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  1. Everywhere We Go!

    Goodman Del, hope to see you on tour soon.
  2. Ted Christopher Gigs

    Sure he will get back to you, I sent him an email and he sent me an invoice. Took him a few days may be even a a weeks but he got round to it. Going saturday night, no boat party for me as I am a bit of a landlover. WE'LL BE COMING
  3. Had the honour of attending the opening ceremony for a new William Wallace monument on Saturday, to commemorate the battle O' the brae in 1297. Well done to William Wallace Society who gathered the funds and seen the project through to completion, against all odds. Soar Alba. The dream will never die.
  4. Everywhere We Go!

    It was worth the hangover. Lol
  5. Dubliners total rip off

    Was in the Dubliner, on match day. live entertainment from ted "better than elvis" christopher. I was happy to pay the 75 krona a pint. Great wee venue. Had a ball.
  6. Awfy Quiet

    Wrong thread. Not got used to the new format.
  7. Awfy Quiet

    Because they allow it. I am all for players to be loaned out but not to the same league. with reference to the original post they can play against every other team but their parent club. that stinks and gives the parent club an unfair advantage. The OFalready weaken teams by buying the best players and putting them in their reserves. this is just another spoiling tactic.
  8. SPFL Integrity-

    Planet earth, perfectly reasonable thread. Celtic already have a massive financial resource over other teams. This loaning out of players to other teams within their is in my opinion an unfair advantage.
  9. On saturday, celtic beat partick thistle 1-2. Celtic have a player Aiden Nisbett on loan to partick. He can't play against his parent club but he can play against every other team. Celtic have not broken any rules, but I would like to question the SFA ruling that allows this. Just seems wrong in my opinion.
  10. Denis Law Day

    Hard as nails. Only scottish player to win European player of the year ? Don't think heever play for a Scottish league team. Started off at Huddersfield Town and spent all his career in England except for a spell in Italy with torino. Remember seeing a clip of him back heeling a goal for man City against man utd the season that utdwere relegated.
  11. Massive game at fir park on Friday for Utd. Motherwell are in good form with Mcdonald, Pearson and moult combining well going forward.
  12. Went to new Douglas park today, good result best team won. Police were OTT with police horses, every motherwell fan was search going into ground. re -relegation battle Accies were poor and on that form may find themselves in a playoff.