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  1. Would say yesterday the English players pressing really high didn't give much chance to build from the back
  2. Darren Fletcher moving to Stoke according to Sky
  3. Brutal
  4. No Morrison or Phillips for West Brom, checked on Physio room and said both out till April ??
  5. Rhodes with two for Sheffield Wednesday Chris Martin for Fullham
  6. So far got The Alarm at the Garage in May (cancelled from November as Mike Peters wife diagnosed with cancer) Skipinnish in Edinburgh in May Hipsway at Kelvingrove Bandstand in August
  7. Runway still the same length, it's a long way from the central belt by road but had a lot of money spent recently upgrading the road from airport into the harbour for the wind turbines produced which leave by sea so that would be a possibility for freight, although highly unlikely
  8. Would think the runway at Campbeltown Airport could
  9. Think he was suspended last night
  10. Injured according to BBC Website
  11. Murray through in straight sets
  12. Thanks for the replies folks, managed to find a couple of threads on the archive board (yes it still exists) which has some good advice The Politician was on the agenda but just been reading about the wild horses, taking the dog with us so likely a few walks on the numerous beaches will be the order of the day Huddiesfield, like you I hadn't heard about the Iolaire before but was at a Skippnish gig during Celtic Connections last year and they had recorded a new song about it, if you get a chance have a listen to it on YouTube, it pretty haunting Will see how the week goes but might require another trip at some point
  13. Heading to outer Hebrides for a week in June, got digs sorted so looking for a bit of advice for things to see and do on Barra, the Uist's/Benbecula then Harris and Lewis, got a couple of days in each area so any help would be appreciated Apart from a game of golf at Askernish the rest of the time is free
  14. Snodgrass, Morrison and Mulgrew all scored
  15. Hopefully get a place at the MOK 10k at the end of May, for anyone who fancies something a bit different the half Marathon has part of the race along the beac