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  1. Kingfisher in Campbeltown the day gough scored against England, was 14 1/2
  2. Age limit to buy a pie ?
  3. Could anyone make use of a voucher for a free round at Aberfeldy ?? It needs to be used by the end of the year and I'm not going to get a chance to use it
  4. Says on BBC he was Subbed for Charlie Adam after 65 mins
  5. Think that's what it boils down to, for last few matches it's been Europe holing the putts
  6. Europe not managing to hole the putts in the afternoon
  7. Anya for Derby
  8. The bosses might say they are but they don't be the ones dealing with the aftermath it won't be any extra payment as its not a public holiday although the 1st is so that's probably why the game isn't on then
  9. Hanley for Newcastle
  10. Two bought, number 903 and 904
  11. Snodgrass with free kick in injury time
  12. Fletcher for Sheffield Wed
  13. Lee Wallace out according to SSN
  14. Surprised myself by winning the competition at Machrihanish on Saturday That was the fourth one I've played this year and managed 2 wins, a 3rd and a NR, started the season at 11.5 and now 9.9 so the one round of golf in single figures might be in reach next season
  15. Naismith to Sunderland in bbc website