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  1. 20-1 was Aberdeen odds to win spl. After beating celtic. 
  2. Looks like he may be going to jail ? Will be interesting to see if any other club would ever sign him again.    
  3. Denmark at hampden prices

    Apologies just seen a thread already started in TA Specific. 
  4. Denmark at hampden prices

    Fair prices for a midweek freindly?  Tempted to get a north stand ticket but will buy a west stand season ticket for the campaign.  
  5. In here Friday and Saturday night. Hotel bristol metz, near city centre main train station. Looked quote central.
  6. Not saying he didn't play for hearts, can't recall him playing that night. Could be wrong though as it was a while ago.
  7. Can't recall you could be right ? Was really good game, 2-3 ET. Wouldn't have got that atmosphere at a half empty hampden.
  8. Getting me confused with a C4 series Jim. LOL
  9. Can't recall Burhill playing for the watey farts. Remember Stephen Craigan scoring and Mark Fitzpatrick getting the winner in ET.
  10. Got a new electronic handbreak, was of in test drive. But was weird tbh.