. This was dealt with nicely here:
  3. The SFA

    Some interesting imagery in the second paragraph there, but yeah, I generally agree with this. Dreadful state of affairs.
  4. New Strip Launch

    Spotted this mock-up away shirt on another forum - class: Edit FFS why can't I upload pictures here??
  5. New Strip Launch

    Both home and away kits are awful. Home shirt is easily the worst ever, surpassing even the chalk-stripe Bertie Vogts-era Fila one. Far too much white going on with those daft sleeves; full thing may have worked better if the shorts were navy. The less said about the pink away shirt, the better. Thankfully both'll be long gone by the time we actually qualify for a major finals again....
  6. Christopher Lambert in Highlander Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting
  7. And never in a million years is 'To Pimp A Butterfly' better than 'Illmatic'.
  8. It's a stunning album, and every bit as great as 'Section.80' and 'Good Kid Maad City'. But it's not the best hip-hop album of 2015. That honour goes to Dr Yen Lo's 'Days With Dr Yen Lo'.
  9. Sounds pretty healthy. Needs more carbs though I reckon.
  10. David Buffy, maybe?
  11. On pronunciation of his surname, can't believe no-ones posted this yet: It's pronounced "Boo-ee" (rhymes with 'gooey'). "Missing Persons, Duran Duran....."
  12. 'Flat Earth News' by Nick Davies is a great book about the shortcomings of the media. It came out almost a decade ago, but a lot of it is even more relevant today than when it first came out; deals a lot with how the Internet has changed the news gathering/reporting process, how huge cuts in newsrooms have meant newspapers increasingly rely on picking up stories from news agencies (eg Press Association, AFP, Reuters etc.) and/or regurgitating press releases, rather than doing their own original reporting or investigations; how the rush to get stories up online first is leading to errors and a lack of secondary reporting ; crap pay means seasoned veteran reporters are going to work in PR for better wages, leaving newspapers understaffed mainly by young graduates who are on much lower pay. At the end of the day, it was never the cover price that kept newspapers afloat - it was advertising revenue. Once the bottom fell out of that market, the business model became unsustainable. The whole industry is now about 'doing more with less': newspapers are trying to boost their presence online, and constantly churning out 'content' - with increasingly sensational/dumbed down SEO-type headlines - in the hope of getting more clicks which helps online ad revenue (Even the stuffy Telegraph's site is relying more on Buzzfeed/clickbait listicle-type articles online now). The result of which is articles stuffed with errors and mistakes. And of course still no one has managed to properly monetise news online, with newspapers challenged by the likes of Twitter, Reddit, online upstarts such as Vox, Quartz, Huff Post etc. Pressgazette.co.uk is a good site to keep up with the newspaper industry, as is the 'The Street Of Shame' section in Private Eye.