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  1. Golfers Forum.

    Managed a 3rd at the medal on Saturday at Machrihanish, not been playing much so happy with that, the triple bogey at 13 from the middle of the fairway was poor but the rest was decent, down to 10.3, would love to get under 10 but can't see it this year
  2. The Open

    Stenson and Mickelson playing a different game/course from the rest
  3. The Open

    Mickelson lipped out at 18th for first ever 62 in a major
  4. The Open

    I'm going down on Friday but by the looks of the weather water proofs and possibly winter woolies might be required !!!
  5. Wimbledon 2016

    Played magic, how the hell he can return serves at over 140mph and still win points is amazing Well done Andy
  6. France v Iceland

    Aye but France have been studying England !!!
  7. Routes home day after the game

    Norwegian Air, Vienna to Edinburgh via Oslo showing at £104 just now
  8. From back in the day give it two coats, thin the first one down with turps/water (depends if oil or water based masonry paint) this will allow the first coat to soak in and seal it up, or if it's really pourous you might need to coat it with a sealer first use a brush to cut in round Windows/doors/facia etc, then roll in the gaps, try and get hold of a long extending roller pole to get as much as you can with the ground if you have time tape some plastic or cardboard to the Windows and doors as this will save you having to scrape off the roller spray from the Windows
  9. Roller all the way although Ally's advice is sound
  10. Golfers Forum.

    It's the tight as feck bit that's a worry !!
  11. Golfers Forum.

    Playing Irvine Bogside tomorrow, anyone got any tips ? Heard it's pretty tight of the tee which doesn't sound to promising for me
  12. Match thread

    Efe has made a huge difference since he came on
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    Ritchie for Bournemouth Adam for Stoke
  14. Scotland Players In Action

    Robertson with a cracker for Hull