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  1. Good post. 1200 italy tickets sold, only 600 used and goodness knows how many were given away to locals. That was the game that should have been 100 percent pick up.
  2. While we play malta, England are in Slovakia. To have any prospect of finishing in the top two we must win in Malta. No more excuses, no more failures. Lessons must have been learned from tiblisi. No more picking a core of players who let us down in tiblisi. Lets give the inform players game time. Positives are 1.malta have the worst home record in world cup qualifiers. 2.Snodgrass is back and he is our best player 3. Lots of young legs in the squad including a 15 million winger 4. Tartan army will be there in their thousands, making it feel like a home game Lets win in Malta. In GORD we trust
  3. Saturday and Sunday ted gigs are all ticket, so gigs pay for themselves. 2 euro 80 cents or 3 euro a pint not bad
  4. Thanks for the heads up pa dre . will look out for this
  5. On the contrary. Heard that trafalgar square will be open. Rememberance sunday not Friday. I also understand that the cenotaph will be the focul point of Fridays events. Ofcourse all rememberence events will be respected. Goes without saying.
  6. As I arrive late on the friday. Not sure about booking a taxi or getting a service bus. Digs are wilga street peaceville. Any TA who were out there in may advise on how regular service transfer is at night or recommend a pre book taxi service that they used. Thanks in advance b
  7. Watching him in the first half again the Israeli team, Scott looked like he was back to his best. Hoping celtic can get their act together and qualify for the CL. The Celtic players would join up for the malta trip on a high. As opposed to tiblisi when they turned up with their tails between their legs.
  8. Thankfully Monday flight is mid day so hopefully that won't be an issue. ( cursed it now haven't I ? Lol)
  9. Wonderbar. Will message you nearer the time. I am focused on malta. After I get that out the way I will be in touch.
  10. Paid, and set up my team. Doesn't seem to save my predictions, anyone else have that problem ? Also have been given a union jack, as my icon, can this be changed ?
  11. Going out on the sunday, ryan air rmto berlin. Sunday night sightseeing, never been to berlin. Any recommendations? Then on the Monday berlin to bratislava same carrier.
  12. Would like to use them for Lithuania and Slovenia next year. But hoping they get their finger out and release plans before domestic flights are available.
  13. Goodman Del, hope to see you on tour soon.